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  • koichi777

    Hi Yesto,

    Are you the administrator of this Ateneo Lady Eagles thread?

    My name is Jonathan Temporal and my username in PinoyExchange is Koichi777. I am Ateneo Alumnus - HS 90, BS PolSci 94, JD 99.  I have been a member of Pinoy Exchange since 2002. I now live in Sydney, Australia.

    Several days ago I posted a post on this thread. It was three quotes on humility and sportsmanship accompanied by 2 photos of DLSU volleyball players taunting and pointing to Ateneo Lady Eagles players. Have you or another moderator seen this post?

    I was told upon submitting my forum post that it will be subject to approval by the moderator. I would like to know why that post has not appeared? I assume that it was because it was not approved by the moderator. Was this actually the case? And are you the moderator in charge of approving posts to the UAAP Volleyball forums, specifically the Ateneo Lady Eagles threat? If you are not the moderator of the UAAP Volleyball Forums. kindly let me know who it is so I can send this message to him or her.

    In all my years of posting in Pinoy Exchange, this is the first time I've been told that a post has to be approved by a moderator before posting. What has been done previously was that offensive posts were deleted by moderators after posting. This is understandable - it's a good rule. I will also understand if a moderator has to approve a post first if it could potentially contain offensive, defamatory or insulting content.

    My post was honest and truthful. Moreover, it was something that was meant to truly start robust discussion among Ateneo fans regarding the value of humility in sports and the damaging effects of taunting and excessive swagger by players.

    Pinoy Exchange is a public forum that is meant to be a venue for users to share constructive opinions, engage in robust and spirited debate, and give honest views on various worthwhile topics. But more than this, Pinoy Exchange is a place where ExPats like myself can connect with other pinoys (especially other Ateneans) all over the world and somehow "stay close to home".

    To my knowledge, my post has not been approved. If my post has been approved and now posted on this thread, please ignore this message.

    On the other hand, if my post has not been approved, I would like to know why. Please cite to me the specific rules and regulations of this forum that served as basis for disapproval of my post. And if it was because of some arbitrary rule - i.e. that the moderator did not personally like my post, then I will lodge a complaint with Pinoy Exchange management. 

    I look forward to your or another administrator's reply.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jonathan Temporal

    May 10