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nikkilove · Member · ✭✭✭


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  • msjoy08
    Hi po mam. Nagpapautang po ba kayo?
    October 5
  • Pam092186
    Hey Nikki can you help me with my US Visa? Ive seen your reply and its very transparent. 
    September 25
  • annlyza
    Hi Miss Nikki! Just saw one of your comments on the thread. Can you pls help me assess if sa tingin nyo po qualified.

    Female, 24 y/o
    Monthly salary: 50k been working for 2 years
    I have been to Taiwan, Macau, HK, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan

    Planning to tour Cali and NY for 2 weeks
    Mas malaki po ba ang chance pag tourist visa or mas okay pag aattend po ng seminar sa states and hihingi ng invitation letter? San po mas may chance na ma approve? Just worried na babae ako and single hehe.

    Thank you in advance po!
    September 24
  • sarahymg
    Hi Ms Nikki! I have been reading your comments from the US Thread. Can you help me assess my profile? 

    I am a preschool teacher for 6 years already. 5 years in my current company.

    -30k salary plus around 16k from private tutoring
    -25 years old
    -parents are both senior already. I am still living with them.
    -200k in savings

    Travel History
    -Australia (3x)
    -Japan (2x)
    -Singapore (2x)
    -Hong Kong

    I am travelling this Christmas season for NY with my bestfriend who is well travelled and possesses a US visa already.

    I have relatives in North California.

    I don't know which is better to say and declare on my DS160. 

    A. We'll stay in NY via airbnb for 10 days.
    B. We'll go to LA instead so we can visit my relatives and stay there for a few days.

    Please help me. Thank you.
    September 1