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  • i need a good psychologist specializing in bulimia. please help. thanx
  • went to national, powerbooks and fully booked. wala daw clang pei mei. oh no. help!
  • grabe, oo nga noh. been meaning to ask that for the longest time. may ibang resto grabe, ang lambot talaga ng beef super sarap. galing. naexcite tuloy ako to collect all pei mei's books. sana meron pa. tsaka sana may pics.hehe
  • cge will check it out sa natio. kasi i've tried some recipes from: 1. asian food festival 2. mini booklets (forgot the name na)bought in powerbooks but the outcome is medyo western version and it tastes really bland. sayang sa ingredients.nakak…
  • is there a team outside college that regularly plays volleyball?or is there like a center or clinic that caters to graduate students who just wants to play volleyball?
  • Does anyone have any contact of the football centers like makati football center or ateneo football center? been meaning to learn pero don't know where e
  • sheesh. u ordered it online?m thinkin of gettin it in hongkong this october...sana meron na dun btw, since u already have d device, m just wondering if it has a feature which enables a user to learn another language? meaning: in a regular computer…
  • Pioneer Centre SUpermart near Shaw bldvd. lotsa imported stuff
  • well, mild seven, do you? i've known a couple of wharton and harvard graduates who still aren't sure if they're on the right track. i mean, you can never be sure right? unless you're like born with this really special gift in music or sports, dat t…
  • been waiting for this gadget for the longest itme. where can i have it and how much is it?
  • thx tintable and gilmoregal. will try going straight to the hospital for referrals. can't see our family doctor e, cz noone in the family knows...wud prefer a doctor who doesn't know the family
    in bulimic anyone? Comment by vio July 2005
  • Honestly, it's supposed to be none of your business if your roommate is bulimic. There's a right time for everything, I'm sure he/she is aware that what he/she's doing is not right, but you have to give him/her the chance to confront that reality fo…
  • I do, I desperately do want to overcome this disorder. I know the effects, and I know almost all of it are irreversible. But i'm doing it one at a time...For the past year, most of my episodes are less than thrice a day. and for the past month, I've…
    in bulimic anyone? Comment by vio July 2005
  • been bulimic for almost 2 years. m so damn scared of my teeth's condition. although my dentist told me everything looks fine because of my hygiene, im still not convinced. i need to see one who really specializes in bulimia related dental care. yes…
    in bulimic anyone? Comment by vio July 2005
  • so does neone know a good therapist and dentist for bulimics?need help desperately
    in bulimic anyone? Comment by vio June 2005
  • need a good dentist who specializes in patients undergoing this problem. sa states, daming nagspspecialize on this...dito nga lang sa philippines m not sure.hav any suggestions?
    in bulimic anyone? Comment by vio May 2005
  • what bout xda 4?neone knows wen it's comin out?
  • me, m interested in french. astig e, wanna learn how to pronounce the words. neone has ne feedback on alliance francais?
  • I don't agree. It's been a long known fact na mas mahal talaga robinson's and rustan's and shopwise...unless cguro fresh...wch in dat case, m not familiar wid d price nemore. we usually notice that kasi part of our job is to check on our displays s…
  • So far for me, Pioneer Centre Supermarket near Shaw Boulevard super convenient, free parking, nice crowd and complete mga stuff...ang dami sobrang imported stuff. sa company nga namin, dun namin madalas dalhin mga foreign execs to check their displ…
  • where do you enjoy shopping for groceries d most?
  • w8, so is treo 650 better than xda2s?
  • im looking for a good PDA in un pang matagalan na investment with the ff functions: 1. good camera (not VGA, i want at least 1.3 MB) 2. good video cam (as in clear a, can last for 1 hour at d least sana) 3. MP3 player (capable of audiobo…
  • so better ba UP than Alliance Francais pag interested ko to study french?hassle lang kasi weekdays un language class ng UP... Or will it be better ba if I buy un mga LIVING LANGUAGE nalang na CDs?
  • so un na ba un best culinary school?may tinuro na naman mom ko, nirecomend daw nd frend for international culinary arts (aica) along pasig...may feedback ba kayo dito?