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    PEx Food Reviews

    Hey there Foodie PExers!

    Want to submit a food review? You can now! It's as easy as Taste, Post, Submit!

    Just go to any food establishment. Sample out their dishes: either a full course meal, a specific dish, or even just a dessert dish.

    Post your review in an existing Food and Drinks thread.
    Ex. If you make a review about a pizza place, you can post it in a thread which deals with pizzas as a topic.

    Send an email to us (see details below) of a link of your posted review, and we will consider it to be placed here!

    Anyone may submit a review as long as:

    a. Said review is posted in an existing thread in PinoyExchange under the Food and Drinks forum prior to being submitted for consideration.
    b. Reviewer has been a member of PinoyExchange for at least two (2) months.

    To submit a review, a link to the official post may be sent to the Content Manager ([email protected]) for consideration . Email must include the following:

    a. Name of establishment being reviewed
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    c. A spoon rating (out of 10)
    d. Full Name and PEx nickname of reviewer
    e. Contact details of the reviewer

    1. Food reviews should be limited to a maximum of 600 words.

    2. Food reviews should touch upon the following points:

    a. name of resto/bar/kiosk
    b. exact location

    - for malls, include floor, and if possible unit number
    - include city
    - include street

    c. points that must be considered:

    - specific dishes
    - ambiance of place
    - menu diversity
    - price range
    - service

    3. Review will be classified as either of the following:

    a. full review (appetizer, main course, dessert, and drinks)
    b. dish review (specific dish)
    c. dessert review

    4. A food review should at least have two (2) accompanying images. Preferably of the dish/es sampled and the overall look of the establishment. You may send us the pics in your contribution email.

    What are you waiting for? Taste, Post, and Submit now!


    a. All views expressed in the reviews do not necessarily reflect the views of
    b. reserves the right not to be held liable for any malicious or untoward content found in the reviews.
    c. reserves the right however to overrule the abovementioned guidelines as it sees fit.

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    Dish Review: Hapadog

    Food Reviewer: 7deadlyjeans

    The Japanese people are cool. They gave us anime, Sony, Honda, and of course lotsa good food. But this ainít about sushi. This is about hapa. Lots and lots of hapa.

    Hapa is actually a Hawaiian term which means half or a portion of. That is just what Hapadog is all about.

    Hapadog is an innovative foodieís dream: a mix of good old American hotdog goodness and Japanese flavor awesomeness. Hotdogs are given a Japanese twist that will surely satisfy tongues that are craving for something new.

    I was lucky enough to discover Hapadog at the Sky Garden of SM North. Even luckier to be treated to a free sampling of one of their shots. But before we go alcoholic on this, lemme tell you about the eats first.

    So me and my bestfriend got a hapa korokke dog. Your average hotdog with a crunchy layer of fried mashed potato, nori bits, and a flavorful drizzling of what I think are teriyaki and garlic sauces. Yum! We also got crunchy on the outside and tenderly juicy in the inside chicken karaage.

    Now letís go alcoholic! Besides your usual lineup of iced teas and juices, Hapadog also serves shots and long drinks. We got a Hiroshima bomb which is basically a shot of sake placed on two chopsticks balanced on top of a glass of I forgot what. Then we were instructed by the friendly host to bang (yes bangÖ) our table so the shot glass will fall down inside the bigger glass. Bombs away we did! It was awesomeÖand so was the drink.

    Next we got a taste of the free shot! Now anything free is good, but a free shot is even better! The Hot Fuji Apple Pie was a fiery (literally, cause you have to light it on fire then sprinkle cinnamon oin it) delight of a drink. It really tasted like apple pie!

    Now if by this time your mouth hasnít watered yetÖor maybe you havenít even reached this part of the post yet because you went to SM North already, then it would be wise for you to check out their website to know more about their other hapadogs and offerings (which are all kawaii-ly named) priced at around 150-200 pesos. Like their Facebook page too and try checking them out as well at the Midnight Mercato at BGC.

    I give it 8/10 spoons. Itadakimasu!

    See the original post in the Best Japanese Restaurant in Metro Manila thread.

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    Full Review: Tramway Plaza Buffet

    Food Reviewer: purpleheadd07

    Checked out Tramway Plaza Buffet at Shaw Boulevard last Thursday night and got to sample their choicest buffet entries. Since it opened fairly recently, they are currently offering an introductory prize of Php218 instead of the regular price which is Php288. Yay!

    A variety of Japanese appetizers like sushi, california maki, even steamed egg were available.

    I mostly enjoyed their garlic kangkong and roasted chicken though, and the never ending supply of yang chao fried rice. Beats eating the chicken all you can promo at Max's fried chicken by a mile!

    I'm not really a fan of sweet and sour pork but here their dish is not so sour nor too sweet and the meat is tender and juicy enough with a little touch of crispiness, yum! And their pancit, yes the pancit is just as good. I had a second serving.

    Their dessert table is not as filled with various fares but they had different fresh fruits, maja blanca (which wasn't so good IMO),passable buco pandan and very nice creamy cheese and chocolate flavored puto. I know I'm kinda describing the taste of the puto quite differently but that's what my friend said when she first tried one, she said "It's creamy it almost tastes like ice cream".

    Hmm, when I went to get dessert I saw that they brought out another steamed fish entree, I didn't try it though because I thought it was some baby shark with its square-ish jaw. I later found out that it was actually cream dory, sayang!

    Tramway Plaza Buffet is conveniently located at the ground floor of the Worldwide Corporate Center along Shaw Boulevard corner EDSA, Mandaluyong. I prefer this site over the more famous branch in Banawe as I find it more accessible.

    It's an 8/10 spoons for me!

    Kaon na ta!

    See the original post in PEx Food Pics Thread Part 2.

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    Dish Review: Kikufuji

    Food Reviewer: 7deadlyjeans

    Kikufuji at Little Tokyo, Pasong Tamo is one of the best kept secrets among Japanese restos in Makati. Entering its sliding front doors is like an instant travel experience bringing you to Japan. From the low Japanese dining table, the customary removal of shoes and even the kimono-wearing servers, Kikufujiís ambiance stays true to the Japanese nature of their cuisine.

    Lunch or dinner will always see the place packed with people: from young professionals, families, and yes, real life Japanese guys. Diners can enjoy of semi private tables with low divisions in between to the more private rooms, located at the back, for small gatherings or meetings.

    Of the Japanese restaurants I have eaten at so far, Kikufuji probably has the most authentic menu. Usual staples like karaages, sushi, maki, and donburis are available, as well as set meals complete with miso soup and the complimentary iced coffee or green tea. What sets the place apart from your usual Japanese resto is the variety of the staples that they have. Their sushi platter is a complete set of sushis that has the usual tuna (toru), salmon sashimi, and ebi sushi. But it also has the more hard to find eel (unagi), ika (squid), the succulent sea urchin (uni), and the sweet goodness of tamago (egg).

    Price range is around Php250-500 for a decent lunch meal. Dinner meals on the other hand are more expensive and some set meals are not available at all. For the picky diner, service is something to be desired during lunch time. Everyone is super busy bustling about that being forgotten in a corner isnít a far off idea. Best to sit somewhere near the counter or anywhere the servers can easily see you. But servers are pretty friendly.

    Overall I give Kikufuji a 7.5/10 spoons. You get value for your money and the Japanese ambiance is very authentic although some parts of the restaurant are not as well maintained. But this place is definitely better than most Japanese places promising ďauthenticĒ Japanese food.

    See the original post in Best Japanese Restaurant in Metro Manila [Merged].

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    Dish Review: Kitchen Knight

    Food Reviewer: TeamPEx

    Working late? Looking for something good to eat in the late hours of the night? Never fear because Kitchen Knight is here!

    Kitchen Knight is a unique food delivery service that specially caters to late night workers such as call center agents. With its menu that covers Korean, Thai, Japanese and even Breakfast meals; you will surely see something that will definitely satisfy your palate.

    Garlic Squid

    Seafood Red Curry

    Spicy Seafood Basil

    TeamPEx was lucky enough to try out some of its meals. First stop is the Seafood Red Curry from their Bestsellers list. It has the right amount of curry spice to complement the sweetness of the seafood fillets and veggies. Their Garlic Squid from their Thai list is a welcome change from your usual dinner fares. Its crunchy breading will surely send you munching for more. Another Thai fave we sampled was their Spicy Seafood Basil. Its spiciness will tickle your taste buds along with the generous amount of basil to complete that authentic Thai flavor.



    The Katsudon from Kitchen Knight is good enough to satisfy your Japanese craving. Its sauce goes really well with the breaded pork meat. Their Bibimbop stays true to its Korean flavor and uses fresh veggies to give you that savory taste.

    Every meal comes with a cup of rice and a vegetable side dish placed in a styrofoam container. Price of a meal ranges from Php65.00 to Php85.00.

    So if you are looking for something good to eat in the middle of the night, Kitchen Knight is your best bet to deliver quality Asian food as well as on time delivery.

    Call Kitchen Knight and conquer hunger!

    Kitchen Knight delivers from 6:00 pm to 3:00 am from Mondays to Fridays around Makati and Taguig. Delivery is absolutely free for orders of three meals or more.

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    Full Review: Gayuma ni Maria

    Reviewer: purplehedd07

    This quite schmaltzy restaurant then simply called Gayuma used to be located in 86 Abada St. in Loyola Heights. I remember it so well because I used to live in that very same apartment back in the late 90s.

    We had a sort of reunion here with my then board mates and we marveled at how the place was turned into some cozy nook, what with all the scented candles , linens, and different knick-knacks. Also, the food was just superb. We had our first taste of the chocolate cake called Better Than Sex and this dish called Ring of Fire, among others. Unfortunately the place burned down and they had to transfer to another place also along Abada.

    It closed down again but to cut the story short, it IS now back again but along Sikatuna; this time just near the cluster of interesting joints along Maginhawa St.

    The new place still has the same ambiance and homey feel but I think the quality of food has watered-down. Did they change management? Their BTS is now Beats Sex Any Day and gone are some menu items we used to love. I ordered this chicken dish called I Love You, Cross My Heart. Itís very filling with rice and a good enough portion of breaded chicken fillet with some asparagus and mushrooms for added drama.

    A friend ordered I'm Wild For You but he said it didn't make him go wild at all. I tried it and it tasted like carbonara but a lot sweeter and creamier, well the exaggerated taste of cream it almost tasted like it was sprinkled with powdered milk.

    The Pasta Mi Amore was just simply spaghetti with red sauce, it was okay.

    The desserts were good though. There were only a few cakes available when we got there. We sampled the Beat Sex Any Day, their best seller, Broken Promises which is also very good with its chewy flaky chocolate crinkly taste, and this coffee cake called All Night Long.

    Our group sampled other dishes like the following:

    Lumpiang Barako (green peppers)

    Rock Me Baby (baby back ribs)

    Three's a Crowd (barbecued pork, beef, chicken)

    Exotic Lover (pasta in olive oil with basil and tuyo)

    and this one's the Beat Sex Any Day

    People might want to go here with their dates but it would also be fun if you go here with your friends and hang out upstairs where you could play around with the different outfits on display.

    Some stuff might also be useful for a fun bridal shower or get-together with your female friends!

    Rating: 6 out of 10 spoons
    See the original post in PEx Food Pics Thread Part 2.

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    Dish Review: Pizza Hut Tuscani

    Food Reviewer: jarynubla

    Pizza Hut's Tuscani Pizza

    The first time I saw the Pizza Hut Tuscani Pizza ad, I thought itís just all talk, because it was an ad. Though admittedly, I was intrigued by what theyíre saying that itís unlike any thin crust pizza. Iím a pizza lover and Iím skeptical since all thin crust pizza that Iíve tried is not enough to satisfy my hunger. Due to my schedule, I have put trying it out at the bottom of my list. Until a friend told me about it again. She kept on raving that my curiosity was piqued and I scheduled to give myself a break and have a pizza day with my mom. Lunch, we went to Pizza Hutís branch in Festival Mall in Alabang. It is located in the ground floor, just near the Alabang-Zapote entrance. Being seated by a courteous crew, we sat and I asked her the Tuscani pizza menu. Choosing the right flavor for that first taste is not hard, I just chose the flavor with the most yummy toppings, and I ended up choosing Supremo. The crew even said it was a good choice. The wait is not that long as we were kept busy by the on-the-house garlic bread.

    When the pizza is brought to our table, I canít believe that itís sooo full of toppings. I then took a slice, and the first bite is heaven. The pizza is deliciously juicy, the toppings are really good. Iím a picky eater and donít usually eat bell peppers but the bell peppers in this pizza is real juicy. I canít believe that Iím eating a thin crust pizza because the toppings are like of a thick crust pizza, minus the thickness of the crust which made the pizza more enticing to eat. And I canít believe that with just two slices, I already felt full and satisfied. It usually takes 4 thin sliced pizza before I can feel the fullness. Surely, Tuscani Pizza is now one of my favorites, a must-try for all pizza lovers out there.
    For me, this deserves a spoon rating of 9/10 spoons.

    Trivia: Did you know where the name Pizza Hut originated? According to Wiki, it has been named "Pizza Hut" since the sign the owners purchased only had enough space for nine characters and spaces.

    See the original post in Pizza Hut's Tuscani Pizza thread.

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    When the pizzas is delivered to our desk, I cannot believe that itís so complete of toppings. I then took a piece, and the first attack is paradise. The pizzas is pleasantly luscious, the toppings are really good. Iím a fussy eater and do not usually eat sweet peppers but the sweet peppers in this pizzas is real luscious.

    Crystal Lake Personal Trainer

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    Ikkoryu Fukuoka

    An authentic Ramen Bar has just opened in the posh community of BGC. Located inside SM Aura Ikkoryu Fukuoka offers this Japanese staple with love =)

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    You can find my review about Cucina Ni Bunso at Good Friends,Good Life,Good Food!!


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  13. Aug 19, 2013

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    I love Bon Chon Chap Chai and chicken

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    Red face YUM!! Taste the unique Zamboanga-style lechon

    Celebrate good times with Zambo Lechon! Yes, we are here! Our lechon, always the centerpiece in any special occasion, is prepared using a time Ė tested recipe from Zamboanga Peninsula. Zambo Lechon is stuffed with aromatic mix of herbs and spices and meticulously slow Ė roasted. Its crispy and crunchy skin, coupled with its tasty and tender meat, makes Zambo Lechon a brand apart from the others. So delicious, so special, so different, no need of ďsarsaĒ.

    For Orders: (02)9317122 ; 09228283605

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    I love Pork Barbecue with Java Rice at Magia Grill. Foods are so affordable and delicious!

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    We purchased a deals voucher worth 14.9sgd, at Orchard, BWB, had lunch of chicken wings and buffet tapas and dessert, -
    Save & Travel: Burger vs Wings Bar

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    salad as starter, pasta and roasted chicken with cheese cake along with drink, thats all i want to eat @ this time, bring it to me :-D

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    PEx Food Reviews

    yummy and delicious food pictures, my mouth is watering now. i am going to cook this ba bye.

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    Cooking app review

    HTML Code:
    <strong><a href=''>Cooking app review</a></strong>

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