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    cookie dough, salted caramel, pistachio,atis, mocha.

    though i'm starting to like magnolia's best of the phils series. i like the yema variant .

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    cheese, green tea, ube.

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    When I was a kid, I loved chocolate.
    Now, as an adult, I prefer vanilla.
    But I'll always have a soft spot for chocolate and peanut butter.

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    Basta may shocolate, wagi!


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    double dutch

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    Strawberry, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, RockyRoad, Cheese, Cookie Dough, Fudgy w/ Brownies, Cookies&Cream

    Quote Originally Posted by freshbabe View Post
    chocolate & strawberry or vanilla w/ chocolate coating ice cream, rocky road

    -other options : pistachio or bubblegum, mocha, coffee, cheese, mango flavor
    ^^^ this was my last post. di na ako mahilig sa mango/coffee/mocha/pistachio/vanilla/bubblegum
    Last edited by freshbabe; Jul 24, 2014 at 09:49 PM.

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    • Magnolia's kesong puti (surprisingly sooo good!)
    • Selecta's keso-ube combination

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    Quote Originally Posted by freshbabe View Post
    yung nestle ice cream ngayon : butterfinger/ baby ruth

    i'll try the kit-kat & nestle crunch version soon...
    ^^ This was my first post here. And bet ko pa rin siya.(babyruth/butterfinger). Unlike the kitkat/nestle crunch. Ordinary lang.

    Coldstone Creamery has great chocolate versions of Ice Cream as well.😄

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    Vanilla Ice Cream,para di boring,nilalagyan ko ng fresh fruits like black currant or strawberries na hiniwa ko ng maliit saka lalagyan ko ng eggnog at sa ibabaw ay dinurog na merengue,try ninyo.Pwede rin ang pure chocolate ice cream,same procedure din.
    Sa Pinas napakaraming fruits na pwedeng gamitin aside ng banana,pwede ang very ripe mango,o kaya yung minatamisang langka,sa ibabaw ng cone ilagay,kaya hindi boring kainin.

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    Buko Salad
    Halo halo

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    cheese & cookies and cream!

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    Double dutch and mocha as a kid. Pistachio and cashews. Tiramisu. Salted caramel.

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    Chocolate as a kid.. now it's a toss up between Ferrero Rocher, Vanilla, Double Dutch, Coffee Crumble and Green Tea

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    Vanilla pa rin.

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    yung avocado and cheese ice cream ng geno's

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    Cheese, Cookies & Cream, Double Dutch, and Pistachio

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valorian View Post
    yung avocado and cheese ice cream ng geno's
    yes sa avocado

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