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    Wink your favorite chocolate brand of all time

    hello guys!to all chocolate addicts, tanong ko *** kung ano favorite brand ng chocolate nyo.im a certified chocolate addict.for me,ang favorite ko s lhat ng chocolates ay cadbury's dairy milk.gusto ko tlaga ang taste nya di tulad ng ibang chocolate brands.

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    the one's that i got from belgium. nakalimutan ko na yung brand. dark chocolate siya.

    godiva's are good. but i like our local brands here. masarap din.

    grocery brand chocolates?- cadbury dark or hershey's special dark. kisses- dark.

    i'm not a fan of white chocolates, fakes.

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    meijis are good! and also cadburry's chocolate mousse!

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    BACI is my all-time favorite chocolate.

    It's available at The World Marke/CostPlus.


    Product of Italy.

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    CADBURRY- flake, crunchie..

    HERSHEY'S- milk chocolate with almonds

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    simple lang..pero i really like twix..

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    m a n i L a

    lindt chocolates


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    b*tch*n 'round

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    cadbury, hershey's, meiji and goya
    ano ba brand nung chocolate gold coins? goya rin ba yun? gusto ko rin yun!

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    yes,goya chocolate coins yun.favorite ko rin un nung bata p ko.

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    I DROOL over Cadbury's Dairy Milk! And Guy Lian's chocolates. Pati Lindts. *siggghhh*

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    san ba merong lindt chocolatessssss

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    most of the supermarkets have them.

    check rustan's.

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    godiva, hershey's, belgian chocolates, ferrero and CHOC NUT!

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    Caffarel, See's, Ferrero

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    People don't like Leonida's... and they're waaay expensive

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    cadbury old gold (dark)
    hershey's symphony

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