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    Arrow Moderator's Announcements and House Rules (please read before posting)

    Here are some items of agreement to be followed with regards to the general behavior in this forum:
    • • Use the search engine before starting a new thread.

      • Read through first two pages of a thread to avoid starting a new thread of similar topic.

      • Make sure that the thread you're starting is in the correct forum as this forum deals mainly with the discussion of philosophy, theology, and the sciences.

      • Redundant threads that have garnered enough replies to get a discussion going will be merged with the earlier existing thread, otherwise the said thread will only be locked with a link directing new posters to the old thread.

      • For members who want their threads to be turned into a poll, just send the forum Moderator a private message with a request to do so.

      Respect other people's beliefs and religion. Avoid making fun of and posting sarcastic remarks that can be construed as a deliberate insult on the other party. Please carry the discussions in a peaceful, mature, and orderly manner. This item is for strict complance.

    Offenders will be given two warnings by the Moderator. Repeat offenders will be dealt with accordingly.

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    just a heads-up guys, new regulations for posting, particularly pertaining to flaming, trolling, bashing, vulgarity and inappropriate content are underway, and they are much more specific and stricter than what the user agreement describes.
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    Memo: since username gad_moon does not want to be moderated, i'll just make a thread solely for him - unmoderated. all threads and posts of username gad_moon and his alternicks will be merged to the gad_moon tantrum thread.
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    "With great looks comes great responsibility"

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