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    take your choice.

    Mine is the Cojuangco sisters...

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    Post good question...

    ako, the barretto sisters. I like the cojuancos too, very simple, yet beautiful. Pero, la lang, mas-type ko ang mga barrettos.....

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    Thumbs up

    ako barretto sister rin. magaganda.

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    Post Cojuangco Sister me class na,me beauty pa.
    Although buntis na rin si Mikee nung nag-asawa,pero at least wala naman sa kanilang tatlo ang naging "extra" like Gretchen,or nabuntisan like Marjorie.

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    i liked both claudine and mikee when i was younger.. as in silang dalawa talaga!

    i don't think may point of comparison sa 2 set of sisters na 'to, kasi mga cojuangco nag-artista pero not so much like the barrettos. it's a fact na mas exposed sa movies ang barrettos and mas ok sila sa acting (for me!) kasi mas experienced sila in this field, tapos ang mga cojuangcos, all of them engaged in modeling so mas ok sila dun. in terms of class, kanya-kanya naman yan! though i must say mas elegant nga tignan ang mga cojuangco, hello naman! born with a cojuangco surname sila, with silver spoons in their mouths!! meaning, mayaman na talaga sila from the start and with the barrettos, it's a fact na hindi silang kasing yaman ng mga cojuangco. i must say na mas mukha nga silang class and mayaman, pero the barrettos should be proud where they are right now kasi galing yun sa mga pinaghirapan nila.. kumbaga, not so much rags naman pero parang rags to riches story din sila.. hindi naman sila super hirap noon, pero kumbaga, middle lang to upper ngayon.. (kita nyo ba hikaw ni gretchen sa sdwh, my mom told me it's around 7-8 million per earring, kasi around 15 carats ang isa! wooh!) ok fine, alam ko may magrereact na galing naman yun kay tony boy cojuangco, o sige.. let's say si claudine, we must admit that this girl really worked hard to earn her own, she's now building her own house.. she was able to give rico the technomarine watch last christmas which costs around 215,000 pesos, she bought a louis vuitton handbag worth 100,000 (ay share pala sila ni gretchen, pero still 50000 for a bag?? nah..), she also gave rico the bvlgari watch na siguradong hindi rin naman mura.. ayun, with the cojuangcos naman, i know they are also working hard to earn pero.. mas madali para sa kanila yun, gets nyo ba ibig kong sabihin?? i know gets nyo, kayo pa eh ang smart nyo!! hehe

    pero for me... with these two sets of sisters.. hindi ko pa rin alam! basta mikee and claudine ako!!!

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    COJUANCO SISTERS.... they are elegant and me class...

    BARRETTO SISTERS .... matatapang ang they are all

    i love d Barretto sisters more...

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    Di ba obvious w


    Cojuangco sisters, may breeding at pinagaralan. Di mga scandalosa

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    *ryt here waiting*



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    I don't see anything common between them I mean might as well compare them with the Valdes, Revilla, Ongpauco, Aboitiz sisters etc.

    I'd go for The Cojuangco sisters of course. They're Cojuangco by blood and being a Cojuangco is a far far far far cry from being a mere Barretto when it comes to taste, class and most especially breeding.

    The Cojuangcos are as flashy as the Barrettos sometimes but most of the time they're simple. I mean they don't have too spend so much money to show off how much they're worth. Only insecure people and new blood do that read: GRETCHEN

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    I'd go for the Cojuangco Sisters... very simple and yet elegant.

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    Cojuanco sisters , beauty , class and brain

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    The Cojuangco Sisters

    Simple and elegant at the same time.

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    COJUANGCO sisters.

    it's fun being a girl.

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    i choose the barretto sisters but of course excluding their set of morals.

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    la lang, share ko lang.. if you were able to watch "forever" na movie nila mikee and aga sa viva cinema or elsewhere, kontrabida pala nila si marjorie barretto.. i've watched this movie around 5 times na kasi i have a vhs tape.. tapos ngayon ko lang napansin na cojuangco vs barretto din pala dun, hehe la lang, nakwento ko lang, hope you don't mind!

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    OMYGOSH!!!! I love the movie FOREVER!!! Parati ko yung hinihintay sa TV before... gusto ko kase yung team-up ni AGA and MIKEE eh, even now kahit may sari sarili na silang pamilya!!! Where did you get the VHS tape??

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    we had a video shop before, so may tape kami.. i loved mikee kasi before kasi sobrang role model siya for me, though nag-asawa siya agad.. i also have the tapes of her other movies but not all.. im not sure with "dahil ba sa kanya" kung meron nga ako, ill look for it. siguro makakabili ka sa mga video stores, like video city na nagse-sell ng mga old tapes, or try mo magnavision kasi nagtitinda talga sila ng vhs and vcds.. even laser discs.. hope this helps..

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