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    Follow Marian's only social media account on Instagram: @MARIANRIVERA

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    Certified GLOBAL MARIANettes list:

    c/o Presidentita Cha and Grace Superghel Merry Message from Marian to her Marianettes
    c/o Brickello (ating Deep Penetration Agent)Marian's Merry Message to her Marianettes
    kung sino yung di pa na-add ang name... pakilagay na lang po... salamat ng marami... ang saya! dumadami na tayo!!!

    bituin mang maningning sainyong paningin,
    simpleng babae, yan ay ako parin.
    pilit sinasaktan, patuloy na binabato
    matamis na ngiti alay pa rin sainyo.
    andito ako para kayo'y paligayahin.
    masaktan man ako, 'di ko iindahin
    ang inyong palakpak tanging lakas ko.
    yan ang mahalaga dito sa aking puso.

    -Marian Rivera

    Ricky Lo: What are your pet peeves?
    Marian Rivera: A lot! One of them is being judged especially by those who don’t really know you. ‘Yung dakdak nang dakdak na wala namang ebidensya. Also, ‘yung nagtsitsismis pero sila pala ‘yon. (And then she laughs)

    Get the latest updates on Marian. Just text MARIAN (space) ON and send to 4627 for all networks. For MMS wallpapers, text GOMMS (space) MARIAN (space) ON and send to 4627. Telco charges apply. This service is only available in the Philippines.

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    Marian Rivera - Marian Gracia in real life - was born in Madrid, Spain on August 12, 1984, to a Spanish Father [Francisco Javier Alonzo Gracia] and a Filipina Mother [Amalia Mallari Rivera].


    Her mother Amalia met her father Francisco in Madrid, Spain. It was in Madrid that her mom gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was named Marian, after her paternal grandfather, Mariano Gracia.

    [1] With the two-year-old Marian is her proud dad, the handsome restaurateur Francisco Javier Alonzo Gracia, who is pure Spanish and lives in Madrid, Spain. Marian says he's totally not in favor of his daughter's newfound passion, acting." Galit," says Marian. "Ayaw niyang isipin na naghihirap kami kaya ako nag-aartista. Kasi, ma-pride, e. 'Tsaka ayaw niya noong naeexpose ang anak niya."

    [2] With Marian is her grandmother Francisca, her mom's mom. "
    Laking-lola talaga ako. Kaya conservative ang naging upbringing ko."

    [3] With Marian is her mom, Amalia Mallari Rivera, an airport attendant in London.


    Marian was flown back to her motherland when she was three years old. She grew up with her Lola Francisca, her mother's mom, in Bayanan Bacoor, Cavite. In her Lola’s home, Marian grew up to become a happy, contented, and well-adjusted adult.
    Aside from “Yan-yan,” her mama and cousins fondly calls her “Poyi” or “Poyas” which means “makulit” in Spanish.

    It was in St. Francis of Assisi College System, Bayanan, Cavite Campus where Marian finished her elementary and high school days. She was just an average student up until she finished college. All through her younger years, it never crossed Marian's mind to become an actress. She never considered joining pageants in noontime television shows, not even with her mestiza looks that would have won her the crown or even a runner up title. But weaving in and out the usual childhood dreams of becoming a doctor or a lawyer, Marian Slowly realize what she wanted to do.


    Marian Rivera Gracia's yearbook entry

    "A face that could launch a thousand ships – that’s what most people has to say. But they tend to overlook the real Marian in me. There are lots of things inside me that I would want them to see, aside from being just a “pretty face”! I am not perfect, I know I’m not. With everything that I’ve been through, I may perhaps lose my confidence and self-esteem, but never would I lose my trust in Him.” – Marian, 2005

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    Egged on by her friends , Marian mailed her picture to Meg , a teen magazine in search of it's new cover girl. She won the contest, and in her junior year in secondary school, she began ramp modeling. This led her to her first TV commercial, an ad campaign for SkinWhite, a whitening beauty brand and then another one for SkyFlakes crackers.


    February 21, 2003

    White roses for Marian

    Marian R. Gracia is 18, a sophomore Psychology student at De La
    Salle University-Dasmariñas.

    Describe life on campus.
    I like it. I learn a lot every day, especially about psychology.

    Describe Crush ng Bayan.
    One who is good-looking and who should be a role model.

    What is your biggest challenge in school? How do you cope with it?

    I’m especially stressed when I have one exam after another for my
    major subjects. I have no other choice but to study hard to cope with
    the pressure.

    What is your biggest reward?
    I became one of the models for ABS-CBN, which is in search of role
    models for the youth. I made it to the top three. I was given the
    chance to walk on the ramp and do print ads for Props.

    Why did you choose your course and your school?
    My school is suitably located. My course helps me understand why
    people act the way they do and helps me handle difficult problems I
    encounter in life.

    What is your motto as a student?
    Study hard. When you study hard, you learn more.

    What is your ultimate goal?
    To be a successful psychologist abroad, particularly in Spain, where
    my parents are, or in London, where my aunt is.

    How is school helping you become a better person?
    I learn so much in school. Now I have a better understanding of
    people’s behavior, why they act and react in certain ways.

    How do you see yourself five years from now?
    I see myself as a successful psychologist, able to help a lot of
    people by giving them the right advice.

    Read complete article here:
    Manila Standard Today


    Marian soon after she joined Manila Standard's " Crush ng Bayan " she then precursor to SMS-based star searches such as GMA's Starstruck and ABSCBN Star Circle Quest. Subsequently, TAPE productions, which collaborated with the first season of "Crush ng Bayan" signed Marian up , and she starred in an afternoon soap [ Kung mamahalin mo lang ako] without having to go through auditions. Her stellar career was etched out before her, but she could only get the ball rolling after she graduated from college in 2004.

    From then on, she starred in a series of afternoon soap operas for TAPE Inc. and GMA Network such as Agawin Mo Man Ang Lahat and Pinakamamahal along with Oyo Boy Sotto as her main leading man. GMA Network then cast her into mother roles for the afternoon Philippine-Malaysian drama Muli with Alfred Vargas and Super Twins


    Marimar Audition

    Watch her audition video:

    Marian Rivera rose to fame when she won an audition for the title role of MariMar,
    the remake of the Mexican telenovela which starred Thalía. Before the auditions, she knew little about the character as she was only 11 years old when the original soap opera aired on Philippine TV. She then took the time out to do a research about the role over the internet.

    Getting the role Marimar was not just a matter of luck, but the result of hardwork.

    " Kinarir ko 'yon. Nagsayaw ako sa bahay everyday. Ang music ko, 'yong original
    theme song ng MariMar. May abs ako noon, pero nagpapayat ako. "
    - Marian

    Everyday, for two weeks, she was dancing ala MariMar as if she had already won the role." Ako 'yong tipo na kapag gusto ko, pursigido ako, e,. Hanggat hindi ko nakukuha , hindi ako titigil. Ngayon, pag nagawa ko na lahat, 'tapos wala pang nangyari, doon pa lang ako susuko." - Marian

    This kind of determination was born out of her desire to make a difference, to shine , and to be taken seriously.

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    Phenomenal Star



    "In every Phenomenal Show there`s always be a Phenomenal Star"

    The 38th Box Office Entertainment Awards of the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc., has given Marian Rivera a special award, Phenomenal TV Star, for her superb performance in Marimar.

    To be able to call phenomenal you must be exceptional and remarkable, thus being phenomenal is above all!

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    Primetime Queen


    ♥ MARIMAR♥

    PEAK: 52.6%
    Total Average Household Ratings: 40.3

    The pilot episode of the Marimar remake on August 13 rated highly with more than 36.6% in Mega Manila which GMA Network wants to sustain until the series ends March 14, 2008. On September 13, 2007, Marimar registered a 39.3% rating overcoming the pilot rating (after it equaled its inaugural rating of 38.3%) and on October 5, it gained a 40% - overcoming its September 13 episode's rating 39.3%. And once again, last October 16, 2007, it registered 44.6% of overall Mega Manila Viewership Rating, beating its previous record (40%) last October 5 by 4.6%.Last October 23, 2007, it once again made history by registering 47.9% of overall Mega Manila Viewership Rating, even surpassing 46.5%, the highest rating registered in the Philippines by the first Marimar of Thalia about eleven years ago.Last November 13, 2007, it beat its own record registering up to 48.5% . Last November 16, 2007, Marimar almost got the elusive 50% with a 49.5%

    MariMar has topped urban Philippines ratings for Primetime Weekday Programs for February 2008 with 36.9%.

    The two-hour finale of MariMar on March 14, 2008 generated a whooping 52.6% rating to break its own record of 49.5% last November 16, 2007. More importantly, MariMar's 52.6% beat the 52.1% rating posted by Darna on April 14, 2005.Thus making MariMar the highest rated show of GMA 7.

    The show also topped the Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement (NUTAM) of AGB-Nielsen for March 2008 with a 38.1% rating.

    In non-cable households, Marimar's final episode posted an even higher rating of 57.5 percent.

    A farewell special entitled "MariMar: Isang Pasasalamat" was aired on March 9, 2008 prior to the finale week of the show. This is the second time that GMA Network made a farewell special, the first was for Encantadia. It got a 19.9% rating in Mega Manila which is the second highest for that date according to AGB-Nielsen. It rated a higher 16.1% in the March 2008 ranking of AGB Nielsen's Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement (NUTAM).

    Due to insistent public demand, the special, retitled "MariMar Memories" was re-aired on March 16, 2008 and it got an impressive 28.4% rating in Mega Manila and 25.9% in AGB Nielsen's Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement(NUTAM).


    PEAK: 44.9%
    Total Average Household Ratings: 39.8

    Even though it was reported that there were power interruptions in some areas in Metro Manila during the airing of Dyesebel on April 28, the series premiered with a very high 44.9% against Lobo's 18.2%. According to Meralco, there was a problem in their power supply. Due to public demands, the pilot week of the series was re-aired on 11:45am to 1:00pm of May 4. The replay also rated high with rating against ABS-CBN's Oscar de la Hoya and SteveForbes fight - which received a 15.2%.

    The series also topped the National Urban TV Audience Measurement, or NUTAM, for the months of April and May with 40.1%.

    ♥ DARNA ♥

    PEAK: 46.7%
    Total Average Household Ratings: 34.4

    True to form, Darna flew high on its pilot episode last August 10.

    The GMA-7 fantaserye, which stars Marian Rivera, generated a whopping 44.1 percent to lead all programs. It has a significant margin of 11.8 percent over second-placer Tayong Dalawa, which posted a rating of 32.3 percent.

    This is based on the latest overnight ratings of AGB Nielsen Philippines among Mega Manila households.

    Marian's Darna came at the time where ABS-CBN is giving a very strong competition in the ratings game. Also, Darna is pitted against May Bukas Pa, considered the No. 1 program of the Kapamilya network, which also topped the primetime race several times.

    May Bukas Pa slipped to sixth place with 24.6 percent. Aside from May Bukas Pa, Darna's pilot episode, which ran for over an hour, was also pitted against Only You, which came in seventh place with 24.5 percent.

    Also, after quite a long time, a GMA-7 primetime series was able to reach the 40-plus mark again.

    First Week Average Rating: 43.5%

    ♥ Endless Love ♥

    AGB Mega Manila People Ratings (June 28-30): Endless Love and Magkaribal win on their pilot episodes

    AGB Mega Manila Household People Ratings (July 5-7): Endless Love grabs lead in the primetime race

    Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes were shown for the first time in Endless Love last Tuesday, July 6. The said episode emerged as the No. 1 primetime show that day.

    AGB Mega Manila People Ratings (July 13-14): 24 Oras and Endless Love top primetime race

    ‘Endless Love’ Finale Episode Beats All ABS-CBN Primetime Shows in Mega Manila

    Despite of the late timeslot of ‘Endless Love’ starring Dennis Trillo, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, more Mega Manila viewers still wait to watch the final episode of Endless Love.

    According to the latest figures posted by AGB Nielsen, Endless Love scores an impressive 15.1% TV rating over its rival show ‘Kristine’ with a TV rating of 7.1%. Even the other shows from ABS-CBN like ‘Noah’ and ‘Imortal’ was bested by ‘Endless Love’.

    ♥ AMAYA ♥

    "With much anticipation leading up to the finale of GMA Network's first-ever epic series, Amaya, the program landed on Twitter's list of most discussed topic worldwide and even locally last Friday, January 13.

    "The hashtag #AmayaEpicFinale became the talk of the day on the microblogging website after trending to the No. 1 spot both in the Philippines and worldwide during the finale episode of the Marian Rivera-led series.

    "The program, likewise, concluded with high TV ratings after it posted an impressive 43.5 household audience share points in Mega Manila, way ahead of ABS-CBN programs Ikaw Ay Pag-ibig's 28.6 points and Budoy's 29.8 points, according to data from the industry's widely trusted ratings service provider Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

    "Avid viewers of the epic series tuned in to witness Amaya's final battle against her mortal enemy, Dian Lamitan (Gina Alajar) and the conclusion to the love story of the warrior princess and her greatest love, Bagani, played by Sid Lucero.


    Broadcast giant GMA Network, Inc. (GMA) sustained its leadership in the viewer-rich areas of Urban Luzon and Mega Manila last April (April 21 to 30 based on overnight data), according to data from the industry’s more widely recognized ratings service provider Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

    Urban Luzon and Mega Manila respectively account for 76 and 59 percent of the total urban television households in the entire country.

    In Urban Luzon, GMA registered an average total day audience share of 34 percent – ahead of ABS-CBN’s 30.3 percent by 3.7 points, and TV5’s 13.5 percent by 20.5 points.

    GMA’s winning streak continues in its bailiwick Mega Manila where it scored an average total day audience share of 35.1 percent. ABS-CBN was behind by 6.6 points with 28.5 percent, while TV5 trailed farther behind by 20.8 points with only 14.3 percent.

    The Kapuso Network outranked its rival stations across all dayparts (morning, afternoon and evening block) in the said areas. GMA also dominated the list of top programs in Urban Luzon and in Mega Manila, occupying 18 out of the 30 slots in both lists.

    GMA’s recently concluded drama program Temptation of Wife, a Filipino adaptation of the Koreanovela of the same title, led other GMA programs in Urban Luzon and Mega Manila.

    ♥ CARMELA ♥

    ABS-CBN is giving a good fight on weekday primetime. In the previous week, Kapuso primetime shows dominated the ratings, with Carmela leading the charge.

    For March 29 to April 4, Carmela topped the ratings game three times (March 31, April 2 and April 4). There are days when Dyesebel, starring Anne Curtis, emerged as the No. 1 most-watched primetime show.


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    YES! Most Beautiful

    Upcoming Darna lead star Marian Rivera bags this year's distinction as the cover of YES! magazine's 100 Most Beautiful Stars. Last year's honor belonged to KC Concepcion, who made it to the special issue's "Princesses of the Cinema" category this year.

    "Sobrang bait nga ng YES! sa akin kasi last year, tapos 'yong isang year [2007] pa, kasama na ako, e, tapos ngayon kasama ulit ako," Marian told the entertainment press in an interview held this afternoon, June 22, at the Anabel's restaurant in Quezon City.

    The 24-year-old actress—whose ascent to young superstar status in barely three years is phenomenal—personally attended the launching of the magazine, where she herself unveiled the cover for all the guests to see.

    The cover shows the Kapuso Network's current darling clad in a teasing strapless bustier mini-dress created by Arleen Sipat for Salsatrends.

    "Marian Rivera is a star because she occupies that rare space between aspiration and accessibility," the accompanying article took note.

    Aside from the cover girl, the launching was also graced by other celebrities who likewise entered the list: Paolo Contis, Donita Rose, Maxine Eigenmann, and Kevin Santos.

    MATTER OF TASTE. Released annually by the country's top entertainment magazine, the 100 Most Beautiful Stars special issue pays tribute to the country's "most good-looking in the land" in the field of show business.

    "As lists go, there is no one lineup that will satisfy everybody. Beauty is a matter of taste. It is also, in our case, a matter of category and currency," editor-in-chief Jo-Ann Maglipon wrote.

    While physical attributes combined with eye-candy allure undoubtedly played as the most telling ingredients in determining the names to be included in the final list, the YES! staff also puts utmost consideration on an individual's character, achievements both on and off the camera, and potential as important factors as determined by each and every category.

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    FHM's Sexiest '08

    ♥ EVIDENCES: ♥

    ♥Marian Rivera is 2008 FHM's sexiest Pinay♥

    Final and Official Tally of Votes

    1. Marian Rivera 316, 135 votes

    ♥FHM 2008 Victory Party♥

    Marian Rivera`s Rocking the Underground

    All hail the queen! Marian Rivera—the country’s Sexiest Woman as voted by the readers of FHM Philippines. Marian was officially recognized by the popular men’s magazine during its annual 100 Sexiest Women of the World event held last July 17, at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

    "Sobrang saya ko kasi di ko ineexpect, kasi di pa ko nagcocover tapos naging number 1 ako. Nakakagulat din, at tsaka don ko din lalo nalaman na 'yung mga fans ko at mga nagmamahal sakin , sobrang mahal na mahal ako at wala silang sawa sa pagboto sakin" –Marian

    Marian is one of a kind and she is the first non-cover girl to be hailed as the Philippines' Sexiest Pinay by FHM.

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    FHM Sexiest 2013

    FHM Nation has decided, and Marian Rivera ruled FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2013 with a total of 890,490 votes. Last January, Marian finally debuted on the cover of FHM, and as predicted by many of her loyal fans and followers, her appearance could only mean that she was the one to beat in this year’s race.

    Marian was the first FHM non-cover girl to be declared the nation’s sexiest in 2008. A perennial contender for the top spot, the Kapuso star now joins Katrina Halili, Angel Locsin, and Sam Pinto as the only two-time winners of the hotly anticipated annual FHM campaign.

    This year, Marian led in all but one of the seven partial online results posted on, the magazine’s official websites. Sam Pinto, back-to-back winner in 2011 and 2012, nabbed second place, while Kapamilya star Angel Locsin, Jennylyn Mercado, and Cristine Reyes placed 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively.

    Over 16 million votes—online, SMS, and print ballots—were gathered during the 65-day polling period. Majority of the votes garnered by all the 100 winners came from online votes. was visited by 1.7 million unique users, generating 62 million page views for the duration of the campaign that ran from April 1 to June 5.

    Marian vowed to be at her sexiest on July 10 at the World Trade Center, where she will be officially crowned as the Philippines’ Finest during the eagerly awaited FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2013 Victory Party. This year’s show will prove to be another crowd-pleaser.

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    FHM Sexiest 2014

    Still The Queen: Marian Rivera makes history as the only three-time FHM Sexiest Woman in the Philippines!

    Her initial run in 2008 proved that she belongs right up there with the sexiest of them. Marian Rivera was the first non-cover girl to be declared the nation’s sexiest. Her comeback win in 2013 told us that she's ready to reign supreme again and usher us all into a new era of sexy. And this year, the FHM Nation has decided; they hail the queen once again. From the more than 13 million votes cast in this year's poll, the now-three time Nation's Finest got a total of 1,529,974 votes. That's almost double the votes she got from last year (890,490). It has never been done. Not until now.

    Sa kahit anong larangan, ang pinakamahalaga ay ang mga taong nandiyan para sayo, gagawin ang lahat nang walang kapalit na hinihintay, tatanggapin ka bilang ikaw sa kahinaan mo man o kalakasan at ang pagmamahal na walang hanggan,” Marian said in her Instagram post after learning that she is #FHMMarianSexiest.

    Marian will be crowned as the first ever three-time FHM Sexiest Woman in the Philippines at the World Trade Center during the most awaited FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2014 Victory Party. This year has become the most historic to ever happen in the campaign’s 14-year run.

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    FHM Hall of Famer

    Marian Rivera inducted into FHM Hall of Fame

    MANILA - Three-time "Sexiest Woman in the Country" Marian Rivera has been inducted into the FHM Philippines Hall of Fame, the first ever Filipina to be awarded the honor.

    Rivera, who recently gave birth to her first child with husband Dindong Dantes, made a brief appearance at the FHM Philippines victory party Tuesday night to accept her award and thank her fans.

    Rivera first won the title in 2008. The actress went on to score back-to-back wins in 2013 and 2014. She opted out of the 2015 list because of her pregnancy, but returned to this year's list with a sixth place finish.

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    Sa likod mo!

    Marian Rivera's 1st Album


    ♥Chichiquita - Jessica Jay
    ♥Sham Sham - Mediterranean Spirit
    ♥Beautiful Girls - Winston Chill
    ♥So Sexy - Soul Control
    ♥Walk Like An Egypt - Wilman Se Jesus
    ♥All Night, All Night - Million Stylez
    ♥It Burns! Burns! Burns! - Loco Loco
    ♥Ready Or Not - Beelow
    ♥Nasty Girl - Surina
    ♥Someday Call My Name/Habibi - Dr. Alban Feat. Melissa
    ♥Let Me Think About It - Ida Corr vs. Fredd Le Grand
    ♥Dance! - Guilia Siegel

    Marian Rivera Dance Video: Chichiquita

    Marian Rivera Dance Video: So Sexy

    ♥Double Platinum Star♥

    As of March 30, 2008, her album has sold over 15,000 copies and has been certified Gold by Universal Records, Inc. The certification was held and given at SOP Rules. Few weeks after the Gold Certification was given, the dance album went platinum, selling 30,000 copies nationwide. The awarding was also held in the same venue at SOP RULES last April 28, 2008.And to date Marian Rivera`s Dance Hits has sold more than 60,000 copies, making it a certified double platinum.

    Although Marian never expected it, the sales of her album, Marian Rivera Dance Hits, has reached double-platinum.

    "Hindi niyo napapansin lahat ng guestings ko sa SOP, lahat surprise na mayroon akong platinum, gold na, lahat surprise. Kasi wala silang sinasabi sa akin na nabenta nga yung CDs ko, walang sinasabi sa akin. Kaya, ‘Ha?! Ano 'yan? Platinum na? Hindi nga?' Parang, di ba, gumaganun ako, hindi ko ine-expect na platinum na hanggang sa nag-double platinum siya." - Marian

    This Caviteña has already proven that she can act, dance, and even host a TV show.

    Marian Rivera's 2nd Album


    Sabay Sabay Tayo


    2008 Marian Rivera Dance hits - Gold Record Award
    2008 Marian Rivera Dance hits - Platinum Award
    2008 Marian Rivera Dance hits - ASAP Platinum Record Award
    2008 Marian Rivera Dance hits - Double Platinum Record Award
    2009 Marian Rivera Retro Crazy - Gold Record Award
    2009 Marian Rivera Retro Crazy - ASAP 24K Gold Award
    2009 Marian Rivera Retro Crazy - Platinum Award

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    'nettes Hindi pa to updated! Pa update naman!

    Awards & Recognitions

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    TV Commercials

    Aji-Ginisa "Sabay Sabay Chopsuey" 30s TVC 2017
    Aji-Ginisa "Sabay Sabay Fried Rice" 30s TVC 2017
    Team Dantes for San Marino 2017
    Ang Paboritong Tambalan nina DingDong at YanYan!
    Maxipeel Zero TVC 2
    Maxipeel Zero TVC 1
    Team Dantes TVC for JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats lotion
    Team Dantes first ever TVC for JOHNSON’S® Milk+ Rice bath
    Kopiko Blanca TVC
    Chicken McMcMcDo ni Dingdong and YanYan
    PNB: Serving You First For The Next One Hundred Years with DongYan and Jadine
    #BagongGandaBagongPagasa journey with MAXI-PEEL feat. Jeff Serrano
    Marian & baby Z's first TVC for JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats bath
    Marian & baby Z's first TVC for JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats lotion
    WILKINS Expert Care in Every Drop with Marian Rivera-Dantes feat. Lola Iska
    PNB YouFirst with DongYan and JaDine
    Hana Shampoo New TVC 2015 Picnic 15s
    Hana Shampoo New TVC 2015 Hammock 15s
    Del Monte Quick N Easy Achieve ko Yan
    Talk 'N Text Kada Spin, Sure Win
    555 Tuna Kumpletuna
    Live More with FREE INTERNET from Smart
    Kopiko Cafe Blanca
    Hana Shampoo 15s TVC
    Hana Shampoo 30s TVC
    Biofitea Selfie TVC
    Talk 'N Text Ang Pinaka-Bigating Offer
    Talk 'N Text "Araw-Araw Panalo" TVC
    Marian Rivera's Latest Talk 'N Text [Tipid-Sulit] TVC
    Marian Rivera for CAVITEX [The Cavite Expressway]
    Maxi-peel Exfoliant Soap from Bacne to Backless New TVC
    Real Leaf Green Tea TVC with Dingdong, KC & Piolo
    San Marino Corned Tuna - Love At First Bite TVC
    San Marino Corned Tuna - Moments TVC
    Talk 'N Text PaTok-O-Tex TVC
    Real Tea of Choice, Real Leaf Green Tea
    Gran Matador Gran CAPalit Cap Collection TV Promo
    San Marino Can This be Love Promo
    San Marino Tuna Paella v2
    Gran Matador Brandy
    Honda Beat Scooters TVC2
    San Marino Tuna Paella v1
    Sunsilk Pink Smooth & Manageable
    San Mig Light
    Honda Scooters TVC1
    Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Cream (Latest)
    Gran Matador Brandy (with Dingdong Dantes) versions: [1] [2] [3]
    San Marino Chili Corned Tuna (with Dingdong Dantes)
    San Marino Corned Tuna (with Dingdong Dantes)
    Maxi-peel Facial Cleanser
    Talk 'N Text
    Knorr Real Sarap
    Maxipeel Exfoliant Soap 2
    Fit 'N Right Solo (new)
    Del Monte FiT N Right w/ P. Younghusband & G. Anderson

    Natasha Beauty
    Sunsilk Summer Fresh
    Maxipeel Exfoliant Lotion
    PLDT Winner ka sa tawagan

    New Sunsilk Solo TVC

    Maxi-peel Exfoliant Soap 1

    Gran Matador Brandy [with Dingdong Dantes]

    Hapee Toothpaste

    San Mig Light [with Dingdong Dantes]

    Nesvita Cereal Milk Drink

    Sunsilk Shampoo New

    Sunsilk [with M. Salvador & N. Gil]

    Sunsilk [with Madonna & Marilyn Monroe]

    PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid

    PLDT Touch Card

    PLDT Load

    Del Monte Fit 'N Right (solo)

    Del Monte Fit 'N Right [with R. Gutierrez & M. Rodriguez]

    Maxi-peel Soap

    Maxi-peel Exfoliant Cream

    Maxi-peel Concealing Cream [with K. Hermosa]

    Sky Flakes


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    Endorsements (Past and present):

    1. Sky Flakes
    2. Skin White
    3. Maxipeel Concealing Cream
    4. Maxipeel Exfoliant Cream
    5. Maxipeel Exfoliant Soap
    6. Maxipeel Exfoliant Lotion
    7. Maxipeel Body Lotion
    8. PLDT Reloadable Card
    9. PLDT Landline Plus
    10. Del Monte Fit N Right
    11. Nesvita Cereal Drink
    12. Sunsilk Shampoo
    13. San Mig Light Beer
    14. Grand Matador Brandy
    15. Natasha Beauty Cosmetics
    16. Natasha Fragrances
    17. Island Pacific Supermarket (USA only)
    18. Hapee Toothpaste
    19. Particles Shirt
    20. Karimadon
    21. Jag Jeans
    22. Hawaiian Sun Shades
    23. Hawaiian Sun Timepieces
    24. Blue Water Day Spa
    25. Marie France Laser Light Hair Removal
    26. Phoenix Gasoline
    27. Ginebra San Miguel
    28. Fresh Look Contact Lenses
    29. SM Residences
    30. Knorr Real Sarap
    31. Talk N Text
    32. San Marino Corned Tuna
    33. San Marino Chili Corned Tuna
    34. Bambi Fuentes
    35. Honda Scooters
    36. Real Leaf
    37. Panasonic Appliances
    38. Panasonic Batteries
    39. Panasonic Music
    40. Cathy Valencia IPL Laser Hair Removal
    41. Cavitex
    42. Red Cross Philippines
    43. Tupperware Brands: Forever by Marian perfume
    44. Tupperware Brands: Enchanted by Marian perfume
    45. SKK Mobile
    46. Personal Collection Sof & Mmmm
    47. Belo
    48. Hana Shampoo
    49. Bench Body
    50. Her Bench
    51. Bench Inner Beauty by Marian Perfume
    52. Bench Perfect Kiss by Marian body spray
    53. Bench Perfect Moment by Marian body spray
    54. Bench Perfect Love by Marian body spray
    55. Biofitea
    56. Kopiko Café Blanca
    57. Nailandia
    58. 555 Tuna
    59. Belo Collagen Drink
    60. Del Monte Quick N Easy
    61. Mario 'D Boro Shoes
    62. PNB: Philippine National Bank
    63. Wilkins
    64. Johnsons Milk+Oats lotion and bath
    66. Avon
    66. Mega Prime Quality
    67. McDonalds
    68. McDonalds' Chicken McDo
    69. San Marino 2017
    70. Aji Ginisa

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    Concert Performer

    Nagpasalamat si Marian na kahit anong intriga ang ibato sa kanya ay nariyan ang kanyang mga tagasuporta.

    Aniya sa mga nasa Big Dome, “Kahit ano pang sabihin nila sa akin, alam kong mas maraming nagmamahal sa akin. Tama ba?” -Marian

    Let’s Celebrate: The Dindong-Marian Birthday Blowout
    August 27, 2008

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    Dancing Señorita

    She has always wanted to dance again.

    “Bata pa talaga ako, mahilig na akong sumayaw. Kaya noong sinabing magkaka-dance album ako [titled Marian Rivera Dance Hits], syempre pangarap ko [yun]. Ang sarap kaya noong gusto mo yung sasayawin mo!” - Marian

    She’s now the “Dancing Señorita!”

    “Medyo [similar sa MariMar] yung dance steps. ‘Señorita’ yung [tawag namin sa dance move], kaya binansagan nila ako na ‘Dancing Señorita!’” - Marian

    After proving her versatility as an actress, Marian surprised her followers with a dance album that instantly hit the music industry.

    "Sa dance album ko, actually, hindi ko ine-expect 'yon," recalled Marian. "Actually, noong ino-offer sa akin ng Universal [Records] 'yon, sabi ko kay Popoy, ‘Momsy, parang hindi ko yata kaya, mamaya masawi lang ako.' Although, gusto ko talaga magka-dance album at hilig ko talaga ang sumayaw." - Marian

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    *Rest of the her magazine covers from 2012 up to the present are to follow up

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    Dingdong And Marian: The Royal Wedding ( Dec. 30. 2014 )

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    Dingdong And Marian Wedding Special: The Ceremony

    Dingdong And Marian Wedding Special: The Celebration

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