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    It is about wakeful

    Good day guys.. asked ko *** effective ba workout, kung after work out e napuyat.. i mean gabi kse ko nagwwork out 6 pm to 7:30pm.. bali nung matutulog nko hindi ako nakatulog kgad siguro 3 hrs *** tinulog ko.. thanks s tips guys..

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    Are you working out to build muscle or lose fat?

    Building muscle requires workout, enough food (of the right kind) to build muscle, and enough rest. Not getting enough sleep also reduces testosterone, in the end it'll be hard to build muscle when sleep deprived. Not to mention, sleep deprivation is also bad for your health.

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    bro, hindi naman kagad nag eeffect ang work out kung once mo lang gawin.. it takes time to build muscles. so kung napuyat ka today, okay lang - bawiin mo sa susunod na araw yung tulog mo. hindi naman the next day wala na kagad yung pinaghirapan mong work out dahil napuyat ka today , the human body doesnt work that way.

    basta hindi ka lagi puyat ok lang yun. tama si john, enough rest para mag repair yung teared muscles mo at mag generate ng panibagong muscle fiber for growth.

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