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    Diabetic and Protein Shakes

    So I'am a type 2 diabetic. Since I discover that I have this disease I completely change my life style from my eating habits to have a active life style by going to gym. These greatly help me to control my blood sugar level to the point that I no longer take medications.

    As I started to learn the science and art of weight training which lead me to discover supplementation mainly on Protein shakes. Due diligent made me do a research before taking it. After 2 or 3 months of drinking it with regular gym sessions + high intensity workouts (Insanity) + proper eating habit (no sugar liquid or solid, no carbs coming from rice or bread) I was disappointed to see that I did not gain the result that I expected rather I on the negative as I gain weight with increase of body fat and an increase of my blood sugar. naturally I stop drinking protein shakes. So, many years since then without finding the reason why protein shakes has a negative effect. I find this youtube channel which provided the answer.

    In short, for a diabetic he/she also need to understand what is a INSULIN index. And it just so happen that proteins can spike the insulin of a diabetic person to an excessive amount. For a protein shakes which usually has added sugar (I forgot what brand did I take) for flavoring this is a deadly combination for a diabetic as the sugar will increase your glucose level and the protein will increase the insulin level. This is the same as taking a meet with rice or bread.

    So why did I made this post. Because I want to share this little bit of knowledge to all my fellow diabetic.

    Here is the youtube link and I suggest to subscribe to it.


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    Thank God I found your post. I am aLso a diabetic person which I confirmed Last year of JuLy. So I changed my LifestyLe since then by going to the gym reguLarLy, cut rice and breads from my menu and sugars in aLL forms.

    From 136 kg, I am now down to 107 kg. I introduced myseLf with suppLements; one of them is protein shakes. I aLways feeL bad every time I checked my gLucose immediateLy in the morning I wake up, the resuLt wouLd aLways be higher than compared to the previous months that I haven't taken protein shakes.

    When before the resuLt wouLd pLay around 90-96, after reguLarLy taking protein shakes resuLt wouLd go as high as 136.

    Long have I been suspecting protein shakes the cuLprit of the rise of my bLood sugar but I was in deniaL since protein shakes form part of my major meaL from breakfast to dinner.

    I wiLL be having my break for 10 days from working out and is pLanning to stop taking protein shakes for the meantime, too. I'LL check my gLucose LeveL the same way if there wiLL be signficant improvement.

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    Check your protein shake nutrition faqs and look for sources of sugar in any form. Most of them has some hidden sources of sugar so be very very careful.

    The key is dont mix protein with high glucose food like beef with rice. As for me, no protein shake until I found a band that has no added sugar on it.

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    I'm diabetic and the only time/s that my blood sugar unnaturally spikes up when taking protein shakes is when I use full cream milk and with the infamous ProMatrix 7

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    ^care to remind me why is it infamous again? (besides the FDA issue)

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    ^ It's the go-to protein shake for most people despite being of dubious origin and is unregulated. For all we know, it's sawdust and powdered dog turds

    It's also the only protein shake I've tried with water that gives me an insulin spike which means that it uses sugar as its sweetener and in large amounts.

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    I highly suggest you exercise by lifting weights. Google stronglifts, starting strength et al. If you can follow those, I can guarantee you, that you will no longer be diabetic in 6 months. Instead of focusing on what you have to avoid, focus on becoming stronger, and consequently healthier so you can take all the "evil" food that you may desire.

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    the problem with most people who are trying to get fit is that they really dont educate themselves about the food/drinks that they take. Nutrition Facts and Ingredients are almost at the back of every food/bev products so that we know what we're consuming, sadly, almost no one gives a damn. Then they wonder why they're getting fat, blaming it entirely on "rice" which is a strange logic since Asians have been known to be slender for centuries despite consuming rice everyday.

    Anyway, here's my tip: #1 - obviously, check the Nutrition Facts. for example:
    -USANA protein shakes has 6grams of sugar per 1scoop
    -Mutant Whey has 2.5grams of sugar per 1scoop
    -Promatrix 7 has 2 grams of sugar per 1scoop (not to mention it has FDA Advisory released last 2015 as an unregistered food supplement / meaning it didnt go thorough health and safety check with the FDA link here )
    -NitroTech has 1gram of sugar per 1scoop (but this product is so expensive.)

    now, my question is - how many scoops do you put when you make your protein shakes? 2? 3? 4?
    and how many times do you drink protein shakes per day? keep in mind Nscoops x Ngrams of sugar.

    but that's not all, if you put milk which has way more sugar than your protein powder, then you're overdoing it.
    -Bearbrand sterilized milk has a whopping 14.4g of sugar per cup(240ml)
    -Selecta Fortified milk has 12grams of sugar per cup
    -Nestle Fresh milk has also 12grams of sugar per cup
    -Silk soy milk has 5grams per cup

    now imagine how many sugars you already get just by having 1 drink of your protein shake.

    so as much as possible, drop the milk and replace it with fruits instead /banana, berries, etc

    you can read my in-depth review blog review of what's the best protein powder out there.


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