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    Tama si Zsa Zsa Padilla nu'ng sinabi niya na may ibang guys na idini-date ang panganay niyang si Karylle at 'di masyadong nagku-comment about Dingdong Dantes.

    Alam siguro ni Zsa Zsa na may babaeng nasa puso talaga ni Dingdong na 'di maaalis kahit nasa kabilang daigdig pa siya.

    Nasabi namin ito dahil nu'ng Martes nakita namin si Dingdong sa isang mall kasama si Antoinette Taus na nanood ng sine. All the while, sila pa rin pala hanggang ngayon at tila 'di na maghihiwalay.

    Ang ipinagtataka lang ng marami ay kung bakit ni minsan ay 'di nag-guest si Antoinette sa TV.

    May kinalaman kaya ang tsika na 'di na siya kinuha para tuluyan nang mabura sa anino ni Dingdong si Toni?

    Nagdududa tuloy ang iba na baka true raw na may anak na sina Dingdong at Toni kaya 'di magawang maghanap ng ibang babae ng TV host-actor.

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    to crazy 4 John
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    -pretty- si Toni*

    nabasa ko 2 sa tabloids na babalik raw ulit si Toni sa amerika.. mag stay raw sya sa los angeles for 5 or 4 years .. tagal naman yun. bagay pa naman sila ni dingdong. cute nila sa mga movie nila

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    just watched ricky lo's interview with her on showbiz stripped and i must say, she rocked!!! at last, she has finally broken her long silence on the issues hounding her! finally, people could stop speculating since one just had to discern the context clues within that conversation to gain enlightenment on what truly happened between her and mr. dantes! was it a mere case of love not overcoming distance? i don't think so!!!

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    go pretty tony! ut the best parin. pretty mo talaga. buti na lang at nag alita ka na. march lag pala kayo nag hiwalay ni dong. btw buti break na kayo. i hate dong na now kasi

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    [HEROSAN] [L.O.V.E]
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    I like dingdong and Antoinette i saw their 2 movies yung Honey, My love, So sweet at kiss mo KO and napaka-kilig ng dalwa! Sana sila na nga forever!

    jus wonderin' meron pa ba silang oder movies aside form those 2 coz gusto ko rin panoorin yun f ever meorn!

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    Ang GANDA NYA sobra

    Sa totoo lang ang ganda nya ***** at nag mature na sya.I think sila pa rin ni dingdong kc he not say a bad comment about dong,pinag ttanggol p rin nya 2. Kay bruha kyrll ayoko sa kanya!!! un lang.....

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    what did she say exactly?? sorry i'm from the states and we don't get gma...

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    hello to everyone!!!! to Michelle_S, here's the philstar article of ricky lo which pretty much covers everything(and even more) that has been shown on "showbiz stripped" two saturdays ago...enjoy!!!

    with Lost... & Found in America
    The Philippine Star 06/19/2005

    It took just one text message to clinch this exclusive
    Conversation with Antoinette Taus who has proven to be
    elusive since news broke out that her boyfriend
    Dingdong Dantes and Karylle admitted on national
    television that they are going steady. Now based in
    Los Angeles with her father Tom Sr. and brother Tom Jr.,
    Antoinette has been avoiding the press.

    "You're the only one I can trust," she said when she,
    accompanied by her dad, showed up that Monday (June 6)
    afternoon at the Cafe Mystique of the Westin Century Plaza
    Hotel & Spa (the favorite hangout of celebrities, according
    to Baby K. Jimenez, "including politicians and ex-Presidents"),
    at Century City where the press junket for Disney Pictures'
    Herbie Fully Loaded, starring Lindsay Lohan, was being held.

    "I'm here to interview Lindsay (and co-star Michael Keaton),"
    I told Antoinette on the phone earlier that morning. "We can,
    well, shoot the breeze over coffee at 2 p.m."

    Father and daughter came on time in a red Corvette.
    I met them at the driveway. After Dad Tom handed the key
    to the valet, we crossed the hotel's sprawling lobby and
    the beautiful garden and settled at a corner table at
    Café Mystique for the usual how-are-you's, etc.

    Then, we moved to a cozy nook in the garden for a
    free-wheeling Conversation. Antoinette looked relaxed,
    ever smiling. She mentioned in passing that she and her dad
    had to rush back to the office of the Taus Entertainment,
    Inc. (TEI), an entertainment group founded by Antoinette

    "Our office is just 20 minutes away," said Antoinette.

    For almost one hour, Antoinette answered all the questions
    everybody had been wanting to ask her, such as,
    1) Did she and Dingdong get married?,
    2) Do they have not just one but two children?,
    3) Is she working in a bar similar to Pegasus?,
    4) Did she feel "betrayed" when Dingdong decided
    to go steady with Karylle?, and
    5) Did she think that Karylle "stole" Dingdong from her?

    After the Conversation, I asked Antoinette to
    send a message to Dingdong.

    "I wish you all the happiness in the world," she said, smiling.

    And to Karylle?

    Blushing a bit, Antoinette said, still smiling, "Hi, Kay!"

    Throughout the Conversation, I didn't notice any sign
    of bitterness in Antoinette's face and voice. She
    seemed happy with herself and with the world.

    How long have you been here?

    "Actually, I moved here officially four years ago.
    But I've been going back and forth from here to the
    Philippines to just visit and do some shows over there.
    I decided to stay longer last year because my mom got
    sick, and later died."

    I'm sorry to hear that. Are you here for good?

    "Yeah. Well, in the sense that L.A. is where I'm based now.
    But I keep on going back to the Philippines because whatever
    happens it's still my home. But I'm working on my career
    I intend to visit the Philippines once or twice a year."

    So you haven't said goodbye to showbiz (in the Philippines)

    "Oh, no, definitely not! I am trying to pursue something here;
    I'm trying to break into show business here in the US. But
    it doesn't mean that I'm closing my door on show business
    in the Philippines. It's always gonna be there."

    Didn't you have any regrets having turned your back on your
    career in the Philippines while you were at your peak?

    "Actually, no. I thought hard about it. You know, in life,
    in order to achieve bigger things you have to take big risks.
    So, I realized that I had to do it, it's basically now or
    never... while I'm still young. So, no regrets. If I make
    it, great; I'd be so happy. If I don't, I can tell myself
    that at least I tried."

    How many years have you been in showbiz?

    "I started when I was 11 in movies and TV. But I was only
    four years old when I began doing commercials."

    How many movies have you done?

    "Oh, around 10."

    What was the last one you did before you moved to L.A.?

    "I forgot the title; it was with Ace Vergel. I didn't get
    to see it because when it was shown, I was already here
    in the States."

    But you did several TV shows. What was the last?

    "Sana ay Ikaw na Nga (on GMA). I was a regular on

    I heard that you're trying to break into Hollywood.
    Could you tell us about it...

    "It has always been a dream of mine since I was a
    little girl – you know, making it here... in Hollywood.
    It's the dream of a lot of people; everybody here is
    trying to make it. So, hey, why not give it a shot?
    Basically, I want to sing and act... do movies and
    TV shows... do an album. I want to do all that.
    Right now, I'm in the process of doing a CD."

    Oh, your first?

    "Yeah, my first. I'm working with a production/management
    team. I signed a contract with a company. It's an
    entertainment deal which will hopefully lead me to
    just everything – recording, movies and TV shows as well."

    What are the songs on the CD?

    "All originals, in English. By and by, I hope to do
    Tagalog songs. Definitely! No matter what, I'm very
    Pinoy at heart... even if my dad is American. Everytime
    somebody asks me here where I am from, I always say,
    `From the Philippines; I'm Filipino.' I will always
    be a Filipino."

    What's the target market of your CD?

    "Mainstream. People of all ages, but especially the young.
    Regardless of race."

    Do you have an agent?

    "I'm actually working with my own management team –
    yes, the Taus Entertainment, Inc. (TEI)."

    By the way, how's your dad?

    "My dad is good. He's great. He's doing fine."

    And your brother Tom?

    "He's in college now, doing very well. For the
    first two years, there's no particular course.
    Then, he's transferring to another
    school, maybe UCLA."

    No more showbiz for him?

    "It's still in his mind. But right now, he's
    focused on his studies."

    Can I ask you about your mom?

    "Oh, you can ask me about anybody... anything!"

    So she died last year...

    "...yeah. In August last year. It's still very painful
    for me to talk about it. She was very young, only 49.
    When she was diagnosed (cancer), it was too late; stage
    four na. She was my best friend. I haven't really moved
    on. When you lose a loved one, you can never really say
    that you're okay. The pain will always be there. My dad
    is taking it badly. At home, we try to avoid talking
    about my mom."

    Back to happier topics... So how's life in America?

    "Great! When I first moved here four years ago, I didn't
    like it; sobrang hindi ko gusto. I used to hate it so much.
    I would cry every day; I wanted to go back to the

    But you grew up here, didn't you?

    "No, I was born and raised in the Philippines. (Her mom
    was from Pampanga. – RFL) All my friends are in the
    Philippines. But I've gotten used to the American

    Some of my barkada in the Philippines are here, too.
    They helped me get adjusted to life here. You know,
    just have fun and enjoy it."

    Do you have any contact with Pinoy stars now also living here?

    "Oh, yes, I do. Si Ruffa (Gutierrez) gets in touch with me
    when she's here. (Ruffa lives with her husband Yilmaz Bektas
    and their two daughters in Istanbul. – RFL) When Rufa Mae
    (Quinto) visits, we get in touch. Also, Richard and Raymond
    (Gutierrez). Tootsie (Guevarra) was here for a visit
    and we went out."

    How far from here (Century City) do you live?

    "We live in Studio City which is near Universal Studios."

    Did you go to school when you were new here?

    "No, I didn't. I'm on leave from Ateneo where I started
    with Political Science and then shifted to Communication Arts."

    Could you describe a day in your life here?

    "I'm more of a night person. I sleep until about noon.
    Two or three times a week, I meet with my producers to
    record songs or have meetings. The rest of the time,
    I'm with my dad or with my friends. We go to the beach."

    Do you do shows here?

    "Yes, every now and then. A few days ago, I sang the
    National Anthem at an event attended by celebrities.
    Two days from now, I will perform at the City Hall;
    I'll be performing for the Mayor. Three days after
    that, I'm performing in an event called Kalayaan 2005
    for both Filipinos and Americans."

    I heard that you own a restaurant...

    ", I don't. The restaurant is owned by a friend and
    I'm there all the time. But we own a restaurant in Angeles City
    (Pampanga), now run by my uncle."

    Is it true that you perform in a place like the Pegasus
    (where there are sexy GROs)? Are you familiar with Pegasus?

    "Pegasus? Isn't that a nightclub?"

    Well, something like that.

    "Actually, I'm performing with a group called Moon Events
    which hosts parties in places like Horoscope, Spider Club,
    Avalon, Hollywood & Highland and others. I'm also doing a
    TV show for them, called ME TV. I promote events."

    Did you know that in absentia, you're still a hot item in
    the Philippines...

    "...I know!"

    Are you up-to-date with showbiz goings-on back home?

    "Yeah, I am. Or my friends back in the Philippines keep me
    posted on what's happening in back there."

    Well, to keep you posted... One of the hot items back there
    is the admission of Dingdong and Karylle on national
    television that they're going steady.

    "So I heard... That they're together right now, right?"

    Do you believe that they're on (or is it just a gimmick
    for their new GMA fantaserye starrer, Encantadia)?

    "Well, I believe it. You know, I've come to a point
    where I'm not bothered by tsismis anymore. I just tell
    myself to focus on my career. I just want to be at
    peace. I don't want to deal with rumors anymore. Well,
    yes, we broke up last March."

    Before Dingdong was romantically linked to Karylle?

    "Well, they've been linked before pa."

    Did the rumor (about Dingdong and Karylle) have anything
    to do with your and Dingdong's break-up?

    "No. No, no, no. But anyway, that's it. I haven't really
    spoken to him. Actually, he has been calling but I didn't
    have time to really talk to him but I just picked up
    (the phone) two days ago. That was the only time I spoke
    to him since we broke up."

    Is he trying to reconcile with you?

    "No. No, no, no. Hindi siya bumabalik. I didn't even
    ask him about it because I respect whatever they have."

    Did he really stay with you when he was here for a visit?

    "Yeah. When he was here, he would stay with the family. Yon."

    Another rumor: You and Dingdong were married.

    "No, that's not true. We were never married and never
    kaming nagka-anak."

    That's another rumor: You and Dingdong have not just
    one but two children.

    "Oo nga, eh. Niloloko nga ako ng mga kabarkada ko,
    eh. If I had children, I wouldn't have time for what
    I am doing. So... No, no, no. We were never married
    and we never had children. If it were true, I would
    have admitted it."

    Now that Dingdong has found a new love, you're free
    to find yours, too.

    "I'm not looking right now. I just want to be single,
    I enjoy being single because I haven't been single
    since I was 17."

    So you went steady with Dingdong that long?

    "For six years."

    Weren't you hurt by the rumor about Dingdong and Karylle?

    "I heard it first from other people... last year pa."

    Didn't you ask Dingdong about it?

    "Oh yes, I did. When we were still together we talked
    about it. But, you know... That's the way it is..."

    What's the best thing you can say about Dingdong?

    "He's someone I can always count on. Even now that
    we have parted ways, I know that I can always
    count on him. I'm sure of that."

    E-mail reactions at [email protected]

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    I'm personally bringing this thread back alive for our favorite island princess...

    ANTOINETTE TAUS welcome back to your kapamilya! Woooooooooo!

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    I'm working on screencaps of her return on ASAP 05...gotta love it!

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    I'm glad Antoinette is a certified kapamilya now.. I've always liked her

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    is she a kapamilya now?

    i love antoinette!

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    Quote Originally Posted by morena_babe
    is she a kapamilya now?

    i love antoinette!

    I think so cuz that's what they said on ASAP right? hehe

    correct me if I'm wrong though..

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    sis leah, she is. She hasn't answered my YMs but hehe from ASAP 05 they welcomed her back!

    Screencaps soon or mamaya!

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    Cant Wait Until Shes Back In Da Movies W/ Her Bro Tom....i Remember Always Watching Their Child Movies Lol

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    SOME PICTURES**/e1ed9efb49c42f53fd332dca159ff645.jpg


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    photos taken at sanfo when toni met with her best buds...enjoy!!!

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