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    Your Binge Watch List!

    What will you binge watch anytime soon? List down your picks and recommendations here!

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    planning to binge-watch Narcos and Mr. Robot season 2 soon..

    currently binge-watching Scandal created by Shonda Rhimes.. highly recommended! (actually huli na nga ako sa balita )

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    I'm binging Scorpion season 2 para makahabol na sa Season 3
    Alos binging The Closer on iFlix

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    adding The Crown to my list, since available na pala siya..

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    Westworld (gonna binge watch eps 1-6) over the weekends to look for clues that I might have overlooked.
    Will binge on Black Mirror, Humans, and Narcos S2 after Westworld.

    I bingewatched the ff:
    Jessica Jones
    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Agents of SHIELD

    (okay puro netflix pala mostly ang bini-bingewatch ko. )

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    Friends S1-S10 (Nangangalahati na)
    Survivor S33

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    13 reasons why un ang binge ko ngayon

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    Agent Carter
    Agents of SHIELD

    (Marvel fan here )
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    Star Wars Rebels Season 1-3. Hehehe canon pala tong mga to.
    Isusunod ko yung Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 1-6.

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    adding Elementary

    never thought i'll like this at least.. i guess i like the idea of female Watson..

    [spoiler start] and female Moriarty[/spoiler end]

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    OMG Kysh..habol sa Elementary.
    Especially Season 3 First Half.
    Best reviewed by the critics.

    But now currently binge watching Sense8 Season 2

    Can't wait to watch Master of None Season 2 soon.

    Also going to re-binge ANNE WITH AN E.

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    watching eating brain

    I'm watching eating brain 3 and fight hotmail 2

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    Just finished rewatching the X Files 10 seasons. Binge watching Twin Peaks before I watch the new season.

    Xena is also on my list. Don't know yet if I'll watch American Gods weekly or binge at the end of the season.

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