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    Is Jamike Jarin a Joke?

    It looks like the Red Lions is headed for a disappointing season (again). Sure, we have a comfortable excuse in that we lost Big Man Donald Tankoua, but truth be told, the Red Lions could have redeemed themselves if only they have a competent coach.

    This early, we are seeing mind boggling decisions made by self-proclaimed "mad scientist" Jarin during crunch time. Case in point, Mapua vs. San Beda 2nd round. Needing a big man inside to check the Cardinals inside attack, Jarin chose to play small ball. He benched Ben Adamos and fielded in barely 6'3" Noah to contain Oraeme. He could have played both Adamos and Noah but instead he chose to play it small. As a result the Red Lions suffered its 3rd lost in 5 games.

    With Jarin at the helm, I will taper my expectation. We can never keep it high with a small guy thinking smaller.

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    well, tignan natin plano ni coach Jamike sa remaining games + semis. May adjustments naman na nung LPU game. Whatever happens, Animo San Beda pa din.

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    kapag hindi pumasok sa finals SBC pwede na siguro

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