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    Vilma Santos is undeniably the undefeated champ among the senior and younger artists in the Philippine movie industry as corroborated by her countless awards and recognitions. Her successful and colorful acting career is now in its 5th decade yet her star is still at its brightest, conquering not just the world of cinema but public service as well. It's an irrefragable fact with every tangible proof in the book.

    Ate Vi initially received the critics' and the moviegoing public's nod when she forayed into films via Trudis Liit at a tender age of 9. She is the only existing artist to have garnered a Best Child Actress, Best Supporting Actress and limitless Best Actress awards within her 50 years of fame, glory and supremacy in film industry. She has consistently proven her broad spectrum of artistry by essaying a myriad of social and relevant issues in the following classic films: a mistress in Relasyon, a prostitute in Miss X, an AIDS-stricken promiscuous woman in Dolzura Cortez Story, an activist nun in Sister Stella L, a mother of two children sired by different men in Bata, Bata Paano Ka Ginawa, a two-time rape victim in Rubia Servios, a nurturing mother to an autistic child in Ipagpatawad Mo, an OFW in Anak, a stripteaser in Burlesk Queen, and so on and so forth. She has starred in more than 200 movies and to mention all the sterling roles she has delineated in her lifetime would seem utterly infinite. A true artist, Vilma, to this very day, continues to reinvent herself and displays no fear and reluctance in absorbing even the most difficult character the movie industry has to offer. Majority of her flicks were both critically-acclaimed and huge moneymakers at the tills, the last of which was, In My Life in 2009. She's been conferred the Best Actress trophy by every existing award-giving body in th Philippines numerous times, not to mention her citations for Hall of Fame, Circle of Excellence, Lifetime Achievement, Box- Office Queen, International Film Festival Best Actress, Exemplary Achievement, consistent nominations as Best Performing Artist and four grand slam wins....quite a record! To sum it all up, her Gawad Plaridel and Diwata Awards stamped a seal to her title as the Greatest Actress of All Time. With all that said, it's crystal-clear that Ate Vi is the perfect shoo-in for the ultimate and prestigious title, THE NATIONAL ARTIST!

    Movie queens of the past never experienced the grandeur that QueenStar Vi has been wallowing in for 50 years. Most of them reigned for a mere single decade and while some have retired, a handful stayed making do with supporting and occasional lead roles. To date, some of them are still visible: Gloria Romero, Anita Linda, Gloria Sevilla, Susan Roces and Gina Pareno, to name a few. The first female recipient of the FAMAS Best Actress Hall of FAME, Charito Solis, (Vilma's FAMAS HOF predecessor) unfortunately, demised untimely a few years back. There's no scintilla of a doubt that these movie queens have had their share of tour-de-force performances and awards in their respective era but with all due respect, they do pale in comparison to Vilma's plethora of trophies, plaques, recognitions, special citations and accolades locally and internationally. In fact, even the Queen of Media Hype in the 60s and 70s, is now a million miles away in the rivalry race. Truth be told, right after the colossal success of Lipad, Darna, Lipad, Vilma - the trendsetter - became the most sought-after lead star who - up to this day and age - is soaring unreachably high as the longest reigning Best Actress and Box-Office Queen of all Time.

    As of late, QueenStar Vi is starring with Primetime Princess Kim Chiu and a slew of movie icons in a graded A horror suspense/thriller flick, THE HEALING helmed by Chito Rono. So they say, the best cast+the best director+the best script = awards+monstrous hit. It's kicking off as part of Ate Vi's 50th showbiz anniversary offering to her fans, yet another masterpiece pregnant with jaw-dropping scenes that only an ACE artist like the Legendary Genius and Thespian, Vilma Santos can give life and justice to. This movie showcases not only Ate Vi's supreme acting prowess but Kim Chius's developing and growing dramatic acumen as well. Once again, the actress-politician's innate talent/artistry, fluidity, versatility, and professionalism are being exhibited in this much-awaited suspense/horror film of the year and with the joint forces of the Vis and Kim's fans, it's impeccably breaking all box-office records. Seemingly, the moviegoers just can't get enough of the QueenStar, the Princess and the whole ensemble of the film so much so that they had to open more cinema houses to accommodate all the clamoring fans. Wow, isn't that incredible? Veritably, the perennial Box-Office Queen of all Time is unsurpassable!

    Now that the 50th showbiz anniversary of the Star For All Seasons is looming, she's been preoccupied juggling her precious time between showbiz and public service, not to mention her first priority-family. ABS-CBN is presently in the thick of things as far as the anniversary tv presentation is concerned promising an awesome star-studded show ever. A book that highlights her bright life and dual career is also in the works. Vilmanians, I must say....Ate Vi's golden anniversary is such a GIFT to look forward to with much bravado.

    Ate Vi's Herculean energy, unbridled assiduity, charismatic beauty and magical aura are truly unparalleled beyond words. Amidst the finicky and intrigue-filled worlds of films and politics, she incessantly remains an A-one daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, citizen and public servant. What's most incredibly and indelibly paramount though, is the fact that her lofty achievements and accomplishments have raised her level above them all as the ACE among the Queens of Philippine Movies and Artistry. Truly, a luminescent Star For All Seasons and Reasons.

    And after 50 years, Vilma Santos is still UNEQUALLED!!!

    Long live The QueenStar!

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    IGINUHIT NG TADHANA'ng ika'y mapasaamin,
    Upang sumaya naman ang showbiz na makulimlim,
    May gandang makinis at pinagpalang galing,
    Ang inihandog NYA sa bayang ginigiliw.

    Sino'ng magsasabing ang batang TRUDIS LIIT,
    Magbibigay ng pag-asa sa mga taong sabik?
    Uhaw sa idolong may ganda at talent,
    Mabait sa lahat, tunay at di plastic.

    Tunay nga naman kasi kung magpaiyak si GING,
    Tumatalab sa puso, tagos sa damdamin,
    Sa murang edad at pag-arteng taimtim,
    Nakuha nya ang loob ng madlang talusaling.

    NALIGAW NA ANGHEL ang iyong kapara,
    Gumabay sa amin, kaisipa'y minulat na,
    Masa ay nagbubunyi,narito na!narito na!
    Artistang naiiba, darating ang araw, magre-Reyna.

    KASALANAN KAYA?, kasalanan nga ba,
    Ang idolohin at idambana ka Vilma?
    Sa gitna ng mga pagsubok, dalamhati at ligaya,
    Kasama mo kami, di ka iiwan kahit pa may giyera.

    Hanggang sa dumating ang pagkakataon,
    Ang simula ng pagrereyna, sa TV ay natuon,
    Buong bansa'y nagsasaya, kinikilig sa maghapon,
    Vilma-Edgar ay popular, sila na nga'y THE SENSATIONS.

    Kakagigil na kagandahan ng TEEN-AGE SENORITA,
    Isama man sa marami, namumukod- tangi siya,
    Mala-anghel na mukha at ngiting kanyang-kanya,
    Kahit ika'y hapung-hapo, mawawala ang problema.

    Oh WONDER VI bakit nga ba sa iyo lahat ay nahalina?
    Angkin mong katangian, naguumapaw na karisma,
    Pinakabatang Best Actress ng FAMAS ay nakamit pa,
    DAMA DE NOCHE ang katulad, pagsikat ay nasa kamay na.

    Inaamin naman namin na ikaw ay di isang singer,
    Ngunit ano ang nangyari at nag-gold record ang SWEET SIXTEEN?
    Tinangkilik din ng publiko nang sa movie ay isinalin,
    Signature song mong maituturing, kahit na NOW AND FOREVER.

    Di na nila mababawi, kasikatan mong tinatahak,
    BURLESK QUEEN man ay humarang sa tinatahak mong landas,
    Hindi ka na matatalo, pagkat alas ang iyong hawak.

    PAKAWALAN MO AKO upang aking patunayan,
    Sa dami ng mga artista'y ikaw lang ang aming mahal,
    Sa KARMA ay di natatakot, basta' t kasama nami'y ikaw,
    RELASYON namin sa iyo, di basta-basta, walang labis, walang kulang.

    SINASAMBA KITA, madalas naming sambitin,
    Huma-HAPLOS sa aming puso, mga pangaral mo't habilin,
    Paano ka namin malilimot, gayung iba ang iyong dating,
    GAANO KADALAS ANG MINSAN'g nananaginip kahit gising.

    PAANO BA ANG MANGARAP , na matagal ka naming makasama?
    Upang maipadama'ng VILMANIANS ay solid at nag-iisa,
    Dahil sa iyo ay nagbuklod, dating di magkakakilala,
    Heto kami ngayon, tulung- tulong, may malasakit sa isa't isa.

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    The Global Vilmanian PEX Pioneers! Miss you guys!

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