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    mahal ang sibes. 20-35K. yun maliit na bata ang magaalaga sa malaking aso? oo nga pala sub-standard na ang mga huskies dito sa pinas. pandak at malilit. to how big real standard Siberians look like, go to dog shows.

    ang ingay pa. not unless you have the money to have their vocal chords removed.

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    agree with bichon frise

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    speaking of bichon frise

    speaking of bichon frise, nagbibreed kasi ako, and base on experience, hypoallergenic talga sila na breed.

    kahit di mo sila mapaliguan ng isang buwan, di sila nangangamoy, di din naglalagas ng balahibo kaya very hypoallergenic, bagay sa mga may asthma.

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    characteristics of a beagle:
    very active
    hard headed

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    I believe that the Labrador is the most familial dog) But if you live in an apartment. But not in the house, it is better to choose a small dog. I really like pugs. They are very funny. They are very good with children and do not take up much space. But in any case, we must remember that any dog needs care and time.

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    Ano pong breed ng aso *** kid friendly din. Yung masarap alagaan at malaming. Ano po ma rerecommend niyo? Salamat
    Try beagle, golden retriever, or pitbull. Malambing yung mga ganitong breed ng aso.

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    I suggest Golden Retriever. They are friendly and tolerant , perfect family pet

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