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    MEM is just a blizzard boy. let him be... i can remember him in the past giving a heck of a lot updates about war3's patches.

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    What MEM reputation? I've never heard of such a thing. At anyrate, the obvious thing wrong with it is that this is a FORUM. In a FORUM you TALK and DISCUSS about things. You don't clump it up such that people who want to talk about it can't do so. This is not a news site.

    Again, back to the topic, instead of flames, the ping to the USWest servers from Manila will be around 250, which won't affect game play at all if that's what you guys are worried about. I'm really hoping for a filipino pressence in the international servers and not just fil-am ones.

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    i'm DL-ing the beta WOW file (i was one of the last who got in the free beta stress test) ... its damn 2GB! and the DL is via bit torrent... ive been DL-ing for like 8 hours and its only 7% of the damn thing!

    has anybody here succesfully DL-ed the thing? cause if im alone, i just might install back my old blizzard games and wait for WoW on stores.

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    Shura Have you realized the irony of what you said dude.

    In a FORUM you TALK and DISCUSS about things.
    Who can say that what MEM posted doesn't TALK and DISCUSS things.

    Oh, were you flaming?

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    Hmm yung friend ko nadl na yung WOW. He's already playing. But he doesn't give copies so.... he sucks. I'm waiting my other friend to finish downloading so he can give me a copy.

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    hey guys hinay lang. medyo tama naman si Shura, di rin ayos yung mag-flood ka ng news sa isang forum. mem shouldve just provided the links instead. anyway, closed beta na pala so new signups are no longer allowed. sino nakapagregister ng extra accounts dito? pa-share naman

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    Sigh, and this is why I don't post, because people always flame. My post was meant to keep this thread tidy so that players can communicate with each other. Apparently you thought otherwise and just attacked me. You know what, that's fine, it only goes against forum policy anyway.

    Besides, if by TALK and DISCUSS, you mean post news items instead of links to them, then I'm sorry. You're absolutely right. Apparently I forgot what these two words meant.

    I am not replying to this anymore, I think that it sucks how a thread could be ruined just like that. It's a shamre because I was looking forward to helping the pinoy community out as I have been in the closed beta for awhile and could help you guys with problems.

    I hope to see everyone in the World of Warcraft.

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    Hey. Calm down guys. Times like this, IMHO, the moderator can shed light on this.

    But going back, okay, so there WILL be a prepaid card after the Beta. I see.

    Now my next question is, is there a good DSL for this particular game? Is PLDT the best DSL for the job?

    Or a different ISP? Any ideas?

    - tst

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    Kahit dial up lang pwede na. As I quote:

    What are the system requirements for the World of Warcraft® beta?
    NOTE: World of Warcraft has NOT yet been optimized for many hardware configurations. The system requirements are expected to be lower for the final shipping version of the game, specifically in regards to processor speed and video card memory requirements. The system specifications listed below are for the World of Warcraft® beta only. The World of Warcraft® Beta test has the following requirements:

    A 56K or higher modem with an internet connection.

    Windows® System/OS:

    - 800 Mhz or higher CPU.
    - 256 Megabytes or more of RAM.
    - Geforce 2 Graphics Card or better.
    - 3 Gigabytes or more of available hard drive space.
    - DirectX® 9.0 or above.

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    dansk prinsesse
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    Shura Dude, you're overreacting. There is no standard way of posting in forums, if you find that posting news doesn't seem to agree with your "rules and regulation" then don't bother posting. We're free to post something right? He didn't break any rules Pex has set, didn't he?

    Don't give me your "I'm keeping it tidy crap". The thread was fine as it is before. I thank MEM for providing news which I wouldn't bother to go to in their site. It saves time.

    You know what. You are a grade A moron. You're trying to help the pinoy community by bashing 1 person providing info on the game. I didn't flame you before... but now I see that anything that doesn't agree to your arguement, you consider it a flame. Do me a favor and don't bother posting here, at all. I'm pretty sure you won't be missed.

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    BTW, how big is the installer and the acctual installed size? i heard it's 2+ GB

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    the file is indeed 2++ GB ... i got a slot in the free beta test but DL-ing the thing via bit torrent takes forever! ... 7% in 8 hours!!!

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    dang, sino may extra open beta account? trade-an ko. kahit ano. joke.

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    Actually the whole file is 3.9 gigs

    but I could be wrong though

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    AW Now that's just too much!

    then again, at least it's not 10GB as MGS2...

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    I'm downloading the installer right now, it's 2.5 GB. I've been trying to get my friends to WoW with me when it goes retail, but the price tag's been scaring them off. They'd rather wait for Guildwars, which I think pales in comparison to WoW. I've been hearing talk of a phil WoW server, but that probably won't be out til sometime next year.

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    im going to go play on WoW international... itd be a good idea if I can meet filipinos (who are actually in the philippines) playing the game too.


    sana *** Datablitz(my trusted retail store for PC warez) can get a copy of the game by 23.

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    kelan nga ba FINAL release date nito? (sa USA)

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