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    Action Cameras Thread (GoPro, XiaoYi, SJCam, etc..)

    Hello guys!
    I'm planning to buy an action camera since I love to travel and do water activities.
    What's your take on these cams?
    I'm about to buy the GoPro Hero 4 but Ive read on some na di rin naman papahuli ang XiaoYi sa features at image quality tapos murang mura pa. GoPro is 20k more or less without the monopod and waterproof case while the XiaoYi costs about 6k lang with all the accessories na.
    Worth it kaya ang extra 15k for a GoPro?

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    Don't just buy on brand. Think about how and what you want from an action camera. I can recommend GoPro Hero4.. This makes a great choice for professional and home users.

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    nice thread.

    can someone post the comparison between the mentioned brands?

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    Wala pa rin papantay sa quality ng GoPro pero you can given the right conditions you can get almost the same results at a fraction of the GoPros price --with a generic action cam katulad ng xiaoyi at SJCAM. I recently had my SJCAM and I think its amazing. I suggest magbasa ka muna ng review at manuod ng sample footages para malaman mo kung ano talaga gusto mo. hehe

    Here's my SJCAM article if it bears any significance: SJCAM 4000 Review

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    This might be a bit late for a reply but anyway here's my thoughts. GoPros are kinda a given when it comes to action cams but if you're budget conscious or practical then I'd definitely choose either the SJCAM or the Yi. Image or video quality-wise the budget cams are quite good and most people won't even notice any difference between the budget cam or a GoPro.

    Between the Yi or the SJCAM you have very limited choices with the Yi when it comes to models. The SJCAM has a wide range of models depending on your budget.

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    may nag sabi madali daw masira yun mga sjcam is this true po ba?

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    Quote Originally Posted by r3c_214 View Post
    may nag sabi madali daw masira yun mga sjcam is this true po ba?
    Depende sa usage talaga, yung akin may mga parts na natatanggal pero 100% functioning pa rin. Naipang snorkeling na rin and no issues.

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    any reviews on gopro5 or nikon keymission 170?


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