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    oh yea finals baby vs Old Trafford Red Devils Good Luck sir !

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    Congratulations to sHarkY IsOnFire for taking this season's title with a 4-1 win over the Old Trafford Red Devils.

    The finalists will be elevated to the BANO ranks along with the Laguna Buko Mixers managed by leodavid99 and Daenery's Dragons managed by bubblesbuttercup.

    If you want to rejoin BANBAN for next season, search for our FB group "BANBAN" and join. We will still have our roll call here by the way. Thanks.

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    thanks guys!

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    May continuation ba ng banban for 2016 mga bossing?

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    ^ meron boss , hintay lang natin yung commish

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    pwede na tyong mag roll call para malaman natin yun mga sasali

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    Good morning everyone

    Sarado ko na tong thread

    for new thread

    kindly visit at


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