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    So kung sa Jones Cup may nabuong RomYu dito naman sa Curry event may nabuong HoRry?

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    Stephen Curry in Manila | One-on-one with a kid (Cute! Complete! Etc!)

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    Stephen Curry in Manila 2015 Highlights

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    MVP Curry vows to win second straight NBA title

    Manila (AFP) - Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry vowed to win a second straight National Basketball Association title during a visit to the Philippines on Saturday.

    "We feel like we're still the team to beat," the NBA's most valuable player (MVP) told reporters in the capital when asked about his team's odds of defending their title during the 2015-2016 season that starts on October 27.

    Curry led the Golden State Warriors to the NBA title over the Cleveland Cavaliers in June, setting a record for three-pointers made in a single playoff run.

    "It's going to be a different challenge for us. We've never defended an NBA championship before so it will be a new experience for us," the 27-year-old added.

    "All eyes are on our team and every other team is trying to knock us off our throne, so we have to be even better than we were last year to get back to the top."

    Curry won the most valuable player award in May after he helped his team win a franchise-record 67 regular season games, averaging 23.8 points, 7.7 assists, 2.04 steals and 4.3 rebounds.

    The affable point guard also made 286 three-pointers, an NBA record for a single season.

    However, the 2015 league MVP says he needs to maintain better ball control after losing possession 249 times over 80 regular-season games last season.

    During the press conference in Manila, Curry revealed he maintains a long-running, high-stakes bet with his mother Sonya Curry, who fines him whenever he turns over the ball three or more times during a game.

    "I averaged probably 3.1 turnovers last year so you can do the math on who won that agreement," he said, without revealing how money he had to cough up.

    "I have to be a better player going into the next season."

    Curry's trip to the Philippines comes less than a month after the archipelago nation lost out to regional rival China in an intense fight for the right to host the 2019 basketball World Cup.

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    ^updated si GSW hater ah. kahit bandwagoner ni king kong lbj. kala ko ba naka-chamba lang ang gsw. pero interesado

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    nash should have been a "filler" player. 3rd string pg on the surface. so that he could have a chance to win a ring.

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    nba ang usapan lilipat sa aldub. (boses ni babaloo) uy hindi mo pa pinapalitan yung pin ni loser 2-4 lbj gorilla. proud fan ng talunan. uy.

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    Ayos sana to kung 2-3 years ago at player pa si nash hehe. How I wish that nash would unretire to play for GSW, so he could have a chance to win a ring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pristonpiker View Post
    Ayos sana to kung 2-3 years ago at player pa si nash hehe. How I wish that nash would unretire to play for GSW, so he could have a chance to win a ring.
    pwede naman diba? 3rd string PG behind curry and barbosa. kahit 5 minutes lang sa isang laro. katulad nung ginawa ni tmac sa spurs.

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    a storm is brewing. HBarnes snubbed the 64M contract extension of the GSWarriors.

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    it will be hard for them to repeat.. the stars again have to align for them

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    Quote Originally Posted by baste View Post
    it will be hard for them to repeat.. the stars again have to align for them
    oh really, so it was their fault that tony allen cant shoot to save his life? that's why they put bogut on him. jrue holiday even if healthy is nowhere near steph.

    if irving and love played in the finals, cleveland's defense would be weaker. imagine love guarding steph in pick and roll situations.

    GSW have a good rotation and depth in reg season that's why they are not burnt out during the playoffs. its not stars aligning, its called strategy.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by awtsupaytsu View Post
    HAHAAHAHAHAHA naaawa na ako sa GSW halos walang taong naging convinced sa kanilang championship run walang respetong nakuha ang GSW sila sila lang nagcelebrate pero lahat ng mga tao ngayon sinusuka yung fake championship nila habang si LEBRON mas lalo tumaas respeto namin sa kaniya biruin mo magisa na nga lang siya naka 2 wins pa at may mga bumoto pa na siya ang mag finals MVP one of the best finals performance by a player I've ever seen in the history of NBA it brings tears to my eyes hehe.
    ^ naawa na ako sa mga bandwagoners ni gorilla lbj. sinasabi nila greatest of all time daw. pero hindi maconvince ang iba dahil sa 2-4 in the finals. kahit top 5 of all time wala yun. next jordan eh sales pa lang ng sapatos taob na.

    Mahal mo si maine. frankie is that you?

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    Steve Kerr suffered a chronic back injury for coaching and will take a leave of absence for some time. Timeline of recovery is not yet sure as of this moment but reports say it will be probably around 2-3 months.

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    Thompson, other Warriors snap back at criticism from Rockets, Clippers

    ooh snapped.....

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