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    Your thoughts on Cat Cafes

    What are your thoughts on this new trend?

    Would you try visit one or no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yesto View Post
    What are your thoughts on this new trend?

    Would you try visit one or no?
    Out of curiosity I think I would try this one at least once. Never hurt to try. As for hesitation, not really much of a cat person. But then cats are nice to take photos of and show them to ladies Or perhaps take your lady friend who may fancy cats and bond along the way. That would be a nice experience for sure.

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    Visit, maybe not. Because I'm poor.

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    Wouldn't there be cat hairs all around?

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    Finally! A place that serves cat! Di ko na kailangan magtiyaga sa siopao!

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    I'll try to visit the sho, check kung malinis. Bago ako oorder :0

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    its an online dog clothes in manila
    the site have a list of Veterinarians as well

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    I've been planning to visit the one in Cubao. They have Bengal cats there. And regarding with cat hair all over the place, I'm good. Been sleeping, watching TV, eating, etc. with my cat everyday anyway.

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    I've visited 4 cat cafes dating this year. Miao Cat Cafe (QC), Bengal Brews (QC), Velvet Cat Cafe (Pasay) and Le Cat Cafe in LPC.

    I personally like the idea of combining cats and coffee. It's a different kind of social interaction experience. It's fulfilling especially if you really like to see cats in various shapes and sizes.

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    Don't need to. My house is already one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazydelirium View Post
    Finally! A place that serves cat! Di ko na kailangan magtiyaga sa siopao!
    hahaha see u there ^^

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    I need to visit one. I both love cats and coffees. Any recommendations? BEST CAT CAFE IN TOWN?

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    I have visited one, Velvet Cafe in Blue Bay Walk (Pasay).

    I have no idea if PAWS will soon react that such places exist and then compare it to a zoo but the cats I've seen in the place are well provided for; probably leads an even more luxurious lives than many of us do.

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    I haven't experienced visiting a Cat Cafe but the idea was great. Can you share us your experiences during your visit?

    What are the dos and don'ts for new visitors like me.


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    ^They will brief you before entering the cat area. You will wear socks and will need to disinfect. When you go out, you can brush off the cat hair from your clothes. There's even an adhesive to remove cat hair that are stuck.

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    even though i am not a big fan of cats but still i would try to visit... just curious i think...

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    I think this sounds like a lovely idea, especially for people who love cats but can't have one at home for whatever reason.

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    Cat CAFES

    I find it nice place, a unique place

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