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    2015-2016 Los Angeles Lakers Season Thread: A Period of Transition

    I know everybody are focused on the current NBA playoff edition but one thing is for sure, there is a missing piece: the traditional and very much respected franchise in NBA history- the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Kobe still chasing his 6th ring to regain his tainted legacy due to countless injuries that he suffered along the year. And this is his FINAL season (if he will not entertain any contract extensions).

    This offseason, some sports analysts said that the Lakers should spent more money in acquiring big names in free agency market. And with the agonized season in their franchise history, they have a tool in picking up quality rookies in the upcoming NBA Draft.

    One big QUESTION: Can Kobe Bryant get his no.6?
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    Note: This is our official thread, Lakers fans..

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    They should form a descent roster loaded with talents and not popularity. I hope that they can back to the playoffs at the very least.

    The highest expectation is there for this offseason. Mitch and Byron should be more careful in decision-making.

    Honestly, Lamarcus Aldridge is considered a big shot if they get him.

    LMA deserve to be in a team with rich traditions (such as championships)..
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    LaMarcus Aldridge + Robin Lopez or Omer Asik


    Kevin Love + Robin Lopez or Omer Asik

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    Hello, Winter ngayon sa LALAland, personally I don't want Kobe to end his playing career injured, wanted to see him make it to the finish line, so that other teams in their arenas could honor him as he play his last games(ala MJ)

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    it would be better to start building a good team made up of competent and cooperative players in preparation for the 2016 free agency of KDurant.

    Durant will not join the Lakers if it is still a ragtag team by 2016-17

    of course, tell every new recruit to just dont mind KBryant.

    Quote Originally Posted by calvinzero View Post
    summarize ko lang .....

    the LALakers is hoping NYoung will mature by 2017.

    2016 returning lineup

    pondering to return - EDavis

    still waiting for a recall - JHill, RSacre, JClarkson, and JBrown

    in short, it is a total revamp for a possible rebuilding season as soon as KB decided to retire.

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    I want Joakim Noah wearing purple and gold uniform.


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    Either Jahlil or Towns will be the next face of the franchise. I hope na maalagaan nila ang no.2 pick. Take deep study on the part of FO.

    Be wise on getting that pick.
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    Pakawalan na yang si jhill, feeling ko yan ang may dalang virus sa lakers e. Mula dumating sa lakers yan naging injury prone na yung team.....lol

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    Finally, exciting times ahead. #2 pick, Randle coming back, Clarkson's huge upside, cap space in 2016.

    The tanking paid off! #conspiracytheory

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    This is gonna be an exciting off season for the lakers. It will be more exciting if kobe retires.

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    Ano sa tingin niyo ang mas kailangan ng Lakers, a decent PG in Mudiay or a dominant PF/C like Okafor or Towns?

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    Talented bigmen are limited and hard to find. I'll go for Okafor or Towns

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    Sino ba ang concensus #1 pick? Nakakatakot baka magaya sa 84 draft class ito.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by javale mcgee View Post
    Ano sa tingin niyo ang mas kailangan ng Lakers, a decent PG in Mudiay or a dominant PF/C like Okafor or Towns?
    Why a PG when they already have Clarkson on the rise? It's gonna be a big man. Either of the two is fine.

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    i'd get okafor but jahlil did not impress me that much in the national final... that was on tyus jones and grayson allen bailing out duke's asses

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