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    Go East and follow the stars in the night for your dream wedding!

    Seven Suites Hotel Observatory is the first and only hotel observatory in the Philippines. It has the Sky-Watcher, 4th most powerful telescope in the country—trailing after PAGASA, UP NISMED, and an observatory in Baguio. Resident astronomer Ramon Arsenio P. Acevedo would be more than willing to assist you in operating the 12" diameter Sky-Watcher and interpreting the star formations in the evening sky.

    The ideal venue for your dream wedding and reception, Seven Suites Hotel Observatory has budget wedding amenities that will cover everything from one-day event management services to total party setup. Fulfilling dishes from Hollywood Steakhouse and yummy desserts from Sugar are here to satisfy you and your guests' appetites. Seven Suites' fancy hotel and function rooms are large enough to accommodate wedding lunch or dinner arrangements. Ask us about our other packages for you now.

    Seven Suites Hotel Observatory is located at Blk. 1 Lot 2 Hollywood Hills Subdivision, Sumulong Highway in Antipolo City. For reservations and further inquiries, please call 682-0330 or 682-2076. Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/sevensuiteshotel.

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    MY LOCATION: would probably be in a church because i grew up in church and i have always wanted to get married in church but right now i currently dont want it at my old church or my new church so it might end up being outside or something that would be pretty.

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