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    Saan mas ok makabili ng dogs/cats? Petshop or sa breeder?

    Saan ba mas advisable bumili ng pets?

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    syempre sa breeder.

    petshop owners put a high consignment with the dogs they do not own.

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    iyung German Shepherd ko was bought from a Pet Store sa SM....
    Male labrador sa breeder...
    Male and Female Rottweiler sa breeder din...
    Female labrador bigay lang...
    Yung male boxer sa breeder...
    mas nakakatawad pag breeder eh.

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    would you believe i know a petshop owner who buy a whole litter from breeders at wholesale?

    and, they have this scam of charging extra for the papers of the puppies.

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    Breeder but...

    Why I don't like sa petshop, kasi naka cage yung dogs/cats. Napipilitan sila mag poop where they eat, which is in normal circumstances, di nila ginagawa. So for how long yung pet nasa store, that's how long na rereinforce yung ganong behavior. If you're going to bring that animal to your home, baka ganon den gawin nya which is mag poop and pee where he sleeps (inside your home) unless you plan to have them in cages sa labas ng bahay.

    If breeder naman, you need to be choosy den. Ask to see how the dogs/cats are in the breeder. Best scenario, you find a breeder na kasama sa loob ng bahay ang mom and pups/kitties. For me, parang mas may socialization yung pup/kitty na bibilihin mo pag sanay na sa usual noises sa loob ng bahay, sa pag-handling ng mga tao, nakakagala freely (for exercise and exploration). In contrast sa backyard breeders na naka cage lang yung mother and babies - same scenario as petshop, they are getting trained early to poop and pee where they eat plus no socialization.

    Plus sa breeder, you get to see kung alaga talaga yung makukuha mong pet or pinababayaan lang ng seller/breeder, yung temperament and pano mag interact sa litter mates nya.

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    woes to the backyard breeders like us.

    as if we dont stock up on newspapers to toilet train our dogs when and where to pooh. plus, as if we dont spend money on play pens and disinfectant to keep our yard sanitized.

    if you have lap dog, keep it in your house and on your lap but dont do it with the other types of dogs.

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    Kasi mas madali malaman background info ng pet na bibilihin mo. And these info do matter sa pagpapalaki ng pet mo, behavior and history.

    Unlike sa Pet shop na ayun na lang na kadalasan eh walang alam dun sa binebenta nila na pinapabenta lang din ng contact or amo nila.

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    Madami sa cartimar or divisoria dre, mas mura dun kesa sa breeder.

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    breeders. forget about pet shops. some breeds came from puppy mills. With the right breeders you can choose and they can give you tips about the behavior. Either breeders or adopting a dog is better.

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    Hi it's better to buy from a breeder actually my husband is a dog breeder for 6 years.pag sa breeder you can ask them if you want to visit the kennel unlike sa petshops

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    avoid pet shops. madalas pinepeke ang papel, emaning yung aso na benta nila wala naman talagang papel, tapos ginagawa nila bumibili sila ng papel ng patay na aso tapos yun ang ipapapel nila sa benebenta nilang aso. May nabalita noon sa Tiendesitas na sabi 3 mos pa lang yung pup, tapos sabi ng vet based sa physical maturity eh 9 mos na daw. So ano yun, peke ang papel para tumaas ang presyo. Yung ibang backyard breeder doon sa mga petshop dinadala yung pups nila na hindi nabili due to some birth defects or deformity. bargain yun ibebenta tapos etong si petshop lalagayan ng papel yung aso, ayun instant kit. yun 2k na puppy nagiging 12k dahil pure na daw at with papers.

    best talaga na bumibili sa legit breeder. mag kennel visit kayo para makita nyo condition ng iba nilang aso. business man ba to or dog lover lang talaga? one time ka lang naman bibili ng puppy so make sure you get a high quality pup from a legit responsible breeder.

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    Pwede ring mag adopt . There are a lot of dogs/cats in pet shelters that are looking for their forever home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamkristeta View Post
    Pwede ring mag adopt . There are a lot of dogs/cats in pet shelters that are looking for their forever home.
    Yeah. I agree with this.

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    Adopting is a better option.

    1. Mas mura
    2. Sure ka na vaccinated and neutered or spayed ang pet
    3. Nakakatulong ka pa

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    Breeder hands down!

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    Saan kaya pwede makahanap ng nagbi-breed ng dogs at cats? Tanong lang

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    online shopping sites. pex deletes and bans the accounts of breeders selling their pets here.

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