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    New York Is Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend

    Unlike well-behaved visitors to our fair island, Taylor Swift seems intent on staying over interminably—complaining about ex-boyfriends, showing us pictures of her cats, and trying to explain over and over again what a bodega is.
    Taylor Swift has just been appointed Global Welcome Ambassador for New York City.

    In case you were wondering, here are some things that New Yorkers don't have the time or patience for: local trains, delivery minimums, degenerates who don't pick up after their dogs, and Taylor Swift becoming the Global Welcome Ambassador for New York City. Firstly, there's the offensive notion that New York needs an ad campaign to boost tourism. This isn't Albany, people—you'd have to pay an adventure-seeking foreigner NOT to see Broadway's Aladdin and then take an iPad selfie with the Naked Cowboy afterwards. Secondly, what's with choosing Swift, a 24-year-old born in Pennsylvania and bred in Nashville, to represent NYC?

    In addition to moving into a $20 million dollar Tribeca apartment in March, Swift's only other credential for this prestigious position (that I literally just heard of right now) is “Welcome to New York,” a bouncy tune off of her just released album, 1989. Calling “Welcome to New York” a fitting homage to the city that never sleeps is like saying that The Cheetah Girls was a realistic tribute to the fastest felines in the animal kingdom.

    The track features winning lines like “Welcome to New York/It's a new soundtrack I could dance to this beat." Not since Justin Bieber thought that inebriated drag racing was a totally chill thing to do in downtown Miami has one star so severely misunderstood a city's standard social mores. Sure, Swift is a Pennsylvanian at heart—but you don't have to be born and raised in one of the toughest neighborhoods in NYC to understand that dancing down the street in Manhattan is simply not done (though I guess it's no greater a faux pas than dating a ginger or sorta stalking a Kennedy).


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    Taylor Swift's '1989' Heading for 1 Million Sales Debut

    Swift set to become first act to earn three million-selling weeks.

    Taylor Swift's 1989 just keeps getting bigger.

    Industry sources now forecast the album to sell at least one million copies in its first week. That would make 1989 just the 19th album to sell a million in a single week since Nielsen SoundScan started tracking sales in 1991, and Swift the first act to earn three million-selling weeks.

    Plus: 1989 will be the first album released in 2014 to sell a million copies.

    Taylor Swift's Pop Curveball: '1989' Review

    The new album is Swift's fifth studio effort, released through Big Machine Records on Oct. 27. Its sales forecast is for the tracking week ending Nov. 2. It could mark Swift's third million-selling debut in a row, following 2010's Speak Now (1.05 million) and 2012's Red (1.21 million).

    Two weeks ago, forecasters pegged the new album to sell 750,000 in its debut frame. Then, a week ago, it was upgraded to 800,000. By mid-day Oct. 27, the album's release day, its projection grew to over 900,000.

    Now, after its first day on sale, forecasters are confident 1989 will cross the magic, one-million sales threshold. 1989's official first-week sales, as tabulated by SoundScan, will be announced on Wednesday, Nov. 5. That same day, Swift will most likely also debut atop the new Billboard 200 albums chart with 1989, giving her a fourth chart-topping set.

    If 1989 sells over a million, Swift will notch the biggest sales week for an album since her own Red registered the last million-selling week: when it debuted nearly two years ago (in the week ending Oct. 28).

    Taylor Swift to the Haters: 'If You're Upset That I'm Just Being Myself, Then I'm Going to Be Myself More'

    1989 will also instantly become 2014's second-biggest selling album after just one week on sale. Currently, the top two sellers this year are the Frozen soundtrack (3.2 million) and Beyonce's self-titled album (787,000). They are followed by Lorde's Pure Heroine (767,000) and Coldplay's Ghost Stories (737,000). The latter is 2014's biggest-selling album released this year, as Frozen, Beyonce and Pure Heroine came out in 2013.

    Sources say 1989 is performing extraordinarily well in the iTunes Store and Target, with the latter carrying an exclusive version of the album with bonus tracks.

    Swift has been in full-on promotion mode this week in support of 1989. On Oct. 27, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, ABC's Good Morning America and NBC's The Voice, and also participated in iHeartRadio's multi-platform show "Taylor Swift's 1989 Secret Session with iHeartRadio." The next day, she was scheduled to visit The Voice again, along with a stop on CBS' The Late Show With David Letterman. On Oct. 29, she heads to ABC's The View. The following day, she's slated to perform a concert on Good Morning America.

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    Selena Gomez, From hotel room album listening parties, kitchen dance floor album listening parties to driving on the pch, windows down album listening parties. -The best part is we were the only ones there. Each time. So happy, honored and proud to know you and your diaries. @taylorswift #1989 BUY IT!!! -now I'll listen live from drowning in my bed sheets.

    Sarah Hyland, A little throwback to give some lovin' to one of the best people I've ever met @taylorswift. Couldn't be prouder of the hardest working gal I know #outofthewoods #1989

    Lena Dunham, IT'S HAPPENING people- @taylorswift's album is out now. She is a true friend/true artist and the only person who makes me wanna exult in nature. Very proud. This record will blow you away.

    Karlie Kloss, The wait is OVER!.....#TS1989 IS (almost) FINALLYYYYY HERE!!!!!!......tonight at MIDNIGHT you can download @taylorswift's full album on iTunes!!!! Woooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jack Antonoff, 1989 is here! http://t.co/JhUZG7ADJ4 run don't walk. @taylorswift I have TRULY loved working on this album. massive journey from my first conversations with taylor about yaz and jon hughes.

    Lorde, an awesome guy took this tonight after the show. feeling very 1989! @taylorswift

    Ingrid Michaelson, I literally just did a little dance in Grand Central Station. Take note that I'm by myself.

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    Why "Blank Space" Is The Best Song On Taylor Swift’s "1989"
    Specific, but universal. Romantic, but self-aware. This is the Taylor we’ve been waiting for.

    The funny thing about Taylor Swift’s fifth album, 1989, is how much it’s not like what we were told it would be. Swift said in an interview with Rolling Stone that it’d be “not as boy-centric” as her previous records, but the majority of the songs are as obsessed with dudes and romance as anything else she’s ever done. Despite the title and the advance hype, the record doesn’t feel much like the ’80s at all, and mostly sounds a lot like the music of 1999, right on down to half the tracks being co-written by Britney Spears/Backstreet Boys mastermind Max Martin.
    Even the notion that this album is a major creative departure for her is overstated. Sure, this is her first record to have no trace of country in its sound, but her 2012 blockbuster Red was very, very light on country vibes. The full-blown candy-pop sound of 1989 isn’t a sudden bold move so much as a logical progression from mega-hits like “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” This is where Swift has been headed since “You Belong With Me” blew up on pop radio in 2009. The metamorphosis is now complete.
    The thing is, Swift hasn’t actually changed that much over the course of five albums. Her melodic sensibility and lyrical obsessions have been consistent all along, while gradually improving with time. She has a distinct aesthetic, and it comes through whether her voice is framed by banjos and pedal steel on her early records, arena rock guitars and drums on Speak Now and Red, or synthesizers and drum programming on most of 1989. Country was a smart place for Swift’s career to start out, but no matter where she began, genre would’ve been a prison for her. She’s lucky to break free of it now.

    Which brings us to “Blank Space.” “Blank Space” is the second track on 1989, and an instant candidate for Swift’s Best Song Ever, just narrowly edging out “State of Grace” and “You Belong With Me.” (And whatever your favorite Taylor Swift song is, of course.) “Blank Space” sounds like a cross between Lorde and Wilson Phillips, which is another way of saying it could only have been dreamed up by Swift and her Swedish production team. The arrangement is minimalist, but the song is busting at the seams with melody and hooks. And while this sort of skeletal backing track is on trend right now, it’s perfectly realized here. If she’d arranged it like something from Speak Now or Red, it’d feel a bit too busy or top-heavy.
    “Blank Space” is also the best song Taylor Swift has written about the very specific experience of being Taylor Swift. She’s been taking advantage of the public’s interest in her love life for years by making her hits seem alternately like blind items in gossip columns or subtweets on Twitter, but always with an earnestness that bordered on humorlessness. But here, she’s funny and self-aware. She knows she’s a sucker for romance but has had enough failed relationships and short-term flings to manage her expectations. She’s grown more cynical, but is still jumping at every opportunity to meet THE ONE. Swift is about to turn 25, and this is such an “about to turn 25” sort of sentiment. Her seemingly effortless ability to turn these sort of common epiphanies into immensely catchy songs is at least 70% of the reason she’s so popular and beloved.
    The line that really elevates “Blank Space” to the realm of pop greatness comes halfway through the chorus, and is sung along with the best melodic bit of the song. “Got a long list of ex-lovers,” she sings wistfully, “they’ll tell you I’m insane.” This is the point at which she owns her reputation, but also nudges you to question how she got it. You can practically hear her rolling her eyes when she sings “I’m insane,” making you think of every bro you’ve ever heard dismiss an ex as some variety of “crazy *****.” If this was a conversation, you can imagine her giving you a second of meaningful eye contact after this line, both to look for your reaction and to let you linger on that moment of doubt.
    Some pop stars back away from their personal life becoming too public, but Swift understands that given the circumstances of her life, that’s never really going to be an option, and she may as well benefit from the gossip by letting it add some spark and tension to her tunes. She knows it adds an extra layer of fun and engagement to her music and that there’s a long history of soap-opera intrigue in singer-songwriter pop — going back to Fleetwood Mac, Carly Simon, and James Taylor in the ’70s. Swift’s brilliance is in how she always manages to make her glamorous love life sound so ordinary, and essentially the same as any other girl her age who hasn’t settled down just yet. That’s not because the words are banal, but because the best place to find the universal is in specificity.

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    Taylor Swift's new album has topped the chart in 80 countries.

    The princess of country music released her fifth studio album yesterday (27 October) and (unsurprisingly) it's shot straight to number one in 80 countries including the UK, US, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden and Mexico.

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    Taylor Swift's "1989" drove more single day purchases in one day than the year's previous hottest-seller did in its first week.

    Alongside the Tuesday morning declaration that Taylor Swift’s “1989” would score an opening week sales tally of more than one million was a particularly impressive tidbit: Swift’s album spurred more opening day purchases than Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories” did in its first week.

    Somehow, repetition of that stat served to understate the success of Swift’s album.

    “Ghost Stories,” which claimed the year’s best opening sales week prior to the release of “1989,” moved 383,000 copies in its inaugural frame. Merely saying Swift’s “1989” topped that total in day one, therefore, would only be formally confirming that her album moved 383,001 units Monday.

    In actuality, the album’s sales total stood at more than 600,000 by the end of release day.

    With so many copies purchases in the bank, it is no wonder “1989” is considered an absolute lock to provide Swift with the third million-plus sales week of her career.

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