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    Cool Working from home - Freelance pros and cons

    Has anybody here tried working from home as a freelancer?

    Many foreign companies tend to hire individuals in the Phils. who work from home, instead of hiring local companies.

    But what are the pros and cons? To me, here they are (3 for each):

    1. Time flexibility
    2. Closer to family
    3. Less stress and instant access to bed/kitchen, etc

    1. Lot of distractions (TV, movies, family members)
    2. Working independently (no officemates)
    3. You can get fat doing this

    Feel free to share your experiences/opinions about working from home as a freelancer! Feel free to post your pros and cons as well.

    In my view, the advantages of freelancing from home outweighs the disadvantages. But what do you think?

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    #3 on cons. I can attest to that. Naka-upo lang kasi madalas & too lazy to exercise.

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    oo nga ano pros and cons.. baka meron pa dyan ***** parang gusto ko work from home grabe trapik

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    1. Wala masyado matanungan na senior, ensure na resourceful ka kasi you will be working with minimal guidance
    2. Project dependent but it depends. In my case, it was per hour of work ang binabayaran kasi im not full time. So dapat hahanap kayo ng fulltime but of course, kuha din kayo ng ibang projects
    3. Wala masyadong social life

    1. Pwede ka mag travel kasi internet lang kelangan mo. Enjoy life.
    2. Mas nagiging independent ka kasi kelangan mag deliver ka ng quality results
    3. Tipid at iwas traffic. Ikaw ang mag manage ng oras mo kung kelan mu gusto magwork basta matapos mu project on time

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    1. FREEDOM. I am free to work whenever I want wherever I want. Well, that's because I chose a job that offers a flexible time. And yes, you can choose a job and a client as well. I can work in a coffee shop or anywhere so long there is an Internet connection. And my favorite, I can take a bath later in the afternoon! haha.

    I can eat while I am working. And no supervisor or boss will scold me for putting my feet on the table!

    2. CLOSER TO YOUR FAMILY. I can always be with my family whenever they needed me. I can just stop working anytime and play with my kids. I really love doing it. That's my stress reliever! When I felt tired working, I'll just go with them and play. You'll understand me if you're a parent. When one of my child is sick, I am always there to take care of them. If there's an emergency, I can act faster and send them in the hospital.

    3. HIGHER EARNING POTENTIAL. I earn much higher income compared to all of my previous jobs combined. Well, I started small. But my persistence and eagearness to learn brought me from 5-digit monthly income to a 6-digit income in 2 years time.

    4. Self-development. You are always challenge to put your best into projects. The quality of your work reflects on your portfolio and feedback. You strive to always put your best. In return it makes you a good, productive worker. You start to appreciate of who you are and appreciate how your skills, effort, creativity are always being appreciated by the clients or employers. If they like you, I bet they would do anything to keep you and make you happy


    Hmmm. We'll my wife is always watching if I am working or not? hehe.

    Oh yeah. my social life is always virtual as well. But I do invite friends to come over.

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    first time ko natry na magwork online for transcription at nakaearn lang ako ng more than 19K from July 26 to September 20 ($424.85) dahil per hour lang yung work, compared sa fixed where I can earn almost 30k/mo. Kaya yung pros and cons depende din talaga kung anong klaseng work online. Mas malaki ng di hamak ang natatanggap ko sa isang regular paying job compared sa online na kelangan mo pa humanap ng client. Mapapalakas din ang yosi (for smokers) at ang pagkain kung nasa bahay lang. Tapos problem pa pag nagloko ang Internet connection (like nung bumagyo na walang connection). Pag actual work naman, totoong I had to endure the traffic at may schedule unlike nung online na hawak ko ang oras ko.

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    Freelancing is good for those who are hardworkers and can finish projects well ahead of estimated time for completion by average employee.
    Working at the office, a hard working individual will tend to pace down on the job at same speed as his co-worker.
    I am not going to assign a freelance job to those who are slackers on the job.
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    What about financial stability? What is the guarantee that the job will last as long as when he is a regular employee!
    How will the freelancer provide for health and retirement.
    The freelancer will have to pay for his spouse and his children's health care.
    The TS seems to be concerned about physical convenience, only. Very superficial.

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    Been freelancing full time since Feb last year. I started with 8/hr now I don't go below $25 or $75 per 1000 words. It's a long and hard story of how I managed to transition from $8 to $25 in less than a year but I basically read a lot and interacted with foreign freelancers which made me learn the tools of the trade.

    Earnings roughly go from $1500 to $2800 per month. Not as much as those in the US or UK but it's definitely much better than my local counterparts though I plan on earning as much as $3000 per month this year.

    And yes, it's definitely my choice as I quit the last company that thought they can put me wherever they want. I'm a writer.


    1. No boss
    2. No nasty colleagues
    3. No traffic problems
    4. No problem on attire
    5. No such thing as "no sleep"
    6. No more unnecessary spending
    7. Lots of money for less time***
    8. Self-created pressure
    9. Go on vacation whenever and wherever you want
    10. More time for exercise and hobbies so no, I don't get fat; I get fit and strong.
    11. You can create your own team to maximize efficiency
    12. Compete with 1st world rates


    1. It can get lonely sometimes
    2. You'll miss out on a lot of social stuff
    3. You might get bored a lot
    4. No real guarantee of work***
    5. Clients think Filipinos = cheap labor i.e. Quality stuff for less than $10/hr
    6. You pay your own government stuff, no more HR help.

    As for Phil E.

    1. I've invested plenty of my savings on stocks, MFs, and UITFs plus VUL back when I was a "regular" worker.
    2. I still invest and have since tripled my investments thanks to conversion rates
    3. As mentioned above, I got my own VUL which is life insurance + MF.
    4. I pay for my own health card. Maxicare, Gold.

    *** Varies with how good you play your cards. I don't work longer than 35-40 hours a week and still earn a lot of money anyway. I max at 50 hours.

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    can you suggest a website for freelancing?

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    UpWork is the number one so far and that site offers plenty of opportunities for both veterans and newbies. Just don't be discouraged if it takes you a while to land jobs.

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    Tanong lang po kung paano yung mechanics sa tax pag freelancer. May full-time job po ako pero nagbibid na po ako sa mga freelance site hindi pa lang maswerte makakuha ng project. Pwede po bang hindi na I-file yung tax since may full-time job naman na. Made-detect po ba yun?

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    1. Better pay (in a sense).
    2. Flexible Time.
    3. No hassle on Transpo.
    4. Experience guaranteed.

    1. Project Based- Pag walang project, walang sweldo, hanap client.
    2. Walang interaction sa outside world. Sobrang boring minsan.
    3. Walang benefits bukod dun sa hourly/fixed pay mo.
    4. Very addictive since you're earning alot. - Health risk ito

    For me, mas gusto ko talaga yung nasa company. Stable pay, Career advancement (imagine working as a manager) at syempre ang mga hot na officemates.

    I keep my freelancing at part-time nalang. I just take small projects and sometimes work on weekends.

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    It's optional, really. I was freelancing back in 2013 while I still had a day job. I didn't file for taxes since my income from freelancing was less than P10,000.00 a month.

    There are a lot of freelancers in the country who don't pay taxes but they run the risk of not getting loan grants or even have trouble acquiring Visas.

    If you're mostly a stay-at-home kind of guy and don't loan much (or don't plan to loan at all) then not paying won't really get you "detected" unless someone reports you.

    Declaring the salary per year and when you started freelancing will also be up to you.

    Not suggesting anything here but some opt to pay taxes for a monthly salary of 30,000, despite earning much more, just so they have a record for future loan grants. Some who have been freelancing for years opt to declare they've only been freelancing last month or yesterday or something.

    Again, not suggesting anything. Just providing some inside info in the freelancing world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewIsAlwaysBetter View Post
    4. Very addictive since you're earning alot. - Health risk ito

    For me, mas gusto ko talaga yung nasa company. Stable pay, Career advancement (imagine working as a manager)
    It's only a health risk if you work for peanuts and ramp up the time to compensate for the low pay only to end up exercise and sleep deprived. So much for freedom with 'lancing and it happens usually to "less than $10/hour" 'lancers.

    There is also stability in freelancing specially if you have plenty of clients who are mostly long term. If not long term then keep yourself busy and win more jobs or do it like most of us do and go after private gigs on Craigslist and other freelance jobs sites. Pay is definitely bigger as I once wrote a 1000-word article for $200.00

    Advancement isn't really there but I've seen 'lancers who started as customer reps and are now managerial positions for a US company and they're still 'lancing. I'd post her profile here but I don't have her permission.

    Personally, I no longer need career advancement in the PH and I'm saying this as a 26-year old singe. I'm already earning more than three to four times a junior manager at the comforts of my own home without working longer than 40 hours. I can ramp it up to 50 if I wanted but I need to play games and read books plus write for my website.

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    Where do you work po? Maybe you can share it here as well 😊

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    I work at home. No seriously, I get clients from freelance platforms and craigslist.

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    Kala ko game na. Naging bato pa. 20usd per hour din sana. Haha. Bid lang ng bid

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    If you've been working as an employee, regular term, you'll find a lot of cons from freelancing. mahirap hindi mag compare e.

    I started freelancing years ago. As a starter eto yung mga PROs and CONs:

    1. better pay
    2. smaller tax
    3. you only get to work when you feel like doing it.
    4. no time wasted. as stated in number 3, you won't waste time commuting. wala ding sayang na oras, unlike sa normal employment, you need to render 8 hours minimum in the office. when in reality, you'll only consume half of that doing your job. So basically, you'll have majority of your time allotted for personal activities. rare times lang yung sobrang busy. or it depends on the phase of the project you're currently in.
    6. experience. that's the biggest PRO in my opinion.
    7. you'll become independent. this can be a CON at times. specially if you need someone else's expertise tapos wala kang matanungan. at least, in an office set up, malamang may refernce person for specific skills. if you work alone, anjan ang internet. or you can buy e-books, then learn by yourself.

    1. you need to at least set up a small workstation in your house. parang ma-aassociate mo tuloy sa bahay o yung trabaho. unless you can afford to open a small space for your office outside your home. eto yung medyo magastos. if you're reliable specially to internet. hindi uubra yung mga plan 999. hehehe!
    2. no work-no pay or no project, no money. so save up. invest.
    3. if you are into certification, you need to finance it yourself. other companies offer it for free. this will be a PRO eventually.
    4. health risk? hmmm, pwede. it happened to me. I gained 40 lbs in 2 years. but since I have PRO number 4, I used my free time to exercise. nakakabawi na kahit papano.
    5. ANG HABA NG ORAS!!!! if you experienced this, hehehe, you really are a freelance. well, trivial thing lang to, pero minsan nakakainip pa rin.
    6. no benefits, no retirement plans. may ibang nag o-offer na ng benefits, pero retirement plan, haven't heard of any yet.

    as time goes, and as you develop as a freelance, mababawsan yung mga CONS. you just need of course to build your credentials.
    and also, invest. hindi pang habang buhay ang freelancing. remember wala kang benefits jan, walang retirement plan.

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    thanks for your insights guys!

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