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    this will only happen if PP will come in cheap. the LAClippers only has +5M cap space left. his last contract was for +15M.

    Quote Originally Posted by LeBroom View Post
    Good hire in Hollins.
    at least something great happened with all this brouhaha. the BNets now has a real coach.

    Quote Originally Posted by deronwilliams08 View Post
    I wonder if Hollins can somehow turn brooks into a Marc Gasol-calibre defender. He has been improving his D the past few years. He just really needs to stay healthy.

    Garnett isn't as tough as he used to be but hey as YoonJay said 10-8 numbers or anything close to that is considered a win. Lastly, a defensive minded coach will be PERFECt for Mason's development.
    the problem with BLopez is his foot and its screws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gotta lick it View Post
    this will only happen if PP will come in cheap. the LAClippers only has +5M cap space left. his last contract was for +15M.

    at least something great happened with all this brouhaha. the BNets now has a real coach.

    the problem with BLopez is his foot and its screws.
    Don't you think I'd know about Brook Lopez' injury history? I just choose to be positive.

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    the problem with the BNets is its luxury tax, 100M???? losing wasnt cheap.

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    Adrian Wojnarowski: Doc Rivers trying to work sign-and-trade w/ Cavs for Hawes, preserving Clippers exception to still target Paul Pierce, sources tell Y. Unless Clippers are willing to trade JJ Redick or first-round picks to Nets for Paul Pierce, a sign-and-trade is unlikely, sources tell Y Twitter @WojYahooNBA

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    Clippers offering Matt Barnes or Jared Dudley for a sign-and-trade with Paul Pierce. Nets say NO.

    Apparently, Brooklyn wants either JJ Redick or 1st round draft picks.
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    Jason Kidd out, Lionel Hollins in!

    Lionel Hollins takes reins of Nets
    Updated: July 7, 2014, 4:29 PM ET
    By Mike Mazzeo | Special to

    NEW YORK -- His predecessor might have wanted added responsibility, but Lionel Hollins made it abundantly clear during his introductory news conference Monday that he wants to be only the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

    Nothing more.

    After Jason Kidd's failed power play and abrupt departure to Milwaukee, it sounds like Hollins is going to bring some much-needed stability to a franchise that has looked quite dysfunctional lately.

    "That's all I want to do. I'm a basketball coach. I don't want to do [general manager] Billy King's job. I don't want to do anybody else's job in the organization but the one I'm hired to do," Hollins said at Barclays Center, later clarifying that he was not taking a shot at Kidd or anything.

    "That's very important to me. I'm very low-maintenance. I'm actually embarrassed, I drove up to the [arena] and saw the [oculus] with my picture on it. I'm like, 'Come on.' I just want to coach."

    The Nets immediately identified Hollins as their top target in their coaching search just days after Brooklyn ownership rejected Kidd's request to add final say in player personnel decisions to his coaching duties. They officially hired Hollins on Wednesday.

    Sources told that the Nets and Hollins agreed to a contract that could be worth as much as four years and $20 million if the team picks up his fourth-year option. Hollins called the opportunity to coach in Brooklyn "a miracle."

    "Well, it's been a whirlwind," Hollins said. "It's been very hectic, and the first day was literally overwhelming for me. The text messages and phone messages that I had that I couldn't return. I woke up about 6:30 in the morning and I had 13 text messages. And then I had 35, then 60, and then 85, and then I was all the way up to 150 text messages. And I'm trying to get back to people. I'd text one person and they want to text and have a conversation, and then the phone calls started.

    "I don't know how many of you had gotten my cell number, but you can best bet it will be changed," he joked.

    Hollins is unsure what style he wants his team to play but does want to make sure that his players develop cohesiveness and mental toughness.

    "I know that I want to play at a little quicker pace than they even played at, that we played at in Memphis," he said. "But I don't want to run up and down the court and jack up shots. I want to be aggressive."

    Hollins, 60, guided the Memphis Grizzlies to the playoffs in each of his last three seasons at the helm. In 2012-13, the Grizzlies won 56 games and advanced to the Western Conference finals. But Hollins' contract was not renewed after the season apparently because of philosophical differences between himself and ownership.

    "Well, it was difficult because it wasn't about coaching at all and it wasn't about analytics. It wasn't about any of that stuff," Hollins said. "The guy in charge wanted to bring somebody else in, and it's easier to sell to a group of fans that are upset because you're firing a coach who's done what we did than it is to just fire him. So they had to do what they had to do there to try and take the sting off, and people that know me know that not a word of what they tried to say about me was true.

    "I can be tough, but I can also be sweet. That's everybody. It's not like I'm anything different than anyone else, but the person in charge, he wound up getting fired this year, and it speaks for itself."

    Hollins said he was humbled by being away from the game last season as he worked as an analyst for NBA TV and SiriusXM radio.

    "I know it's a challenge, but in order to have success you've got to go through challenges and overcome them, and I'm really looking forward to this opportunity," Hollins said.

    Hollins is considered an old-school, no-nonsense, defensive-minded coach who gets the most out of his players. In 2012-13, the Grizzlies finished in the top three in the NBA in defensive efficiency, opponents' field goal percentage and rebound percentage.

    Hollins proved to be integral in the developments of Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph and Mike Conley Jr. The Nets hope he can have a similar impact with Deron Williams and Brook Lopez. Williams and Lopez are rehabbing from surgery and looking to regain All-Star form.

    The Nets flew Hollins into New York a week ago, and he casually dined with King and assistant GMs Bobby Marks and Frank Zanin. Hollins met with King again the next day to talk X's and O's. King spoke with ownership shortly thereafter, and Hollins and owner Mikhail Prokhorov chatted over the phone. King and Prokhorov agreed that Hollins was indeed the right man for the job.

    "The one thing that always stood out about Lionel is his teams, they win," King said. "When Rudy Gay got hurt, they won. When Zach got hurt, they won. It reminds me a little bit of [Chicago Bulls coach] Tom Thibodeau in that no matter who is playing, they played a certain way. When we played Memphis, we knew it was going to be a dogfight, his guys were going to play hard. To me, that's a real testament to the coach because he has everybody well prepared and ready to play."

    The Nets hope that the hiring and introduction of Hollins allows them to move on from what has quickly become a tumultuous offseason.

    In three separate stints with the Grizzlies, Hollins compiled a 214-201 record.

    The Nets considered Hollins for their vacancy last offseason before deciding to hire Kidd.

    Hollins said he has reached out to candidates about joining his coaching staff. Hollins was also under consideration by the Los Angeles Lakers for their head-coaching vacancy.

    "I'm all about who wants me. If they wanted me, then they would've hired me. They didn't. Billy chose to make that decision. I'm here and I'm excited and I'm moving forward," Hollins said.

    After all, as Hollins put it, "Two Saturdays ago, this job wasn't even open."

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    Nets has made the Thornton for Jack and Karasev deal official earlier.

    Jack provides the back-up PG role Livingston had last season. Jack is a proven scorer. He was a top 6th Man of the Year candidate a few years ago when he helped GSW reach the 2nd round. He can play with Deron too, which I assume will happen a lot this season.

    Karasev is a project player right now. He's just 20 years old. But he's a good shooter who can also play the point. He needs to bulk up and improve his strength before he can contribute consistently. He's a former teammate of Kirilenko. He's also a Russian, which makes this deal even more favorable for Prokhorov.

    I'm satisfied with this move Billy King made. Two more spots we're sorely lacking, a starting SG and PF. My personal choices for those would be getting Alan Anderson back and snagging Jordan Hill.

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    We're just awaiting on Paul Pierce's decision.

    If he goes back to Brooklyn, we only need a few pieces and we're good to go. If he wants to go elsewhere, I think Billy King would want a sign-and-trade.

    I'm not sure about KG, though. He has started training already. But I don't know if he's willing to go back if Pierce decides to walk. $12M is still $12M. So most probably, KG will play out the final season of his contract.

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    Pierce is gone guys, he's agreed to sign with the Wizards. Damn

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    Wow tagal ko pala nawala dito. Bad timing pa ang pagbalik ko dahil wala na si Pierce. Haha!

    Pero honestly, I'm not really concerned na wala na si Pierce. Sure, we'll miss his toughness, pero the team as a whole showed toughness na naman and they now have a strict and competitive coach in Hollins (love the signing by the way). Hassle lang na nasayang yung first round picks natin, lalo na pag hindi bumalik si KG. But then again, we have some nice and young pieces in Bogs, Brown, Karasev and Jefferson. They (except Bogs but he's already proven in Europe) showed great promise sa summer league in addition to Plumlee.

    We're back to the core of D-Will, Joe Jesus and Lopez. This core with Crash and Evans won 49 games, so it's not as if we're going to miss the playoffs with the departure of Pierce and maybe even KG. Lalo na ngayon na meron pa tayo Jack.

    We're still in very good shape as long as D-Will and Lopez return healthy. With the impending departure of KG, maybe that will give way to Blatche staying.

    EDIT: It looks like BKN had an option to sign Pierce but they passed. Looks like they gave up on the Pierce experiment and instead wants to get younger and save money.

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    Billy King is cost-cutting. It's rare to see that word during the Prokhorov era, but they're doing the right thing.

    It's hard to lose a leader in Pierce, but I'm confident we can do well without him. We'll miss his leadership and clutch scoring, though.

    Nets FO remain optimistic that KG will return. Although it's hard to believe with Pierce walking away. At the same time, it's hard to walk away from $12M too. So....

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    I still see KG returning. $12 mil is still $12 mil lalo na at pa-retire na siya.

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    Ohm Youngmisuk: Sources say Nets passed on re-signing Pierce, opting to develop younger forwards like Karasev/ Bogdanovic instead of paying more to keep PP Twitter @NotoriousOHM

    And if they resigned PP the luxury tax would have been $20 million upwards.

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    Nets officials expect KG back.

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    Ayaw ni KG sa Cleveland bandwagon

    Despite the loss of Paul Pierce via free agency, Kevin Garnett likes the direction of the Brooklyn Nets and is "excited" about joining them for the upcoming season, sources told ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard.


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    Sayang din yung $12 million

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    Nice to see KG coming back. It would be interesting to see him play more or less 30 minutes a night, and not 20 minutes like what Kidd did. I'd like for him to take nights off especially on back to backs, though.

    His contribution is more on the development of our young bigs, and not on the court. But he'll still deliver. His per 36 shows that he's still contributing when he's on the court.

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