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    Knicks hire Derek Fisher as head coach

    "''But I am experienced,'' Fisher said Tuesday. ''Basketball is a game that I am experienced in playing, understanding, leading in, guiding in, helping another group of people achieve the greatest gift in the world as a professional athlete, and that's being a champion. That I have experience in, and that's the experience that I plan on sharing with these players, sharing with this organization.''

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    Quote Originally Posted by mannersmanners View Post
    Expect Knicks to be a bad team next season. Pretty much, Melo will leave, so here comes the dark ages of NYC basketball again.
    Was there ever even a "bright age" in Knicks bball lately? No offense to Knicks fans. I'm a Wolves fan so I know all about disappointment.

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    Blame it on those bad contract signings that are hanging like albatrosses on the Knicks' necks.

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    It all started sa STAT - Melo , Hindi talaga pwede magsama. Pero tingnan natin ngayong season kung hindi aalis si Melo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaysonwafuxD View Post
    Wala na ba si MWP sa knicks?
    Mag co-coach na pala si MWP na high school girls hoops.

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    Sources: Carmelo Anthony leaning toward leaving Knicks; Bulls, Rockets in contention

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    Rockets nalang sana.
    Melo sign and trade for Lin + parsons + Asik?

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    The Knicks are rebuilding and Melo wants to win a championship, so a sign and trade looks like the best option for both.

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    If Melo does move to Houston , the going will be tough. OKC will probably load up to help KD and Portland will only get better. It might be easier to get to the finals if he went to Chicago.

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    The Knicks are looking at Patty Mills


    The Knicks will look to use their mini mid-level exception to obtain a free-agent starting point guard and one may have emerged out of the Finals massacre of Miami in Spurs backup Patty Mills -

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    Looks like sign and trade for Melo and he's off to Chicago.

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    The Knicks might swap Iman Shumpert for a 1st round pick.

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    Ultimately, I think Carmelo stays with New York.

    If he leaves, Knicks would most definitely tank.

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    rumors are weighting heavily on CAnthony opting out of NYKnicks.

    i believe GMPJackson wouldnt care less because he doesnt believe in the Melo system.

    he is already assembling a team who knows how to play the triangle. after Carmelo, the next to go are the ex-Denver carryovers.

    dont expect much with the Knicks next session because they will be in a transition phase.

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    Melo opt out. Amare opt in. Bargs opt in. New York Knicks are back to normal.

    Seriously though, PJ should try to retake a healthy amount of assets within the next couple of years.

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    Knicks still looking to deal Shumpert. They might also make Chandler available.


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    Knicks are also looking at Patric Young and a couple of other picks, but we'll have to see if anything materializes on draft day.


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