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    Los Angeles Lakers Thread - A New Chapter

    I'm sorry guys, I wanted to make a new thread for the next season at this point in time.. Some of you will bash me in this forum but I am giving the moderators a free hand to decide if this thread will delete or not..

    The 2013-2014 season is a forgettable one for the Lakers because of superstar scarceness (after DH12 decided to go to Houston),injuries, worst defeats and coach-player relationship problems..

    MDA is in the brink of demotion, according to some news reports.. But two questions will follow..

    Can the Lakers make it into one of the cornerstones (once again) of Western Conference for 2014-2015 season??

    Can Kobe restore his natural abilities in his last 2 years with the Purple and Gold franchise??

    Meanwhile, this is my funny introduction to all of you.. Enjoy!!

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    I think one of the big differences now is that the Lakers unli-money days are over. They are starting to feel the pinch of paying stars and coaches while not doing anything. Kobe, Nash, Mike Brown. Tapos baka sumama na rin si D'Antoni sa suweldohang walang ginagawa.

    First time ko ever nakakita ng article about insurance for players injuries concerning the Lakers.

    The Lakers are mismanaged and the Buss kids better do something or this team will become the 76ers. Panay past glories na lang ang pag-uusapan.

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    This is the proper time that they should change their identity like a Spurs-approach squad.. A team with unpopular roster but capable to pull an upset to those who are already famous squads.. That is the best solution..

    Some will agree to me that this roster was good but once again, injuries bugged the team.. I think they deserve a second chance for next season and MDA as well..

    They should focus more on rebuilding.. They had lottery pick so, use it wisely..
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    This is my query raised to a small-time NBA analyst.. Here is the answer:

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    I hope na hindi na maipamigay yung 1st round pick nila... They will admitted na bihira silang makakuha ng lottery picks because of massive payrolls sa mga big time free agents..

    That was a rare opportunity, so makes the most of it..

    Meanwhile, according to the sources, MDA could still be the Lakers mentor for next season..

    Marami na namang iiyak dito..

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    Mitch Kupchak is still the Lakers GM after his contract extension..

    What's gonna next?? Fire MDA? According to the rumors..

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    whats gonna next? they will admitted? this thread will delete. nakanamputs. ingles pa!

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    dpat kasi nag under the table money lang sila ng binayad kay kobe para wala sa tax ahahahahaha

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    i don't think money is the real problem here.....we know lakers is willing to pay dwightmare.........

    its more of the availability of star players and of course that fvcking david stern........

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    The evaluation process will also include D’Antoni, who has another season at $4 million owed to him and a team option for another beyond that. While there is widespread sentiment in the organization that D’Antoni never really got a fair shake, it might not matter.

    The team is unlikely to make a decision on D’Antoni immediately after the season, sources indicate. While there have been conflicting reports on which way the team might be leaning on that decision, the truth is there’s a lot of information from around the league they need to consider before doing so, and there’s not a huge rush.

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    Last night's win probably cost them a top 4 pick. Hahaha, sayang, Randle/Parker/Embiid yun o.

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    My personal roster for next season:

    PG- Nash/Bazemore/Smart(draft pick)
    SG- Bryant/Henry/Meeks
    SF- Young/Deng/W. Johnson
    PF- Hill/Patterson/ Kelly
    C- Sacre/McGary (draft pick)/Gortat

    Lakers should got another 1st round pick (preferably big man) via trade..

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    Bad news: The Lakers will bring back MDA again for next season...

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    Mike D'Antoni has resigned as Lakers coach, source tells ESPN..

    Masaya na ang iba nating fanatics.. Sino papalit?? Kurt Rambis..

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    Quote Originally Posted by calvinzero View Post

    Mike D'Antoni has resigned as Lakers coach, source tells ESPN..

    Masaya na ang iba nating fanatics.. Sino papalit?? Kurt Rambis..

    Available si Woodson

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    who will be our next coach.......

    byron scott
    leonel hollins
    kevin ollie

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    ang aga ng thread na ito.

    so everybody is out including the CoachMDAntoni.

    the only remaining LALakers are KByrant, SNash, GMKupchak and OwnerJBuss.

    i say kick Mitch out of the head office ..... para puro tatang ang maiwan sa roster. it was a dumb decision to give Byrant a whopping contract during a rebuilding situation.

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