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    what are the specialty foods from tarlac? or what dishes is tarlac known for? if you have any recipes, pls include it in your post, thnx a lot!

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    The best food or delicacy in all of Tarlac is found in Camiling, Tarlac
    about 30 kms. west of Tarlac.It's thier Lechon Kawali popularly known as Chicharon it is far better than Bagnet of Ilocos.It is the best CHICHARON in the island of the Philippines.

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    Post Re: "Chicharon"

    Funny, we have a farm & relatives right in Camiling, Tarlac, but I've never heard of that "Chicharon" thingie.

    Ang alam ko lang eh tupig. Matanung nga kay Manang Julie...

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    we have a lot of relatives din in Camiling, Tarlac and we visit them every year... haven't heard of chicharon there...

    well, my grandparents are from San Clemente, Tarlac and ever since childhood I love Tupig, kakanin na nakabalot sa parang banig na may toppings na parang coco jam (forgot the name), and *** kakanin din na gawa sinunog na malagkit (forgot the name din) - parang dark green na biko siya, meron din yung patupat, at tinumbong - kakanin na na loob ng bamboo...

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    i'm not really sure if it is in tarlac, pero alam nyo ba yung restaurant na JECSON's ( i think) basta, everytime papunta kami Baguio, we have our lunch there, sarap ng tocino nila!

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    kahit taga-tarlac ako, wala pa rin talaga akong masabing specialty namin, pero kung nagtatanong ang mga tao, sinasabi ko na lang na yung aming cassava cake yung isa sa mga pinakamabentang pasalubong sa amin, especially yung brand na Cloyless.

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    taga tarlac ako. i was born there and i lived there for the 16 years before studing here in manila. and yes dun nge yung jecsons. di ko din alam ano specialty ng tarlac although, marami nang mga restos dun ngayon. i only been in travezia grill in luisita mall but i kind of like it. gusto ko nga uli bumalik. and may bago compound sa loob ng hacienda luisita, may musuem and resto din dun but sorry havent tried it. melting pot kasi ang tarlac, people there came from different provinces so naturally people bought in there own kind of food there.

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    Tarlac City is known as the melting pot of Luzon, I believe there is no specific specialty, however, you will find different types of food there, variety in short. You have lots of choices. People come from different provinces, there are Ilocanos, Tagalog, Batanguenos, Cebuanos, Visayans, but mostly are Kapampangan.

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    Originally posted by cutefellow
    The best food or delicacy in all of Tarlac is found in Camiling, Tarlac
    about 30 kms. west of Tarlac.It's thier Lechon Kawali popularly known as Chicharon it is far better than Bagnet of Ilocos.It is the best CHICHARON in the island of the Philippines.
    may better pa ba sa bagnet ng ilocos?

    pero bakit yung ibang taga-camiling dito never heard naman yang chicharon na yan, hehe! so paano siya mas sikat at mas masarap kaysa sa bagnet?

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    the lechon is called "lechon Camiling" aka Killing me Softly... it is liempo deep fried and chopped into cubes ala lechon kawali.... and since liempo is the 'tyan' ng baboy, you'll eat tons of fat - but masarap naman ang bawal diba???

    the tupig is more a Pangasinan delicacy... try the Pancit Luglug instead - it is the thin noodle version of the Pancit Palabok - topped with chicaron, tinapa, and ginisang gulay.... Best place that serve the 'luglug' in Tarlac is still VILMAR, located along the McCarthur Hway in Tarlac City.

    And dont forget the chicken tamales - it is not the Mexican chicken tamales in corn bread. instead it is made of rice flour shaped into a square, seasoned in a peppery taste topped with sliced egg and shredded chicken wrapped in banana leaves - yum2...

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    reviving this thread...

    i'll be going to baguio this feb for the flower fest. i might bring my car so it'll be a day trip (going to baguio). which brings me to this thread's topic..

    where can we have lunch in tarlac? i prefer those hole-in-the-walls or any good place that can be found only in tarlac. my last resort would be those fastfood eateries in Plaza Luisita

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    Chicharon Camiling is the bomb!!! You can try Tessies Grill near bayan. On your right side. Or the old resto / hotel over at san sebastian called Vilmar. Dami pa din nag stostop over lagi. Forgot the name though. It's on you left side naman before Tessies.

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    TwistedFilter: try Victor's along highway nearing Tarlac proper. Basta lagpas sya Luisita.. just right before you reach Siesta (Victory Liner stop over). It's on the left side of the road, going north. The best yung sisig nila.. authentic kapampangan sisig! Aside from this they also have pork/chix bbq, tenga, paldeot (chix ***), tenga, bulalo, etc. Ansarap dun promise!

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    geekhead, it's you again! You certainly know your way around Tarlac, eh?

    kenisha, hope we could try Victor's Thanks for the tip!

    Read somewhere that Vilmar's serves yummy food. Do they?

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