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    i <3 u Kuya Malco PrinceXavieR's Avatar
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    happy Thursday!

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    Ayie! Aba, okay pala singing voice ng isang RoT regular; Beatlesque.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alchemistofophir View Post
    sino yan? ahahahhaha.

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    I don't get the reasoning behind thanking God for the blessings but you know you got them through shady means.

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    Not like that. Like this.

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    Ate Rambler, bad po ito:

    But that at least gives us an idea na mukha ka pa ring bata. You probably look like one of the 40s or 50s women who still look good. Mga idol.

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    RoTers, daan lang kayo sa thread na to if you want a break from all that thinking:

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    Pati ba naman dito sa ROT maguumpisa ng thread on political issues!!??

    Kahit sinong presidente pa ang nakaupo dyan puro pamimintas, panlalait,
    at reklamo ang gagawin ng mga nagmamarunong.

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    Frozen clouds
    Frozen water
    Frozen air
    Frozen rain
    Frozen cold
    Frozen snow
    Frozen memories
    Frozen hearts
    Frozen love
    Frozen me

    The cold solitude
    Is where I found a lost friend
    Strange familiar yearning and happiness
    The warmth of the cold
    Is slowly drawing me away
    Giving comfort
    Embracing me

    The rain is no more
    The storm is no more

    The music is no more
    The music is no more

    You'll no longer hurt
    You'll no longer hurt

    Both of your hearts
    I return

    Your love I return
    Your love I return

    There shall be no more tears
    No more sorrows
    No more pain
    For the former things are no more

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    Happy New Year RoT!

    I'm sure walang religious or anti-religion bias nyan. Lahat naman may New Year unless ayaw nyo.

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    Just wanna say hello to everyone :P

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