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    Quote Originally Posted by mondee View Post
    I love Lorde's Pure Heroine album

    I love Glory and Gore
    I've had this on the loop today. It's now my third favorite track in the album.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JunreyCio View Post
    Really pressed at Queen Lorde not getting the BNA and AOTY Grammy nominations...

    But oh well,

    Record Of The Year:
    "Royals" — Lorde

    Song Of The Year:
    "Royals" — Joel Little & Ella Yelich O'Connor, songwriters (Lorde)

    Best Pop Solo Performance:
    "Royals" — Lorde

    Best Pop Vocal Album:
    "Pure Heroine" -- Lorde

    Get it Lorde!!
    I really thought she'd be a shoo-in for a BNA nod. Let's now just hope she gets all four awards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverwhiz View Post
    I love this! Bat kaya wala siya sa Pure Heroine?
    ikr!? This is better than the other tracks in PH..

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    One of my favorite acts this year. Promising kid. Grabe. She cites Fleetwood Mac, James Blake, Lana del Rey and Yeasayer as her influences. Same kami ng taste. Katunog niya si Feist a bit. 7.3 lang rating ng Pitchfork sa Pure Heroine pero IMHO, it was a mix of indie pop-mainstream style of music.

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    Team is her best song IMO. Hopefully, Lorde keeps releasing gems.

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    I'm quite digging this Lorde cover of Tears for Fears' EWTRTW. It's cold, haunting, and sinister.

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    One time na napakinggan ko yung "Royals" lss syndrome ko na agad.

    My favorite tracks from Pure Heroine are:
    Tennis Court

    Then another favorite from Pure Heroine (Extended Version)
    No Better

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    Have you guys seen her Rolling Stones cover?

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    Lorde texts Taylor Swift for advice

    Lorde texted Taylor Swift for advice about a Christmas present.

    The Royals hitmaker - real name Ella Yelich-O'Connor - reached out to the 22 singer when she wasn't sure what to buy her manager for Christmas and was contemplating whether to purchase a hand-shaped brass bowl or a "minimalist globe table lamp".

    Talking to Rolling Stone magazine, Lorde revealed: "Taylor's super-good at this stuff. She's decorated her own houses for ages."

    The pair became friends after Taylor sent Lorde roses to congratulate her when her hit single Royals topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

    The kind gesture came as a surprise to the 17-year-old singer who was "floored" especially since it came after she had insulted the blonde beauty.

    She previously said: "Taylor Swift is so flawless and so unattainable, and I don't think it's breeding anything good in young girls."

    However, when the Red star heard what the New Zealander had said, she took it in her stride and was flattered about the backhanded compliment.

    Lorde explained: "She was like, 'It's fine. If all you've done is call someone perfect, it's not that bad.' "

    Lorde is set to perform at the Grammy Awards on Monday. The singer has four Grammy nominations.

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    Lorde has won her first Grammy, winning the award for best pop solo performance.

    It is the first of four awards she is up for tonight.

    Lorde took to the stage sounding nervous, opening with a shy "hello''.

    "This is the one thing I didn't expect the most tonight," she said before paying tribute to her fellow nominees. She didn't thank anyone else -- perhaps indicating she's hoping to thank more later.

    "I think mostly to Bruno, to Sara [Bareilles], to Katy, to Justin, I have been so inspired by all of your vocal performances at some point in my life, so thank you.''

    In a move that may come as a surprise to her fans, Lorde did not show up on the red carpet at the 56th Grammy Awards, where celebrities are typically asked which designer they are wearing.

    But she was soon seen on stage, as the second performer of the night, singing her smash hit Royals.

    Host LL Cool J introduced her as a "global sensation'' who had taken the music world by storm.

    The chart-topper performed a slight rearrangement of the hit song. Her trademark long curly hair was straightened and she wore an unusually conservative outfit of a white buttoned-down sleeveless shirt and black trousers.

    The moody performance, with a darkly-lit stage and stone angels in the background, was met with rapturous applause from the star-studded crowd.

    It was in stark contrast to the show's opening act, a grinding duet by husband and wife superstars Jay-Z and Beyonce.

    New Zealand hip hop DJ and producer P-Money tweeted: ``Wow. Big up @lordemusic and her whole crew. That must have been a thrill to perform #grammys''

    She is up against Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Robin Thicke and Lana Del Rey for the coveted award.

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  20. Jan 27, 2014

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