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    Post What is your favorite "rainy days" comfort food?

    What is your favorite "rainy days" comfort food?

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    tahong vendor darnas_daughter's Avatar
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    nene's karinderya
    sinigang na baboy

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    for breakfast or merienda, lugaw kahit egg lang ang laman, aroz caldo, goto, sopas. instant noodles pag tinatamad mag cook.

    sa ulam, sinigangs, nilaga and puchero.

    hot chocolate like nesquick or swiss miss.

  4. Aug 25, 2013

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    "It's just a flesh wound.." cyberfunk's Avatar
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    Definitely in any weather - Alfahor

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    any food will do. I don't really have much preference but it's almost stew and chilli season.

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    lugaw with egg and patis... arroz caldo... huhuhuhu miss ko na to

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    Ako rin! lugaw with egg and chicken!

    Tapos maraming pepper, may kalamansi, patis, toasted garlic at tinadtad na spring onion leaves!

    And...nilagang sweet corn with butter.

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    laksa with pouched egg

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    ¿Somo amigo no somo amigo? c_brain's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoDyn View Post
    laksa with pouched egg
    +1 on the laksa w/ poached egg

    pho hoa's pho noodle soup
    ramen x's yoshi's ramen
    nilagang baka or bulalo w/ pechay

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    Pho ga (chicken pho). My new trend (tired of pho bo aka beef pho).

    Sometimes Hue style soup (bun bo Hue)...except I only know one resto that serves it nearby and I'm too lazy to drive that far.

    For snowy days,


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    Champorado for me

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    Ginisang Munggo with Crispy Daing plus Salabat (Ginger Tea)

    Hot Chocolate with Churros


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    Chicken Macaroni Soup
    Beef Wanton Mami
    Chicken Noodle Soup (parang matigas o al dente ang noodles, may bawang, spring onion)
    Molo Soup
    Sinigang na Baboy
    Minestrone Soup
    Asparagus Soup

    Iba pa rin ang sopas mo... ...aaahhhh...

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    "It's just a flesh wound.." cyberfunk's Avatar
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    Juat had Ginataan Totong today.

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    Italian sub, extra-spicy, with vinegar and olive oil
    Butter pecan ice cream

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    ang taas naman ng standards ng iba dito,

    talagang special noodles pa, for comfort food tuwing umuulan.

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    "It's just a flesh wound.." cyberfunk's Avatar
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    Baka naman mga expats yan kasi nostalgic sa kanila yun at traditionally served sa lugar nila. Ok na tayo dito sa mga kakanin at luto sa bahay ng mga lola.

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    Chocolatey champorado with tuyo or my dad's arroz caldo.

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    sa piling ng mahal
    Quote Originally Posted by cretinous00 View Post
    question regarding new england clam chowder: i plan to use halaan. but how do i give it a similar taste to new negland without having to flavor it with bacon (bawal)? any tips?
    Nothing really replaces bacon.

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    Sa bahay I just open a can of clam chowder from the groceries. I like the imported one with a blue can maraming potatoes at clams.

    Pag sa labas it's definitely the Three Cheese Veggie Lasagna of Apartment 1B

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