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    It's too bad that the Hotel Bathroom Song/Everything You'll Ever Be is not included in the new album. It's one of my favorites already. Hopefully he'll go on tour with this album and he'll come to Manila again?

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    John Mayer cancels tour, takes 'indefinite hiatus'

    John Mayer is canceling his upcoming U.S. tour and will take an indefinite hiatus from live performing.

    The Grammy winner, who was diagnosed with a granuloma on his vocal chord last fall, writes on his blog that he found out on Wednesday that the granuloma "had grown back." He writes, "This is bad news."

    Mayer went on to explain the condition, writing a "granuloma forms and continues to snowball because it's in a spot where the vocal cords hit together and there's no way to really give it a chance to heal without a good stretch of time and some pretty intensive treatment."

    He will still release the album Born and Raised on May 22, but he will be taking an indefinite leave from singing. His tour was supposed to begin on April 9. And he was supposed to appear at New Orleans' Jazz Fest at the end of April. That won't be happening. His album's first single, Shadow Days, debuted this week and is available on iTunes.

    Mayer, 34, blogs that he knows he'll face "another surgery and a very long chemically-imposed period of silence, so I hope you'll understand that I have to really pick that date carefully."

    He adds, "I'm completely bummed, especially for all of you who started making plans to see a show. Nothing feels worse than having to break the stage down before the performance, and I mean nothing. I love this band you were going to hear, I love the guys and girls I work with, and the only thing that stops me from devolving into a puddle of tears is knowing that it's a long life, and the greatest gift in the world is being able to create music no matter what the circumstances."

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    Nalalapit na ang release ng Born and Raised!! I can't wait!

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    Sa'n na ang mga Mayer-naise ditey?

    I have heard the album. It leaked yesterday online. Will be purchasing the album though when it gets to be on the record bars already.

    I welcome the folk rock feel of the album. If Battle Studies made as all emo and heartbroken, Born and Raised promises to make us chill and fall in love...hard...and feel good about it!

    My fave from among the songs in the album is "Love is a Verb."

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    John Mayer' new album Born and Raised is number 1 in the Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts.

  7. May 31, 2012

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    Love ain't a crutch
    It ain't an excuse
    No you can't get through love
    On just a pile of IOUs

    You gotta show, show, show me
    Show, show, show me
    Show, show, show me
    That love is a verb

    Love ain't a thing
    Love is a verb


    Sana mag labas ulit siya ng album na mala RFS. I miss the whole nostalgic/youth thing.

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    I knew I'd find you guys in here - it's been a while I could give you all a hug right now how I've missed you Mayerheads

    Hey PJ dude are you on facebook?

    Ok I still haven't bought the latest album but I am working on it

    Is this how it's going to be ? We all meet again here every 2-3 years? I hope not!

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