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    Angry Factors that are affecting the failure of Philippine economy...


    1. Poor leadership in the government. :furius:

    2. Not supporting 100% the Department of Science and Technology.

    3. Lack of support in Research and Development for the productivity of our economy.

    4. Lack of government assistance in department of education.

    5. Too much intervention of the caotholic church. Notice: All catholic dominant nations are in the third world. Because catholic churches are sucking out our taxpayers money for the Vatican City and not focusing 100% on the teaching of the bible. :grr:


    1. All future presidential candidates should attend seminar relating to presidency and play a simulation game about how to lead our nation into prosperity. Then people should base all their judgement on how good they were playing that game and on seminars.

    2. Science and technology are like the brain of a human being, and the main secret of a nation. So we need to boost our budget here to develop our present technologies.

    3. Research and development are one of the secret of a nation to prosperity. Self-reliance programs and other projects should be conducted to boost our dollar earner, to uplift our currency. Also to acquire new and present technologies like automobile, power fussion, nuclear energy, electronics, rocketry, aircrafts, shipping, etc., and develop it then put them in the market for potential dollar earnings. This way we wouldnt rely too much on imports but by exporting goods and products like heavy machineries, electronic products, cars, ships, aircrafts, cements, garments, and etc....

    4. Higher literacy means more brain to work on progress, and excellent leadership in all goverment sectors.

    5. Change the catholic church's approach on our government. Stop intervention in our country's economic progress but just limited to offer prayers instead. Start paying taxes oh please!!!!

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    blairwitch stat


    hindi ako ekonomista pero magbibigay ako ng mga aking napapansin:

    1. hindi epektibo ang "buy Filipino" project.
    2. mga gawang pinoy nga pero under royalty naman ng ibang bansa.
    3. yun nga macholageh, yung nga napansin mo, kulang ang ating self-reliance at R and D.Puro tayo manufacturing at dumedepende sa ibang bansa.
    4. walang buwis ang nga simbahan
    5. mahina at tamad mag-isip (o wala lang talagang kaalaman) ang ating mga pinuno,lider, ekonomista.
    6. brain drain, mga katulad dapat ni Julius ay napapakinabangan ng Pinas
    7. marami pang iba...

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    maikli lang to kc la naakong time bukas meron....

    yeah agree ako sa mga sinabi ninyo, at talagang general na yung reasons ko.... kasi hindi rin ako professional ekonomist but i read a loat about such things.

    talagang marami pa tayong problema kaya nga sana may makaimbento ng software na simulation game about presidency hahaha... pero serious ako folks.

    oo nga ang pro-pinoy ay minsan masama kc magagalit ang foreigners at baka hindi na mag-invest sa atin.... kaya dapat talagang suportahan nalang natin ang self-reliance programs ng bansa natin, tulad recently yung malampaya naturas gas plan ay operational na, naku kikita talaga tayo ng dolyares doon!!! isa lang yan sa mga halimbawa, kaya imagine damihan ninyo yung mga successful projects na ganyan, talagang uunlad tayo!

    pati si marcos, yung mga itinatago nyang dolyares na sana ay maibawi na!!!!

    cge sa uulitin! MABUHAY!

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    > Isa pang problema natin ay ang discrimination against our fellows pinoys, in religion, dialecs, and colors, and the killings of endangered and non-endangered animals. SAGOT: Should reform our educational systems, all citizens and immigrants should be educated. CHANGE our type of government to make certain rules and law to every provinces to benefit all of us specially the minorities. Because in our present law, many of us specially the muslims and local natives, dont understand and cannot just follow such rules, so the tendency is to question them? Second to the questioning if there is no action from our president, they begin to uprising or mutiny, thats why we have these muslim extremists and other rebels. Simply they dont like our government! Thirdly, it affects the national budget, it doesnt distribute the money properly, in return, only those important cities or provinces got the money plus may palakasan pa dyan at yung mga cronies!!!. So the development of our country is imbalance, they all go to Luzon, around NCR. Kaya yun lang mga yon ang umuunlad at nagkakaroon ng mga skycrapers at kung anu-ano pa! Dyaan din naghuhumpisa ang mga corruption ng mga opisyales natin kasama na mga local mayors!!!!! SO hindi tulad sa federal type of government, kanya-kanyang laws bawat states at daluyan ng pera ay balanced, kaya sabay-sabay magsusumikap at uunlad ang ating mga provinces at sa ganon ay uunlad ang ating bansa, WITHOUT separating other states from one constitution that we should follow. That also will encourage new and old investors to go nationwide, and not to focus in only one place but to everywhere. Investors can even build more headquarters to every states, not only in the capital city. Tapos, magiging mas masaya pa tayong lahat!

    Tulad nitong Canada, kaya maunlad dahil naka-Federal sila, kaya yung mga separatists-Quebecers naman ay hindi makapag-mutiny kasi bawal dahil against sa constitution na itinayo ng bansang ito. Nako ayang mga taga-Quebec ay pro-French but they wanted to have a separate-state, that is very dangerous because it may lead to a separate nation. If it happens then eventually our economy will fall down.

    So tama ba ako mga kapwa-noypis?

    Kaya mabuhay tayong lahat!

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