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    Cr to owners of pics

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    More birthday greetings cr to owners

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    Finally, after searching for few days, I found this thread and hopefully this is the latest thread????
    I am an old pexer but never thought that there's a thread for our Alien Prince Kim Hyun Joong!
    I really miz him! Hopefully he will have a new project, drama, album, movie after his military service..I'll just keep on watching his videos
    It's nice to be here!

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    4D HYUNiverse
    Wow Malou ... still updating our old home ha? GOOD JOB though ... Missing our sisters here.
    To our new visitors ..... Wehave created our new home on FB ...... you can visit us there for updates. Link as follows: https://www.facebook.com/hyunniespexersph?ref=bookmarks

    And we also have our Blog where you can find all the latest updates ....

    THANK YOU for dropping by

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    Gosh!!!! KIM HYUN JOONG.....i miss u soooooo much bae!

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