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    with no draft picks for next season and CPaul openly confirmed his opting out, this team is in a dilemma.

    obviously, spending more did not do wonders and they had to pay a hefty luxury tax.

    list of free agents:
    BGriffin - players option
    CPaul - players option
    PPierce - early retirement
    LMbahAMoute - players option
    MSpeights - players option
    Brandon Bass
    Raymond Felton

    CP3 will sign a new contract as soon as he opts out but is it a good thing?

    the only good news is PPierce wont be playing for next year.

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    the dirty laundry is out of the locker room. CP3 was a bad egg for the Clippers. this is a good move by GMJWest. he didnt even talk to CPaul in the final days of negotiations. this would give them more cap space to get BGriffin and another marquee player. between Griffin and Paul, Blake showed improvement in his game while Paul became an over zealous dribbler jump shooter.

    LOB City became non-existent when CP3 joined the club.

    cross your fingers Griffin wont take the bait to leave LAC.

    they also got cheap players for the multi-team deal.

    the biggest winner here is ARivers. all the sudden he is the starting PG. we all know he is a father-son package.

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    Bawas ng whiner at flopper. Good deal!

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    goodbye cp3, next blake..

    aabangan na lang natin ang rivers - jordan combo next season

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    Quote Originally Posted by b0kn0y View Post
    goodbye cp3, next blake..

    aabangan na lang natin ang rivers - jordan combo next season
    Blake is re-signing. Just cancelled his meetings with the other teams.

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    ^ dito na malalaman kong kayang magdala ng team ni blake or pag superstar backup lang sya.

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    LA Clippers roster:

    Cap Space - $120.5M
    Luxury Tax - $1.3M

    if the LAC management is concern about the luxury tax, they have to sign the rest of the rookies they got from the CP3 trade like SThronwell (G) and IHicks (F). They cant afford to recruit former MHeat WReed (C) who would demand a bigger contract, unless, if they would waive or trade WJohnson and BJohnson for draft picks. this looks bad because the backup for Griffin and Jordan are all scrubs unless CoachDRivers is planning to call small ball.

    or management will break up the Father-Son combo.

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    CoachDaddyRivers is putting everything on BabyRivers. it is Austin or Bust.

    it is still the preseason. start LWilliams and let ARivers come of the bench just like before. remember, the best passer in this team is BGriffin. so tell BabyRivers to give him the ball and make sure to hit those 3s after the kickout pass from Griffin.

    why do i this a feeling there will be a change in coaching staff for the LAClippers.

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    looks like the days of BabyRivers are numbered.

    LAC is playing smoothly with MTeodisic, PBeverley and LWilliams. ARivers should re-invent his game and turn into a 3pt shooting SG. kahit shorter minutes pero scoring. yun nga lang si BGriffin na yun nag-level up and added 3pt shooting in his arsenal.

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    the Father&Son Era has to go. they lost their lead and the game to the Heat because ARivers couldnt deliver in 4Q. missed freethows in the closing game are very crucial.

    his teammates wants him back. EBledsoe want out of PHX. but ARivers in ntochable even though he is hurting the franchise. looks like PBeverley is the trade bait and BabyRivers will play of the bench again.

    bring back LOB City!!!!

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    if LAC cant get rid of the Son then let the Father walk. CoachDocRivers was never been a of the Lob City from the start.

    there many run and gun coaches out there.

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    Wala pa rin tatalo sa Choke city.

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    Without CP3 the Clippers are not a a playoffs team. Swerte pa rin ng Clippers at stacked ang 2018 NBA Draft.

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