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    Charlotte Hornets Thread: Version 2.0

    Charlotte may revert back to Hornets -

    The Bobcats have started the process of changing their name back to the Charlotte Hornets, according to a report by

    According to the report, a source told CBS Sports the Bobcats hope to acquire digital assets to allow a return to their old nickname.

    While there is no timetable for the switch, commissioner-in-waiting Adam Silver told Bobcats season ticket holders in April that any change to the Hornets would take 18 months.

    Bobcats owner Michael Jordan said in February the franchise was conducting research to assess how fans felt about reverting to the original nickname.

    Charlotte's team was known as the Hornets from its 1988 inception through 2002 when the team moved to New Orleans. The New Orleans franchise recently changed its name to the Pelicans.

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    Sana Charlotte Hornys na lang.

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    Napakaaga naman nito. Bobcats pa sila next season.

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    since 2002 pa pala lumpiat ang hornets?!?!?! didnt' feel like charlotte hornets wasnt too long ago...

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    i-trade si Micheal Jordan will be the best move for this franchise.

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    I guess na kulelat na naman sila next season

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    parang evil hornet na ngayon, yung dati kasi mukhang jollibee

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    I find the new Hornets logo "astig"

    They just have to get a Korver/ Klay-caliber shooter (not Ben Gordon), hope they can find a way...

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    Astig ang logo!

    I want a shirt already!

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    eto pa yung iba like secondary logo, mascot logo, word mark etc.

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    Here are also suggested designs for the Hornets. Some of them, in my opinion, are cooler than the unveiled design

    Check here

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    Jordan should hire barkley as GM!

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    Its official! Their website is up.

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    Charlotte is the only playoff team selecting in the lottery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamtheMan View Post
    Welcome back, teal and blue!
    My bad, teal and purple pala.

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    Hugo the Hornet is back!

    And he's sportin Jordan 11. Badass!

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