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    ♥BCWMH 14th:Maya♥SerChief's Most Romantic Place☺Tayo Na Di Ba,Wala Ng Bawian Yan♥

    Maya-Sir Chief 'mag-on day' wins big in ratings

    MANILA, Philippines -- The ratings of ABS-CBN's daytime and primetime blocks were boosted on Tuesday by the turn of events in two Kapamilya series.

    "Be Careful With My Heart" easily beat the nationwide ratings of its competing program, "The Ryzza Mae Show," on May 21, when the lead characters of the "kilig-serye" finally made their relationship official.

    According to the TV ratings data of multi-national market research group Kantar Media, the daytime soap on Tuesday registered 24.9% in national TV ratings, versus its rival show's 12.0%.

    Kantar Media uses a nationwide panel size of 2,609 urban and rural homes, representing 100% of the total Philippine TV viewing population.

    The episode of "Be Careful With My Heart" on May 21 saw Sir Chief (Richard Yap) and Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) finally deciding to become a couple, eliciting "shrieks" and "kilig" among followers of the show online, who declared a "national mag-on day."

    On primetime TV, ABS-CBN likewise drew strong nationwide viewership on Tuesday, when the drama series "Ina, Kapatid, Anak" aired a climactic scene between its two lead characters.

    The Kapamilya soap starring Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador posted a wide lead in ratings over its competing program aired on GMA-7, "Indio," with 32.5% and 18.3%, respectively.

    The May 21 episode of "Ina, Kapatid, Anak" saw the much-anticipated reconciliation between sisters Celyn (Chiu) and Margaux (Salvador), prompted by the worsening condition of their father Julio (Ariel Rivera), who was shot in a plot to kill him.

    "Be Careful With My Heart" airs weekdays at 11:45 a.m. during ABS-CBN's "PrimeTanghali" block, while "Ina, Kapatid, Anak" airs weeknights after "Juan dela Cruz" as part of the Kapamilya network's "Primetime Bida" line-up.


    May 22

    May 23

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    Why is ‘Be Careful With My Heart’ so popular?
    Friday, 03 May 2013 20:46 Prosy Abarquez-Delacruz, J.D. | AJPress

    “I do not have time for teleseryes. I do not watch TFC. But, I started to watch Be Careful with My Heart when I read Facebook postings and [when] friends started to talk about it. I could not understand why these reasonable, smart folks (nurses, teachers, professionals, business owners) are hooked [on] watching this teleserye. Now, I am [also] hooked as well.” - Anonymous, 2013.

    When Be Careful with My Heart aired on July 9, 2012, I wasn’t able to see the earlier episodes and how the characters were introduced.

    It did not engage me as much then as it does now.

    Friends talk about the main characters of Sir Chief and Maya, as if they are relatives. “Oh ano na ang nangyari, naghalikan na ba sila?” Hindi pa, ang sagot ng isa, but they (referring to Sir Chief and Maya) are going to a prom to act as chaperones for Nikki.”

    With 211 episodes aired as of this writing, folks do not seem to get tired of the conversations between Sir Chief and Maya. The story revolves around Maya, who took a job as a nanny for the Lim Family (with Sir Chief as a father of three children: Abby, who suffers from selective mutism, who regained her ability to speak because of Maya’s loving and unconditional positive attitude; Nikki, a teenager; and Luke, who is a senior in high school.

    Not even Sir Chief’s sour and peppery moods could dampen Maya. She gave Sir Chief endearing and beyond-the-ordinary service: anticipating when he wants his coffee and how he wants it. She prepares the required measurements of coffee and cream and places them in zip lock bags.

    She helped Sir Chief understand human connections: with family and with his teenage children.

    The plot is not hard to follow -- each character is developed to its depth per week (or more) like the focus on Abby’s selective mutism. Only after several months did she regain her ability to speak, in a natural way. It started in a dream, when she became at peace and was no longer burdened by the loss of her mother, Alex.

    We, the viewers, fell in love with Abby and equally, with Maya as she treated Abby like her own daughter, reading fairy tales for her and teaching her simple games that Maya learned as a young child.

    As Maya immersed herself in helping the family, she also mutually benefited from them.

    Maya was accepted in a flight stewardess training program -- a long-time dream of hers since she started to helping her sister, Cristina Rose, in their tour guide business, showcasing destination sites in San Nicolas.

    But it is not just us that got hooked to the show. A Japanese –American husband of a Filipina stylist watches it with her, and he is just as equally hooked. I asked the wife how he keeps up and she said that he relies on the English conversations of Sir Chief and on his wife for some of the deeper conversations in Tagalog. This teleserye is becoming the focus of primetime family time.

    Another friend, Gemma, described how she sits on her bed, surrounded by her two young children and their grandmother to watch the show. All three generations of women share this time together.

    Dinner is ready when Gemma comes home and everyone rushes to the bedroom to watch this teleserye.

    Even my own dinner is carefully timed, so as not to miss the airing of this teleserye at 830pm each night. It’s quite funny when I hush my husband, Enrique, not to interfere with the dialogue of Sir Chief and Maya at a scene where the two were having a picnic in the school grounds of the university, where Sir Chief got his engineering degree.

    Enrique then proceeded to deconstruct the scene and said: “Why would there be moon and stars in the cities, when the skies are polluted in Manila?”

    I simply smiled. I did not want to get into an argument, as I am so into the courtship of Sir Chief and Maya.

    But it is more than the kilig factor of the courtship scenes which makes this teleserye endearing. It is also the wholesome family life of the Lims; the persistent hard work of Maya’s family, as they transformed their souvenir shop to a sit-down café that has expanded into a 24-hour restaurant, catering to tourists.

    Maya seems to have a reservoir of positivity, when it comes to facing challenges. She remembers how her mother would talk about “kapitbisig,” -- arm-in-arm support of one another.

    Even if there are tensions and conflicts, they are organically evolving. It is about growing up, it is about selecting a prom dress for Nikki, it is wondering if another girl loves Luke, or if Sir Chief is being a good father, as he balances his work and family duties as a single parent, embodying all universal issues of life and growth.

    A simple caress of Maya’s hair or cheek, or a touch to remove a stain on Maya’s lips from eating balut would send folks and friends screaming and giddy over what comes next.

    The teleserye writers have gotten into our collective psyche. They respect us all by writing credible scenes we can all identify with: a crush, the prom, the first dance, a first glance at the moon and the stars, a kiss under the big tree and holding of hands.

    The very last scene that got me screaming with kilig was when Maya and Sir Chief held hands as they laid down on the picnic tablecloth, glancing at the stars and the moon (even if my husband says the moon and the stars are blocked by the smog-filled city).

    Even conversations between husband and wife were temporarily put on hold by Be Careful with My Heart.

    And you know what else was put on hold? The fundraiser of a candidate for city council, who tried to schedule it on the same day that Maya and Sir Chief are coming to Los Angeles with the entire cast. The councilperson had to move the date.

    In life, love is simply contagious -- even if it is just in a teleserye. It is like nothing we’ve seen before. It is endearing, wholesome and encapsulates Pinoy values of selflessness and sacrifice for the family, being emotionally available for one another as each one works hard to reach a dream.

    Good job, The Filipino Channel for giving us this teleserye. It has now been extended, for as long as viewers are supportive of all the characters and their unfolding personalities, trials and triumphs.

    “Kapitbisig, kapamilya,” as Maya would say!

    (LA Weekend May 4-7, 2013 Sec. B pg.1)


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    Sir Chief-Maya movie for MMFF: report

    MANILA, Philippines -- A film version of the hit "kilig-serye" starring Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap will reportedly join this year's Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

    According to a report published Thursday on entertainment news site Philippine Entertainment Portal, Star Cinema's entry to the 39th edition of the annual film festival is a big-screen version of "Be Careful With My Heart."

    The TV series directed by Jeffrey Jeturian and Mervyn Brondial is currently the No. 1 daytime series in the Philippines, according to date from multinational market research group Kantar Media.

    It tells the story of Maya (Sta. Maria), an aspiring flight attendant who leaves the province for Manila to pursue her dreams.

    Her life plan takes a detour when she becomes the maid of the family of widowed businessman, Richard Lim or "Sir Chief" (Yap), for whom she later develops romantic feelings.

    First aired in July 2012 and originally set for a one-season run, "Be Careful With My Heart" has been extended numerous times due to its popularity, and is now close to airing for a year.

    In April, ABS-CBN president and chief executive officer Charo Santos-Concio said in jest that the series will stay on air "forever," when asked if it will be extended once again.

    "It will be there forever (laughs). Hanggang magkaroon ng apo (laughs). That's always a challenge for our content creators. The challenge is always for the next big hit... but for the meantime, as long as the public is supporting 'Be Careful With My Heart,' it will be there," she said.

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    Be Careful
    with My Heart Official Soundtrack NOW GOLD RECORD NA!

    Soundtrack 2 coming soon!!!

    Grab copies of "BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART" DVDs Vol.1 to 10 available at Astrovision, Odyssey & other record bars!!!

    must-buy mags!

    tv commercials!

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    Starring: Jodi Sta. Maria as Maya dela Rosa

    Jodi Sta. Maria spends quality time with her special someone this summer

    Jodi Sta. Maria recently shared whom she’s spending her time with the most this summer. The Be Careful with My Heart star revealed during the show’s live chat for ABS-CBN Global that she’s traveling alongside her son Thirdy, as she continually embarks on the show’s world tour this season. “Well as much as possible humingi talaga ako ng mga buwan na nagpapablock-off ako ng schedule para maka-spend ako ng time sa aking unico hijo. Tapos since bakasyon, kumbaga, tini-take advantage ko na yung walang pasok si Thirdy para makasama siya sa aming world tour. Sa Abu Dhabi at sa Dubai kasama siya. Ngayon sa US at Canada kasama din namin siya,” she remarked.

    After visiting the Middle East, Jodi and the whole team of BCWMH will be touring in Los Angeles on May 10 and and in Florida on May 12 to meet more TFC subscribers and to spread the good vibes to the Filipinos in the US. When asked if what her dream destination is, Jodi commented, “Naku, ako madami. Gusto kong pumunta ng Greece, ng Turkey, ng Maldives.” Jodi likes to travel a lot because of the great experience that it brings, “Mahilig kasi akong mag-travel talaga. Pero wala akong masabing favorite place ko kasi everytime na nagta-travel ako para talagang ninanamnam mo yung lugar. Sa bawat lugar kasi may kakaiba silang ino-offer, iba-iba rin yung kultura na ma-experience mo.”

    She shared that there is no plan of going anywhere else for a break this summer because her schedule is packed. Nonetheless, she has plans for 2014. “Next year gusto kong mag-tour sa Europe at magside-trip sa Greece and Turkey,” she said.

    As of the moment, Jodi is solely focus in the world tour and her tapings for the show. When asked if there are plans of doing a movie along the way with her co-star Richard Yap (Sir Chief), she commented, “Alam mo sa totoo lang hanggang ngayon napaka-mahiwaga pa rin ng tanong na ‘yan at ng sagot diyan sa tanong na ‘yan. Pero hindi rin namin kasi talaga alam eh kasi busy talaga ‘yung schedule namin sa taping at sa world tour. Parang as of press time noh, wala pa rin talaga kaming chance na makapag shoot ng pelikula. Pero feeling ko, puede. So abangan niyo na lang.”


    Richard Yap as Richard Lim/Ser Chief

    Richard Yap reacts to being compared to heartthrobs Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, and Coco Martin

    Maraming pinagkakaabalahan ni Richard Yap ngayon. Maliban sa kanyang pangtanghaling programang Be Careful With My Heart, nariyan ang kaliwa’t kanang mga out-of-town shows at shoots. Aminado si Richard na ang oras niya ay halos nakagugol sa trabaho lamang. Kaya naman sa dami ng kanyang ginagawa, pati pagtulog ay may kaukulang oras. Aniya, “Normally two to three hours a day. Well with commercials, ads, photo shoots and all that, interviews so that leaves me with two to three hours everyday.”

    Ngunit sinisiguro niyang nagagampanan niya ang mga dapat pagtuunan ng pansin pagdating sa kanyang trabaho. “I think it’s time management talaga. You have to set your priorities and do what’s important first. Well, obviously that’s work first and that leaves me little time for anything else so kung merong extra time you try to do things as part of my social responsibility and try to influence others.”

    Isa sa mga nais pagtuunan ngayon ng pansin ni Richard ay ang paggawa ng konkretong plano upang makatulong sa mga street children kaya naman natanong din si Richard kung may balak din ba siyang pumasok sa pulitika lalo pa’t may ineendorso din siya ngayong kandidato na tumatakbo sa senado. “That has not crossed my mind. I have never been fond of doing anything political, ngayon lang. I just feel that kailangan na, nasa posisyon tayo to influence others we should put it to good use kaya ginagawa natin ito.”

    Sa ngayon ay nakasentro si Richard sa kanyang mga proyekto sa showbiz at dahil sa matinding kakiligan at paghanga na kanyang naibibigay sa kanyang mga tagahanga at manonood, hindi na maiwasang maikumpara siya at malinya kina Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, at Coco Martin na ilan lamang sa mga certified heartthrobs ng henerasyon ito. Kaya namang nang kuhanan din ng Push.com.ph ng reaksiyon si Richard tungkol dito, “Of course that is very flattering. As we all know I have been only been in the business for two years. It is really overwhelming but I would like to thank everyone for considering me as such, but malayo na ang narating nila ako papunta pa lang.”

    Hindi na talaga maikakaila ang Be Careful With My Heart mania. Kahit saan ay bukambibig ang nasabing programa at ang paghanga ng mga manonood at tagasubaybay nina “Maya” at “Ser Chief”, lalo na ang mga netizens na malakas magbigay ng opinyon sa social media. At sa sobrang lakas ng epekto ng kanilang tambalan, tila mga obsessed nang maituturing ang ilan sa love team at sa programa. Kaya naman nang matanong ng Push.com.ph si Richard kung nangangamba ba siya sa hindi magandang pagtanggap kung sakaling itambal siya sa iba sa kanyang mga susunod na proyekto, “Like I said nga we have mature viewers now. Nakaka-discern na yung mga tao from what’s real and reel in TV so later on if we do go on to other projects, they can accept that. Nasa pagdadala naman ng project yan e.”

    Pakilig na nga ng pakilig ang mga eksena sa Be Careful With My Heart lalo pa’t inamin na ni Ser Chief ang kanyang tunay na nararamdaman kay Maya, at ang bawat nakakakilig nilang eksena ay nagiging trend at pinag-uusapan sa mga social media sites. At isa nga sa mga inaabangan ay kung magkakaroon ng kissing scene ang kanilang mga karakter, at ang naging sagot ni Richard dito, “Nag-aabang din ako. Wala pa yun sa script namin pero, depends how deep the relationship goes.”


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    Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria admit feeling very conscious about doing romantic scenes

    Bago umalis ang cast ng Be Careful with my Heart para sa mga series of concerts sa US at Canada, naibahagi nina Richard Yap at Jodi Sta. Maria ang kanilang tuwa sa patuloy na suporta ng mga manonood sa kanilang programa. Ibinahagi ni Jodi ang kanyang kasiyahan na natatangap ng kanilang programa. “Well ako siyempre natutuwa ako dahil sa mga nangyayari sa show ‘di ba? Kahit papaano ‘di ba we are thankful na patuloy ang suporta sa amin ng mga manonood namin.”

    Para kay Richard, “Of course we are very happy kasi it’s a blessing sa amin. Pero we also want to share that blessing sa mga nanonood so hopefully we can inspire them also to be more than what they are.”
    Dahil sa mga sunod-sunod na nakakakilig na eksenang nangyayari sa Be Careful With My Heart, inamin ni Richard na nagkaroon ng ilangan sa pagitan nila ni Jodi sa romantic scenes nina ‘Ser Chief’ at ‘Maya.’ “Minsan. Pero yung mga firsts namin medyo siyempre naiilang kami kasi parang ano, parang yung mga mag-boyfriend, ganun ‘di ba?” Dagdag niya pa noong unang nag-holding hands sila sa eksena. “The first time we did it, ano rin kami medyo naiilang na parang paano ba namin gagawin ito.“

    Maging si Jodi aminado na nagkakailangan sila ni Richard kahit na magkakilala sila at matagal na silang nagkakasama sa serye. Nangingiting ibinahagi ito ni Jodi, “Kasi sanay lang kami na lagi lang kami nag-uusap. Kumbaga ngayon medyo physical na si Ser Chief at si Maya so may mga hawakan na ng kamay ganyan.” Dagdg niya pa sa pangyayaring ito, “Oo kasi nung first time na nagholding hands tayo sabi ko, ‘Chenes hindi ko ito kaya.’ Parang nakakakilig kasi.”
    Ngunit maging sila ay hindi rin sigurado kung ano ang mga susunod na mangyayari kina ‘Ser Chief’ at ‘Maya.’ Ayon kay Richard, “Hindi pa natin alam, dinedevelop pa lang kami sa story so it will come sooner or later.”
    At nang matanong muli si Jodi tungkol sa diamond ring na kanyang pinost sa kanyang Instagram account at kung totoo bang ito ay engagement ring na pinaghihinalaang ibinigay sa kanyan ng napapabalitang kasintahan nitong si Jolo Revilla, itinanggi niya ito. Aniya, “Hindi, grabe naman.“
    Nakapagbiro pa tuloy ang kasama niyang si Richard sa panayam tungkol sa napapabalitang singsing. “Actually binili ko sa SM yun binigay ko sa kanya.” Na natatawang dinugtungan ni Jodi, “Galing talaga kay Ser Chief yun para kay Maya.”


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    Also Starring

    The Lim Siblings

    Jerome Ponce as Luke
    Janella Salvador as Nikki
    Mutya Orquia as Abby

    The Dela Rosa Family

    Aiza Seguerra as Kute/Cristina Rose dela Rosa

    Sylvia Sanchez as Teresita dela Rosa

    Divina Valencia as Mamang/Conchita

    JM Ibanez as Cho/Pocholo

    The Lim Household Helpers

    Gloria Sevilla as Manang Fe

    Micah Munoz as Joma

    Tart Carlos as Doris
    Viveka Ravanes as Sabel

    Supporting Casts

    Marlo Mortel as Niccolo

    Paul Jake Castillo as Simon

    Kalila Aguilos as Liza
    Ya Chang as Engineer Yamaguchi

    Nathan Lopez as Emman

    Special Participation

    Tom Rodriguez as Jeff D. Macavinta/Papa Pards

    Vandolph Quizon as Lino

    Maricar Reyes as Rafi Agustin

    Cris Villanueva as Ryan Molino
    Meg Imperial as Sarah

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    SC: I'm so proud of you

    Maya: I love you

    SC: may kailangan po akong sabihin sa inyo... i know I should've told you this earlier
    I'm seeing your daugther... I'm sorry kung ngayon ko lang ito nasabi sa'yo but I was looking for the perfect time and ah...

    NT: buti naman at naunahan mo ko Richard, hindi ko kasi alam kung papano kita tatanungin o si Maya...kailan nag-umpisa ang lahat ng ito

    SC: about a month after she left the house

    NT: nakakamiss mag-alaga ang anak ko 'no?

    SC: nod

    NT: alam mo Richard buong buhay ng anak ko walang ginawa yan kundi mag-alaga sa mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya... kaya ngayon stewardess na ang anak ko, masayang-masaya ako kasi ibig sabihin nun magkakaroon na siya ng sariling buhay, makakaipon na siya, makakabili na siya ng lahat ng gusto niyang bilhin. Ang gusto
    ko lang naman talaga Richard na maranasan din ng anak kong si Maya ang mabuhay para sa sarili niya

    SC: Aling Teresita parang mahirap naman yatang alisin kay Maya ang pag-aalala para sa ibang tao

    NT: alam ko at yan ang tanging dasal ko sa Diyos na sana makatagpo siya ng isang lalaki na kayang pantayan ang pagmamahal at pag-aalaga na kaya niyang ibigay dun sa taong mahal niya

    SC: I'm trying my best pero alam mo naman po yun anak mo minsan may kakulitan din yan eh

    NT: Oo nga

    SC: you know how she is

    NT: .....

    SC: ano po yun?

    NT: ano kasi Richard ganito kasi yun...masaya ako, masaya ako para sa inyong dalawa ni Maya...masayang-masaya pero pakiwari ko naman sigurado ka sa ginagawa mo, hindi ka nag-aalangan di ba Richard?

    SC: I will never ask her out kung hindi po ako sigurado, bakit po?

    NT: Inaalala ko lang kasi yun buhay nyong dalawa hindi lang umiikot sa inyo, katulad mo may pamilya ka may mga anak ka... si ABby si Luke si Nikki naandiyan sila sa'yo at may mga kaibigan ka Richard, handa ka bang ipakilala ang anak ko sa kanila Richard? kasi ang anak ko di katulad ng mga babaeng nakilala mo, si Maya ay isang simpleng babae lang, probinsiyana at laki sa hirap ang anak ko

    SC: and I will always always be proud of that because that's what make her so amazing

    NT: nod

    SC: kung ako lang ang tanungin mo gusto ko na siyang ipakilala sa lahat specially my kids... pero I made a promise kay Maya na hihintayin ko siya until she's ready

    NT: Ready?!

    SC: she's just graduated, I don't want to stand away of her dreams kasi alam ko kung gaano niya pinaghirapan ito and I want her to be all that she can be

    NT: salamat... salamat

    Maghihintay ka Richard?

    SC: seryoso po ako sa kanya Aling Teresita

    NT: alam ko naman yun eh. at alam mo ba na maraming boto sa'yo

    SC: kayo po?

    NT: hay naku, sa sinabi ni Christina Rose sa akin, ni Simon, ni Manang Fe sa tingin mo ba may choice pa 'ko?

    pwera biro Richard alam kong mabait kang tao, alam kong mahal mo ang anak ko pero sa oras na malaman ko na pinaiyak mo ang anak ko

    SC: I'll try not to do that Aling Teresita, Maya changed my life... loving her didn't comes instantly she made me fall her __?__ gradually... nakilala ko muna siya kung sino siya kung ano siya... kaya ko siya minahal.

    credits to greenmile1996

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    Hi Alex! nasabi na lahat sa'yo ng mga bata except for one thing... Luke just broke-up with Joey but he doesn't want to talk about it just because he still moving on... but I'm sure he gets there. Look Alex I wanna tell you something, I met someone and things have been wonderful. I know, nothing can replace what we had... because you gave me three wonderful children... but I know that you want me to move on and have a life... and I can see that happening with her Alex, I can see it with Maya. She made everyone smile kahit na si Manang Fe... I guess it's her way. She always find a reason to be happy... nakakahawa. Hindi ko pa nasasabi sa mga bata but don't worry I'll give them time hindi ko sila bibiglain.

    I have to go Alex, goodbye.

    Maya: posible pala ito ano Kute?

    Kute: alin yun nag-uumapaw ka sa saya ganun?

    Maya: oo kasi tingnan mo ha sabay-sabay lahat nangyari yun pagiging flight attendant ko tapos kayo nandito kayo kumpleto, si ser Chief

    Kute: love mo na 'no?... sinagot mo na?!... hindi nga sinagot mo na?

    Maya: nod

    Kute: ayiiiiiiiii... aray, aray ko..

    Maya: huwag kang maingay baka marinig ni Nanay, ikaw talaga

    Kute: wala ka bang plano na sabihin sa kanila?

    Maya: hindi, hindi pa namin napag-uusapan eh saka na pag sigurado na

    Kute: oo nga tama yan baka mabasted ka pa eh

    Maya: ikaw ha ang sama mo

    Kute: ayiii si bunso dalaga na... ayiii hahaha!... teka teka ano tawagan nyo?

    Maya: ito nga eh nag-iisip pa ako kung ano maganda, siguro...

    Kute: ay teka! sandali kasi parang ayokong marinig kasi corny pag galing sa'yo, corny yan sigurado ako

    Maya: hoy sobra ka naman ha, Kute talaga oh

    Kute: ayiii

    Maya: Kute, naisip mo bang bumalik sa pagsi-seaman kasi alam mo puede ka na ulit mag-aral... mapagpapaaral na kita

    Kute: ito naman, ok na ko sa chibugan kuntento na ko dun masaya naman eh

    Maya: eh Kute alam kong matagal mo ng pangarap ito eh simula pa noong mga bata pa tayo

    Kute: oo pangarap na kinalimutan ko na magmula ng sinabi ko sa sarili ko na ayokong mag-isa si Cho

    Maya: Kute malaki na yun anak mo tapos si Jeff nandiyan naman siya, hindi ba yun lang naman ang dahilan kung bakit huminto kasi walang magulang na maiiwan kay Cho

    Kute: kung sabagay alam mo, kahit si Cho umaasa na babalikan ko yun

    Maya: Kute hindi pa huli ang lahat

    Kute: tingin mo?

    Maya: oo naman no? subukan mo, malay mo

    Kute: sige, sige pag-isipan ko na lang saka baka kausapin ko na muna si Pards tungkol diyan

    Maya: ahihi! Kute ang sweet sweet naman ng tawagan nyo ni Jeff

    Kute: tse! gusto mo yun na lang din tawagan nyo? Chief pard, pard ser chief

    Maya: alam mo tuwing nandito tayo lagi na lang tayong nagkakagalit

    SC: is this my fault?

    Maya I was trying to give you time to think about what you said nun graduation mo, that's why I stayed out in your way

    Maya: sorry

    SC: after all this time do you still doubt my sincerity? Maya, what will it take for you to take me seriously

    Maya: eh akala ko kasi

    SC: Maya don't make assumption

    Maya: Ser Chief puede ba patapusin mo muna ko?... sobra kasing... sobra kasing parang hindi totoo parang hindi ako makapaniwala, hindi sa'yo ha? yun sinabi mo kasi...yun ...yun sitwasyon kasi

    Uhm Ser chief eh

    SC: now your turning your back on me

    Maya: eh kasi ayokong makita yan ganyan hitsura mo nakakatakot

    SC: No, I'm waiting

    Maya: nun sinabi mo na... na mahal mo ko gusto ko rin agad ibalik sa'yo yun... gusto ko na ipagsigawan sa buong mundo na mahal din kita, kaya lang Ser Chief hindi naman simple yun sitwasyon natin eh

    SC: kaya nga binigyan kita ng time

    Maya: hindi naman time ang kailangan ko Ser Chief... ikaw

    kailangan ko na sabihin mo sa akin na everything will be ok o di kaya we'll deal with it
    later o yun kung ano yun mga sinasabi mo sa akin palagi pag ninenerbyos ako

    SC: bakit ka ninenerbyos?

    Maya: ngayon lang ako nagmahal eh

    SC: smile....so do you mean what you said?

    Maya: ang alin?

    SC: yun sinabi mo?

    Maya: alin dun Ser Chief madami yun?

    SC: hindi yun kanina yun sinabi mo noon graduation mo

    Maya: Huhum

    SC: just say it Maya

    Maya: Ha?

    SC: say it

    Maya: ayoko Ser Chief nahiya na kasi ako eh

    SC: just say it Maya

    Maya: mahal kita

    SC: I can't hear you

    Maya: ahe huhum... mahal kita

    SC: so.. tayo na

    Maya: ha?! eh Ser Chief kakarating pa lang natin dito hindi pa nga tayo tapos mag-away eh

    SC: nag-aaway ba tayo?

    Maya: eh anong tawag mo dito?

    SC: talking

    Maya: yun nga hindi pa tayo tapos mag-usap yayain mo na akong umalis

    SC: Maya ibig kong sabihin tayo na tayong dalawa... you and me... tayo? tayo na di ba
    tayo na di ba wala ng bawian

    Maya: hindi ka na galit?

    SC: I wasn't angry

    Maya: Huuu kanina lang eh

    SC: I was just explaining things clear Maya, I wasn't angry

    Maya: tampo

    SC: pikon

    Maya: e di galit ka nga

    SC: magkaiba yun

    Maya: pareho lang yun

    SC: fine hindi na ko pikon

    Maya: talaga?

    SC: Yes, but if you don't answer my question mapipikon ako

    Maya: sige na nga... tayo na

    SC: oh tara na

    Maya: Ser Chief naman eh ang corny mo talaga

    SC: (hug) you almost ruin my surprise you know that
    credits to greenmile1996

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    Members List ( 188 members and still counting) If you're not in this list please let PM me

    Here na po ang Official FORM ng KBU.
    Sa mga gusto pong maging OFFICIAL Enrollees ng KBU. Please fill up the form honestly. And Please wait for our confirmation.
    Maraming Thank you po! Kapit Bisig Lang! ♥


    ♥Mga Opisyal na KBU Tambayan (KBU Annex? haha!)♥

    Excess Baggage

    KBUpexedition on Chwirrer
    followed by our dear Mahal na Hari & Mahal na Prinsesa!♥♥♥
    Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria

    her posts in pinoyexchange!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Simoune_Renee View Post
    I would like to thank all of you for the love and support you've given and continue to give our show BCWMH. It really means a lot to me. To my #KBU family, #Jodinatics, and #Mayanatics you guys are my inspiration Wag kayong magsasawa na suportahan po kaming lahat sa show. If you want to know more about me kindly visit my website www.jodistamaria.com also you can follow me on ig and twitter @jodistamaria love you all!! Kapit bisig!
    Quote Originally Posted by Simoune_Renee View Post
    Dont worry i'll drop by this thread once in a while para kamustahin lahat kayo. Nakakatuwang basahin ang mga comments ninyo. Maraming salamat talaga
    Quote Originally Posted by Simoune_Renee View Post
    Hello KBU students Pls grab a copy of Preview Magazine March issue yours truly is on the cover. Thank you. - Jodi
    Mr.Richard Yap


    Ang Wonderland ni Gorgeous Geek (napaka AYUS ng videos mo kapatid! )

    Kapit Bisig University: PEX Edition on Facebook

    Quote Originally Posted by lycheecandy View Post

    Hello KaBisyU!
    For those who are interested in the tshirt, just PM me (lycheecandy) or CE (czycee)
    For other details you can visit our KBU students FB page..

    a message from doris& sabel to kbu

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    here are the top threads in LMTV - TV from May 13-18

    1)Be Careful with My Heart


    2) Party Pilipinas


    3) Indio


    4) ABS-CBN - Mars Ravelo's Darna


    5) My Husband's Lover


    Currently we have 275,693 views!♥

    the top 10 students of KAPIT BISIG UNIVERSITY for thread 13

    greenmile1996 423
    bluemonsterr 304
    chobangs 290
    sarasidle 288
    PiaSeohyun 284
    autumn906 200
    miganne 184
    richwill 182
    lunar_eclipse 181
    ventiespresso 164

    please also answer the assignment given by our headmasters at PEX

    Why Pinoys Love "Be Careful with My Heart," According to PEXers

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    Everyone is welcome to post your opinions, pictures, videos and updates on their mall tours. There are no rules in posting but only, avoid such offensive remarks.

    Any suggestions/opinions for the show's improvement are most welcome. Even Fanfics, stories can be shared thru Excess Baggage. Who knows, Writers of the show are lurking or even posting on this thread.

    notice lang pala sa mga bagong dating naming mga kakosa (late enrollees / passengers)

    mga KaBisYu, huwag namang senti 'pag hindi kaagad na pansin ng mga kabisigers, kakosa, kaadikan, KaBisYuhan.. At kung anu-ano pa man... isa lang ang nasisiguro namin... welcome lahat dito... walang halang na bituka rito ... kahit magka ubusan na ng buhok sa pagsasabunutan dito, tuloy pa rin ang hithitan ... go lang ng go rito ... rest assured lahat dito ay masayang masaya na marami ang nag-e-enroll, mapapatumbling pa nga sa kaligayahan ... 'di man maka react sa agad-agad sa mga saloobin ng inyong puso ...ang suporta ay buong-buo... kaya, ano pa ang hinihintay niyo? pasok na ... huwag diyang umistambay sa pakpak ... mabibingi kayo diyan...

    Enjoy and Kapit Bisig Lang!

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    thank you architect for our new house! ang ganda *** talaga! hehehehe

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    Thank you architect!!!

    Natawa ako... kasama ako sa top 20 na nagpopost....

    Haha!!! Alam na... Sobrang Good vibes kase talaga... Hindi lang ng show pati ng mga adik... este avid viewers tulad ko!

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    pa lang....

    just want to drop by in the new hub!

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    Quotable Quotes (c) teamMAYAako

    EPISODE GUIDE Jan 7 - Jan 25


    - continuation of "You can't flirt with your boss."

    - Kid's Xmas celebration.

    - Maya's LUHA by Aegis.


    - At the principal's office:
    Maya. You don't walk out sa summit na ganun na lang.
    Hindi ka man lang nagpaalma sa superior mo. .....
    add to that you weren't answering my calls when i was calling you.
    tama ba yon? wala ka bang sasabihin?

    Maya look at me when I'm talking to you.

    May ipag-uutos po ba kayo?

    - Exchanged gifts/Nicolo and Niks' truce.

    -Yna tells Maya that she'll start her free cabin crew training.

    - SC accepts Yna's invitation for coffee after overhearing Yna and James' convo about Maya's internship.

    - At the coffe shop with Yna, "Your boss, is he into Maya?"

    - Walkout si SC upon hearing the good news from Joma and Sabel.

    - MF: Ricardo, pauwiin mo muna si Maya.

    - Go home Maya.

    - Maya getting ready to leave for San Nicolas - walang paalamanan ang dalawa.


    - Confidential na pala ngayon ang paglalaro ng solitaryo.

    - Si mamang solitaryo humabol pero hindi inabot makapapaaalam kay Maya.

    - Kuteff sa family reunion.

    - Kids:
    Para ka nang si Maya (on Nikki crying) /
    and Yaya's baby/
    Namiss ko tuloy si Maya.
    Ako nga rin e pinayagan kasi ni Dad umalis.

    - Maya arrives at San Nicolas.


    - Christmas Eve. Miss na ni Ricardo si Mama Ganda pero di pa rin magawang matawagan,
    ganun din naman yung isa.

    - Maya tells Nanay Tere and Mamang about Dubai.


    Christmas Day.

    First meeting ni Kute at parents ni Pards.

    Abby calls Maya, SC afterwards..
    nothing baby.
    what did yaya tell you?
    yun lang?
    okay baby.
    ah baby nothing more?

    Tiger mode si SC after seeing Abby as Maya the mermaid.

    Approved na si Kute sa Mommy ni Papa Pards.

    "Hindi mo talaga makukuha ang timplang gusto mo kung dinadaan mo sa galit.
    Mabuti sana kung nag-iwan si Maya ng mga timpla nya, tulad ng umalis sya nun."

    Maya confides to Nanay Tere as SC confides to Manang Fe.

    "Nabigla po kasi ako Manang Fe, but I know I was wrong. Alam kong nasaktan sya. "

    Tiger mode SC. kj sa kantahan ng Lim Kids. pulang balde


    Tiger mode SC continues.
    " At bakit sa inyo lang sya tumatawag?!! Yung boss nya di nya tinatawagan."

    SC calls Maya...
    "Kelan ka uuwi? para maayos ko ang schedule ni Abby."
    "Sir Chief aalis na po ako."

    I'll get her back. I promise you.

    Kawawang Lisa and her spaghetti

    -Luke and NIkki:
    Alam na namin kung bakit gusto mong pumunta ng San Nicolas.

    You really love her.

    - Tampo si Kute ng makitang dumating na si Maya.

    - First meeting Ni Pards and Maya.

    - SC and the kids leave for San Nicolas.

    - Kids meet Capt James.
    Abby: "Kay Yaya po, doon po sya nakatira e."


    - Panic mode ang Maya after Sabel told her that the Lims are on their way to visit her.

    - Si Mamang Pogi sobrang galing sa direksyon hehehe

    - Capt James arrives at Little Pards's Chibugan


    - Habang nagkakandawala pa rin sina SC, feeling at home naman si Sir James
    sa chibugan.

    - Plaza scene! Nagkita na finally! Yun nga lang SC witnessed Maya and James hugging.

    - Continuation sa Plaza. DelaRosas meet the Lims.

    -"Sir Chief di ba nakapag-usap na po tayo sa phone. pumayag na kayo."

    "...and Maya the answer is no."

    -Getting ready for their lunch date. Anxious? Exicted? <3


    - Lunch at Tokanz. Amoy/Singhot lang naman ni Mamang si SC lol habangpilit namang sinusuyo ni SC ang umiiwas na Maya.

    - SC with Nanay Tere and Mamang...
    We had a misunderstanding. Kaya po ako nandito ay para kausapin ang anak nyo.

    Kapit bisig. Pati nga po si Abby yan ang laging sinasabi. Little Maya na nga po ang tawag namin sa kanya.

    - Sa Most Romantic Place.
    Noon sinabihan nyo po ako ng malandi. Tapos ngayon iinsultuhin nyo na naman po ako.

    What will it take for you to stay? Maya hwag mo na akong pahirapan.
    Kayo pa po ang nahihirapan?
    Yes nahihirapan ako..


    - Nanay Tere invites SC and the kids to celebrate New Year with them.

    - SC to Maya's neighbors: Richard Lim. Kaibigan ni Maya from Manila.

    Nanay Tere in tears. "Ano pong ginawa nyo sa Nanay ko?"


    HARANA. Buhay ko'y nasa 'yo....Sorry, pwede ba?

    "I'm sorry."

    There was no site inspection. I just used that as an excuse para mapuntahan ka.

    and other too many to mention Quotable Quotes.

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    Thank you TinyCutie for our new haus, new classroom,
    The Most Romantic place

    Love Love Love everyone. God bless u all.
    Night night for me



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    nakasama sa lipatan!!

    thank you suzienicoco!!

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