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    RAFAEL ROSELL {RAFters} - LoveLifeALLWays [Thread 2]

    Welcome to RAFAEL ROSELL's 2nd thread!!!

    ABOUT: is born Rafael Quimpo Rosell IV on November 10, 1982 in Norway.
    He was introduced by Aimee Quimpo as one of the leading men of Jolina Magdangal, in Star Cinema's Kung Ikaw Ay Isang Panaginip. Rosell's big break came in 2004 when he was paired with Claudine Barretto on the ABS-CBN fantaserye Marina. In 2006, he was launched as a member of the all-male group Coverboys with Zanjoe Marudo, Jon Avila, Victor Basa and Jake Cuenca. In 2007, he earned an URIAN Best Supporting Actor award for his portrayal in the indie film Rome & Juliet. Rosell, however, started getting recognition in 2010 when he played Brandon Brazil in the highly successful ABS-CBN afternoon drama Midnight Phantom opposite her good and close friend Denise Laurel.[7] After the success of Midnight Phantom and his team-up with Laurel, ABS-CBN paired them up again in Kristine.[8] The team-up came to an abrupt end when Laurel took a one-year hiatus due to pregnancy, leaving Rosell to be paired up with Jodi Sta. Maria in 100 Days to Heaven.[9] In 2012, Rosell was reunited with Laurel in another ABS-CBN drama Dahil Sa Pag-ibig.[10] In August 2012 his contract with Star Magic expired, and has decided to move to GMA Network. He is currently doing Temptation of Wife (2012 TV series) with Marian Rivera.

    The once who started it all....

    The current posters

    Credit: career/about taken from Wikipedia, IMDB
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    As himself: ASAP, Party Pilipinas (current), Extra Challenge, Unang Hirit (current, Semi-regular host)

    Original Run: 2012-2013
    Character: Nigel Armada

    Original Run: 2012
    Character: Anton

    Original Run: 2011
    Character: Bartolome "Bart" Ramirez Jr.

    Original Run: 2010
    Character: Marco de Silva

    Original Run: 2010
    Character: Brandon

    Original Run: 2008
    Character: Lucas Satander

    Original Run: 2007
    Character: Charles Perre

    Original Run: 2007
    Character: Creon

    Original Run: 2004
    Character: Rodge

    Original Run: 1999-2003
    Character: Oliver McFuller

    Original Run: 2002-2003
    Character: Tiborce

    Original Run: 2005-2006
    Character: Calyptus

    pictures/details credit to Rafael Rosell Official Website and Wikipedia
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    Kung Ikaw Ay Isang Panaginip (2002)
    as Paolo Revilla
    Star Cinema

    Never underestimate the power of love... Rosalie (Jolina Magdangal) is a 23-year old hardworking, spirited, and self-giving lass who thinks and acts as if she were 43. Her father from the baby-boomer generation entered the prison when she was twelve years old while her similarly "hip" mother passed away when Rosalie was 17. From then on, she was acted as the surrogate mother to her younger brother, who is now ten years old. Rosalie vows not to lead the same lifestyle that her parents had lived.

    Pinay Pie (2003)as Artie
    Star Cinema

    Pinay Pie is a movie about girl power. It tells a funny story about three fantastic and fearless female friends. The story runs when Love joins the Diyosa ng Kagandahan 2003 contest where they find out that her roommate is the new girlfriend of Karen's philandering boyfriend and the "kinakapatid" of Yolly's boyfriend policeman who dumped her. They also see this girl cuddling up with one of the judges of the contest. Karen, Love and Yolly tire out all their efforts for lo ve to win the contest and teach their ex-boyfriends a valuable lesson.

    pictures/details credit to Rafael Rosell Official Website and Wikipedia

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    FILMOGRAPHY continued

    Bikini Open (2005)
    as Sonny Gemora
    Seiko Films

    Presented in a "mockumentary" (fake documentary) format, this up-to-date comedy chronicles the proceedings of an on-going bikini contests in one of Malate's sing-along-bars. Go- getter Susan (Cherry Pie Picache), an investigate TV host desperate for higher TV ratings, exposes not only what goes behind the pageant but even the most private lives of the aspiring contestants: Sonny- the hunky playboy gym instructor and Billy, a would be singer in search of his real father.

    These contestants along with 18 other pairs of male and female aspirants, their families, sponsors, benefactors, managers, judges, hosts, organizers and even the audience take us not just in the front seat but even behind the scenes for an examination of the bikini contest phenomenon. As for Susan, will the TV host get the much- needed ratings boost her TV show despeartely needs? How far is she willing to go and her expose reveals not just eachs contestant's body but even the spirit, soul and secrets?

    Matakot Ka Sa Karma "Tokador" (2006)
    Star Cinema
    as Victor

    This is a horror trilogy about an antique shop where the pieces of the furniture each have their own stories from the past. In "Kama," Aleli (Gretchen Barretto) purchases an antique bed, not realizing that its previous owner is out to claim her son (Paul Salas).

    "Aparador" is about a couple (Rica Peralejo and Derek Ramsey) who purchased an antique cabinet where a young man died inside before.

    In "Tokador", an independent woman (Angelica Panganiban) gets a possessed dresser out to take her soul.

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    FILMOGRAPHY continued

    When Love Begins (2008)Star Cinema
    as Alger

    What happens in Bora should stay in Bora, so they say. But when love gets in the way, anything can happen. Ben and Mitch had a chance meeting while in Manila and soon find themselves falling in love with each other. Because of their age gap and the fact that both are “commitment-phobic”, rules are laid on the tables and adjustment is just endless.
    For a time, age doesn’t seem to matter but how much Mitch is really willing to sacrifice when it comes to choosing between her father and the man she loves?
    The movie also stars Ronaldo Valdez, Boots Anson-Roa, Christopher de Leon, Desiree del Valle, Rafael Rosell, and Dimples Romana. The movie introduces PBB and PDA celebs Mickey Perz, Dionne Monsanto, Raymond Lim, Riza Santos, Gail Nicolas, Gemma Fitzgerald, and Davey Langit.

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    Rome & Juliet (2006)2007 URIAN Awardee for BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR
    Regal Films
    as Marc

    ROME AND JULIET follows the romantic journey and soul mating of two straight women caught in a web of forbidden love.

    Conflicts arise when Marc, the groom who is a young politician, shockingly discovers the ongoing relationship between the two women. Angered and humiliated, Marc calls off the wedding and a huge scandal explodes, leaving Rome and Juliet in a state of emotional turmoil.

    Not long after, Juliet is driven away from home by her mother, gets fired from work and later becomes a victim of a road mishap that puts her in a coma.

    But in the end, despite all the trials and hurdles Rome and Juliet’s unconventional love for each other remains strong and intense.

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    Link to previous thread


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    Nigel armada of temptation of wife

    He was very well loved as Nigel Armada of Temptation of Wife.
    His being Nigel drew RAFsters who share the same facination to converge and discuss everything about this guy.

    Raf's goodbye to Nigel Armada

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    unahan ko na kayong lahat... pasok na ako sa banga... in English... I will enter into the banga

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    ^ hahaha. Pasok sa banga!!!

    Btw, pardon the "under construction" notice. I can't remove it now pero I've contacted ex_deo to help out on removing it.

    To all Rafters!!!!

    Baka may mga gusto kayong picture, trivia information na ishare...post away

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    alex.... na promote ko na ang bagong bahay sa kabila

    para kuyugin tayo ng... syempre positive people

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    laug trip lang

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    para sa voters

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    Waaaaaa! Ang Ganda ng Banga natin.... Yayyy sariling atin.... Salamat Alexxx....:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by moviegoer View Post
    Kaaliw sa Pinas talaga... Miss ko na diyan...

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    Movie /LUV

    Si Bijoux ata kailangan ng sundo..hindi niya alam papunta dito. Naiwan ata ni Manong Driver

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    Naku grammatical error pala ko dun sa "the Once who started it all" should be "the Ones.."

    Saaaarry naman

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    Quote Originally Posted by moviegoer View Post
    unahan ko na kayong lahat... pasok na ako sa banga... in English... I will enter into the banga
    Ok ka talaga, Movie! Pasok na rin ako sa banga. Tara na mga ka-Rafters and Rafyans!!!

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