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    Cool Anong breed my DoG mo???

    okay. may dog ako! Great Dane sya! She had her first litter already wala nang natira sa amin! well, check out her homepage! exclusive ito!!

    oo! sige bye!

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    oops! limot ko sabi pangalan nya! its Amanda!!!

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    Hi Tristan! Is your real name Tristan Eric Canto by any chance? Just asking!

    Used to have a play poodle, now I have a miniature pincher! So cute but so kulit!

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    i have a labrador retriever.. makulit and yeah, a huge dog so to speak.. black coat sya, male.. and his name is Chad but in his PCCI papers, its Cookie.. pangit kc eh, pang-girl so we changed it.. ehehe..

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    ASKAL asong kalye

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    mongrel *** 2 dogs ko e...

    yung isa mukhang st. bernard!

    ang fave breed ko chow2!

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    Ako may Pug and Labrador na yellow color. Pareho silang female.

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    i duno...i dont hab a dog dough..but meron ako sa pinas... but i duno eder kogn ano breed nya..

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    Me, got a Labrador Chocolate color named Chico, 8 months old, Makulit, Matakaw, Cute and very friendly

    ... and also magastos :-)

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    japanese peach na may halong pekenese

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    i have a huge bear-slash-lion for a dog!!! hehehe chowchow! a very cute one at that.

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    mine's a jack russell terrier. super kulit! kakatuwa mga antics nya... like fighting that coke bottle as if he's saving the world from it. hehe! i love that rascal!

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    mine is Chinese Shar-Pei... colored black.. we named him "Popoy".. may Full Name pa nga sya eh... Boy George "Popoy" Pulgas... wahehehehe.. and actually we will give him a doggie birthday party this coming saturday (18th of the month) pero ang talagang birthday nya sa 21st...

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    Pekingese.... black... her name is Chorale.. based from her PCCI papers..

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    Pekingese.... black... her name is Chorale.. based from her PCCI papers..

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    japanese spaniels naman sa amin

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    i dont have a dog pero gusto ko sana magkaroon ng pomeranian
    baka you know kung san pwede bumili and how much. thanks!

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    I have two,

    Jap spitz (2 years old) and a pug ( 5 month-old).

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    ...just because
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    I have a Doberman. Ang kulit! Pero ang gandang ipasyal, titingin lahat ng mga tao. Chic magnet din. he he he...


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