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    adult male german shepherd - lakan

    5-mo. old female beagle - joni

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    b*tch*n 'round
    a jap spitz and a labrador...

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    hello guys. namatay yung german shepherp ko. meron pa akong female belgian malinois. may nagbebenta ba dito ng dogs, yung mura at my breed. thnx. may guto ba bumili ng male sharpei, 8T, male, may papers n complit shots. thnx

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    a pitbull na naninira ng chain nya. pati bahay nya gusto nya sirain. hehehe

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    kami ng boyfriend ko, merong pet! his name is dexter, a male golden retriever. he'll be turning 6 mos this month. he only barks when we tease him or when he calls me. galing no?! im wondering, when will he start barking @ strangers?

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    Boston Terrier

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    Mini Picher
    i like toy dogs but i also want a labrador

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    i used to have 2 pugs rischka and aekko. rischka is my first dog ever. she's sooo sweet. aekko's her son. he died of a liver ailment. we had a sharpei named mrs. wrinkles who died of bloat naman. i've adopted a dalmatian named damy and he's staying in the family house in the province.

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    Originally posted by Fenix
    My JRT
    yay, mali pala ito. hehe. noob.
    ito pala :

    guys, check out (friendster doggie version). Don't forget to corral my Coco ha!

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    a brown dachshund Hugsy name nya. gusto ko ng great dane naman ngayon.

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    We now have 4 japanese spitzes (sp?), a dachsund, a half-poodle/half spitz, and a labrador!! (7 Dogs all in all)!!

    Woof! Woof!

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    weeeeeh we have a new dog, but he's staying with my boyfriend in antipolo. (i miss both of em heaps na sobra!) our new golden's name is diego. he's a very small 6 month old golden but he's soooo adorable!!!

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    Hi! I have a pug puppy! Can you guys give me tips on how I could better take care of my puppy? Thanks.

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    lhasa apso..

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    Originally posted by MeAko
    Boston Terrier
    want one! where did you get?

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    Pasig City

    my babies

    1. English Foxhound -
    3 years and 2 days

    2. American Cocker Spaniel -
    Sebastian or Bastin for short
    1 year and 2 months

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    i had a weimaraner who died while i was out of the country. his name was dustin, he must have died because of a broken heart. he was the most loyal, loving, protective dog that i ever owned.

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    German shepherd pero wala na sya.i have right now toy poodle,very cute and isang askal na mukhang kabayo.

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    A minipin & a cross-breed (minipin+boston terrier).

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