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    FriendsofKimXiUSA ‏@FriendsOfK3XUSA 39m
    by @RoxanneRivas "sooo happy together ❤❤❤ #kimxi #kimchiu #xianlim #kimxian #instacollage" via… http://instagram.com/p/X2UPzrhFXj/

    Carissa Limcaoco ‏@carissalimcaoco 1h
    @XianLimm Hey Xian! thanks for allowing me to have a picture taken with you! Congrats on the TVC! it came out nice! pic.twitter.com/rOTvCcjauJ

    KimXi4ever22 ‏@Kulet22loveKX 1h
    kaimerx0711's photo pic.twitter.com/m6NX6I4Aow @mave_nice @jennycmagbitang @KC_Fuertez

    FriendsofKimXiUSA ‏@FriendsOfK3XUSA 1h
    by karla_fuertez "@xianlimm meets this girl :-)) #kimchiu #kimxi" via instareposts http://instagram.com/p/X2RE3rhFUQ/

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    Xian and Kim offcam collection part 4! featuring the holy week escapade! Enjoy!

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    Wow! Congrats to everyone. We have a new house and so many things have been going on for the past weeks.

    Thanks to the mansion builders - Nayumi, Princess, Millet... Nice one as always!

    It's been a while since I have posted. I have been really busy since I came back from my vacay. Had a lot of things going on at work.

    I know that IKA is still the same frustrating soap that it is and we are just supporting it for the love. I have not been able to watch real time and just relying on episodes either thru Karla or iWantTV since Discoverer is indisposed at this time. My prayers go to him & his family esp. his sick brother. I hope he gets well soon.

    Here's today's devotional. Since we have been talking about Sir Rico's happy family and Mr. & Mrs. Uy's future happy family, I think this one is very apt.

    Let's continue to be happy, spread love and hope and keep our positivity.

    A Cord of Three Strands Is Not Easily Broken

    There's nothing better than a really great marriage and nothing worse than a bad one. Christian marriages are meant to be living proof that two people can become a strong force in achieving God's will - both for our pleasure and to impact the world.
    However, the blending of two individuals into one harmonious marriage is a process that won't happen on its own. A good marriage does not just happen, no matter how wildly in love you are when you get married. You need to invite God into the process.

    When we know Jesus and invite Him into our marriage, our relationship is made up of three strands. And there is great strength in the union of a man and woman when Christ is included.

    Happiness in marriage is not about finding a spouse who always acts the way we want them to. It is about two imperfect people trusting in a perfect God and conforming to His will and purpose for them. That's a marriage God can bless!

    Prayer Starter:

    God, I love my family, but a two-strand cord is not enough. I want to do my part to invite You into our family so You can strengthen our love for each other and lead us into Your plan for us.

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    Okey ang taste ni Xian , that classic car speaks well of it. Kaya pati sa choice of a best friend/girlfriend special din. He got good taste brought about by his good breeding, that's why he only deserves the best in life. Unstoppable, daming endorsements, shows, etc, etc,. Well done to chinito prince and chinita princess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamer_0524 View Post
    Okey ang taste ni Xian , that classic car speaks well of it. Kaya pati sa choice of a best friend/girlfriend special din. He got good taste brought about by his good breeding, that's why he only deserves the best in life. Unstoppable, daming endorsements, shows, etc, etc,. Well done to chinito prince and chinita princess.
    can't agree with you more!! Old school, Old soul... Vintage Xian Lim !!! But I guess his biggest blessings are his mom and his chinita princess - two of the most important people in his life.

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    Repost... A solicitation from Team KimXi - Time, Talent, Treasure or in Kind - for Team KimXi Community Outreach -2013

    Mga fellow KimXis...ang daming HAPPINESS and LOVE ang naishare ng ating fave couple, Kim and Xian to us, their fans!

    In thanksgiving to our dear God for all good things happening when the year of New Beginnings of 2013 started - from the Post Christmas celeb of Xian with Kim and Chius in Subic to the unprecedented invitation for Xian to spend New Year with the Chiu family;

    from the blessing in disguise na revelation of true colors, to the love and concern shown by Xian towards Kim in her fearless response to a paparazzi question regarding the exbff, exbf fiasco;

    to the IKA Book 2 Presscon where Remate Editor extolled the beauty and virtues, to him and to us all, ang napakaganda at nagiisang Kim Chiu and his critical question of, "Are you in love with your very handsome seatmate, Xian Lim?"...

    to the Sinulog festival and the glorious bonding seen and photographed by countless cameras, vids; to the latest Dinagyang Festival and again the trending of Kim Chiu and Kim Chiu Rocks Dinagyang while Xian was with his Mint eking his own living and getting some rest and recreation with his surrogate family the ApuySys...to the sighting after Kim's quick exit from ASAP and the resulting dinner somewhere...

    yes, we count our KimXi blessings and as we do, we also spend time to reflect on sharing our own blessings with the poor and the downtrodden of our dear kababayans in the name of our group, Team KimXi...

    as we ride the crest of KimXi joy, let us also have it in our hearts, for those of us who are able and willing, to share from our pocketbook any amount, large or small;

    as the relief and pleasure we receive from browsing our pex, FB, twitter regarding the lives and loves of our Kim and Xian, drive away the blues, the wrinkles, the virus and bacteria from our system drowned by the endorphins released by heightened joy and laughter as we communicate with one another the itty bitty KimXi doings that delight our KimXi hearts keeping us healthy and well with the stronger immune system strengthened by laughter which is still the best medicine, we preserve our health, our beauty and in thanksgiving share a portion to some who have less in life!

    If you are still with me after that long intro which are all so true, permit me to tell you what Mommy Evs and JP have tasked me to do. They have tasked me to tell you that our Team KimXi have the following projects to do for the year, 2013:

    1. Outreach to the Aetas (first done in 2012 - pics of event to follow); Community Outreach made 2-01-13 headed by Mommy Evs with JP Bernardo, Mich(Kimlilitz), Selle and Bea_Jane.

    2. Bahay Ampunan;

    3. Birthday gifts to some significant people : Ate Haidz (Kimmy's make-up artist) and Gidget de la Cuesta (Xian's handler).

    4. Feeding Program on 2-19-13 in support of Kim's franchise of Julie's Bakeshop grand opening. Members present in the grand opening will purchase breads to be used in the feeding program later in the day.

    JP is acting as Treasurer and will render accounting of funds received and disbursed (per Mommy Evs) of funds which will be channeled through Mommy Evs account which JP will provide to those who will respond to this humble solicitation with their KimXi pledges.

    Permit me to also mention that this worthwhile undertaking is really admirable as we, KimXis, who admire Kim and Xian are actually wanting to put out some message out there that we are not only here for our own pleasure but to also reach out to those who don't have the same access we have into computers, those who cannot even buy a pair of slippers or new clothes since they don't even have enough food to put on the table.

    This is a reality that a lot of our kababayans are undergoing on a daily basis especially with the indigenous people of the Philippines, the Aetas. We are just going to lift a little of their burden Pordalab of God and KimXi and our poor kababayans!

    From what I know of the Bahay Ampunan, the one that Kim gave to once, that same house was just subsisting on the charity of generous people like Kim and soon us, KimXis for the supplies they use for the abandoned babies they care for.

    We have heard of Kimmy having bundles of foodstuff and supplies she prepares or have her household prepare for her which she distributes on weeknights to people she and her household meet in the streets...and she has been doing this religiously without press or fanfare and today I just saw a comment of her sharing or opening her gate to her neighbors in need of water...a tall gate usually keeps people away, she opens hers...a little thing which is recorded as a big thing in the eyes of God...we wouldn't have known about it if this lady did not make a comment on her IG.

    Let us then be generous! God can never be outdone in His generosity. Kimmy's birthday is on April 19th and Xian's own on July 12th and of course there's the movie that will have us do BS. Let us therefore be proactive and identify who and what are our pledges for.

    Meanwhile our urgent ones or chronologically first are the ones listed above. Anyone interested to make a pledge just please say so (there is no suggested amount - just what you can afford and wish to give, thanks much. God is good all the time! Thank you my dear KimXis and apologize for the long read! Lurkers are encouraged to join. Let us be one in our charities too!

    Pledges: Pls. update this as you write your own name. Fellow KimXis, pls. add in your name if you wish to join in any way, shape or form. Thanks.

    1. Gutsy - Pledged amount remitted to Mommy Evs 1-30-13 Mlatime. MommyEvs advised.

    2. Iampurple Minnie - PLedged amount already remitted to Mommy Evs per Minnie 1-29-13. MommyEvs informed.. Will dep the pledge for the feeding program on 02-19-13 to mommy evs on Monday, 02-18-13 - confirmed by mommy evs. Additional pledges for Kim's birthday/Movie.

    3. Mylene1 - Pledge - Treasures for orphanage outreach and BS.

    4. Mrs. Woods - Pledged amount remitted to Mommy per Twit DM by Mrs. Woods.

    5. bea_jane - My time - available po ako 2PM onwards ng Mon-Thurs, then all day Fri-Sun. If you need my help with anything, inform me lang po. I have a couple of bags, clothes and some toys and children's book that I can give. And I already asked my friends if they want to give out stuffs.Pledge time for 2/19 feeding program.... Will coordinate this with JP.

    6. tisoymomsie - Pledged amount sent Thurs (Phil. time) - needing acknowledgment from JP/Mommy Evs. (Req. for acknowledgment relayed);
    ; additional pledge from Kim and Xian's bdays

    7. cebuanangoldie - to be personally given to Mommy Evs.

    8. xiankimlimuy - Pledged amount sent March - for Kim's birthday. (Banking details given). Amount deposited (acknowledged by Mommy Evs)

    9. tessie11 - (your request relayed through Mommy Evs for JP tdy. 1-30-13 U.S. time) Pledge Treasure for Community Outreach made 2-02-13.

    10. Maevel2002 - March, 2013 for Kim's birthday; succeeding pledges for Xian's Bday and KimXi movie.

    11. Nayumi - Pledge (s) - March, 2013. (Kim's birthday(?) or movie BS(?)

    Quite noteworthy is Bea_Jane's participation (pls read her BTS on it) in the Community Outreach to the Aetas, 2-01-13 with Team KimXi. Many thanks Bea_Jane and to Mommy Evs, JP Bernardo, Mich and Selle for the huge effort! You make Team KimXi as well as Kim and Xian proud!

    Our next project will be a charity visit to the Bahay Ampunan; will update on details soon as made available by Mommy Evs. Our solicitation is ongoing for the succeeding projects , please note birthdays of our fave couple Kim and Xian and the Block Screening and support for their first movie together.

    Will also update you on the birthday gifts for Ate Haidz (Kimmy's make-up artist) and Xian's handler Gidget DC.

    12. TravelPrincess - Pledge - Time, Talent and Treasure for the next Charity/Community Outreach. Pledge for the feeding program on 02/19/13 to be deposited 02/18. - confirmed by mommy evs

    13. KimZime - Pledge - Treasure for next Community Outreach.

    14. Crissyelda - Pledge - Time and Talent for the next Community Outreach.

    15. Mika - Pledge -Treasure for next Community Outreach.

    16. jazz224 - Pledge- remitted to acct of mommy evs. Will coordinate with her includes Kim's bday pledge. - confirmed by mommy evs. Additional pledge for BS and Xian's bday.

    17. tulip0419 - pledge for the kimxi movie

    18. @jns_confessions from tweetlandia... details of mommy evs provided - Pledge - for Feeding Program 2-19-13 - will dep tomorro.

    19. Reflection15 - treasure for BS

    KimXis, please read through the list and if you have made your pledge and don't find your name or if it's there and you may wish to add, kindly please advise. Thanks much!

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    nabasa ko lang ang comment na ito sa IG ni Pogi

    bakit sa tvc nila ang pagkasabi mo xian dito sa ig naging nyang na, hmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by 207hannzy;66596859[img

    love the comment of Sir Rico sa ating KIMXI

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    Congrats sa bagong thread and thanks so much sa mga builders..

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    FriendsofKimXiUSA ‏@FriendsOfK3XUSA 1h
    @kimxianatg "While there are No CELIAM moments available, these pictures are far better to look at,… http://instagram.com/p/X3Ry_CBFQk/

    FriendsofKimXiUSA ‏@FriendsOfK3XUSA 1h
    by @kimxianatg "Who said TVCs are istorbo in watching TV? Actually, they save our nights during… http://instagram.com/p/X3RwUNBFQd/


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    Deejaye Cuadrado ‏@deejayecuadrado 9m
    Everyone here at Mcdonald's New Molina are lining up for their #mcfloat #mcfloathappiness kalma lang… http://instagram.com/p/X3fB31QXWi/

    Deejaye Cuadrado ‏@deejayecuadrado 9m
    #mcfloathappiness @gidgetdc starmagicphils http://instagram.com/p/X3fLNuwXWw/

    Deejaye Cuadrado ‏@deejayecuadrado 7m
    #mcfloat #mcfloathappiness to beat the heat this summer with @xianlimm http://instagram.com/p/X3fknGwXXR/

    Deejaye Cuadrado ‏@deejayecuadrado 3m
    What flavor do u like? #mcfloat #mcfloathappiness @xianlimm http://instagram.com/p/X3gIYOQXYB/

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    Quote Originally Posted by len1102 View Post
    Happy 2nd Anniversary Team KimXi!!
    araw ng kagitingan pala anniversary ng kimxi...
    hmmm... was it just a coincidence that xian visited the pex thread yesterday or hes in the know...
    anyways, happy anniv mga magigiting na kimxis...

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    Meteor Garden Remake: Kim Chiu and Xian Lim or Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla?

    Posted by Myk on April 8, 2013

    'Meteor Garden' Remake on ABS-CBN: Will it be Kim Chiu and Xian Lim as San Cai and Dao Ming Si? Or will it be Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla?

    Since 2009, it has been long-rumored that ABS-CBN will do the Philippine version of "Meteor Garden", the hit Taiwanese drama which started the Asianovela craze in the Philippines 10 years ago.
    Sarah Geronimo was first reported to be playing the Filipina San Cai, with lesser known names portraying the F4 members, but obviously, it didn't come to fruition and has since remained to be just a hearsay.

    Fast forward to last quarter of 2012, there was a loud buzz that the Meteor Garden leads, San Cai and Dao Ming Si, reportedly will be portrayed by the KathNiel loveteam, composed of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, in the rumored ABS-CBN remake.

    It continued to be the rumor this 2013, until Kim Chiu and Xian Lim play the well-loved Meteor Garden characters in the ABS-CBN Summer Station ID 2013 released just yesterday. Also in the said Summer Station ID, the other F4 members are portrayed by Sam Concepcion, Dominic Roque and Robi Domingo.

    Read more: http://www.mykiru.ph/2013/04/meteor-...#ixzz2PvzlqYnv

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    PinoyExchange ‏@pinoyexchange 23m
    Thanks for visiting! Drop by again soon! RT @xianlimm: hey everyone :-)) just visited the PEX thread :-)) thanks for all the kind words!

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    not sure if this has been posted here...

    cto, from cosmo twas said in fb but no clue on which issue...

    apparently, what makes a kick-azz is relative... ben had americans in the huh for that oscar speech but for pinoy mag writers, that was kick-azz...
    also, cant make out the words and why robin p went south close to lame-azz...

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    May 2012
    land of maple leaf

    @XianLimm with one happy #McDoKiddieCrew and her proud mom from McDonald's New Molina Cavite #McFloatHappiness

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