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    Julia Montes or Mara Schnittka was born on March 19, 1995 in Pandacan, Manila. Her mother, Gemma Hautea, raised her with the help of her grandmother Florentina Hautea after her German father, Martin Schittka, left them.

    She was doing TV Commercials back then before she was discovered. She auditioned for ABS-CBN’s TV show “Hiram” and succeeded. After the show, she then tried out for “Goin’ Bulilit” and did her best and in result made her mark.

    As she grew-up many offers came knocking on her door. One of the many is the successful remake of the TV show “Mara Clara” where she starred as Gladys Reyes’ character Clara del Valle together with fellow “Goin’ Bulilit” star Kathryn Bernardo as Mara. Because of this success, Julia is currently dominating TV commercials, endorsements and magazine covers. Being a wise young lady, Julia decided to invest in a salon business and bought her own house at the age of 17.

    And when she’s almost a lady, her biggest role came. She portrayed the role of Katerina, alongside Coco Martin, in one of ABS-CBN’s obra maestra, “Walang Hanggan”.

    Because of the success of "Walang Hanggan", Coco Martin and Julia Montes were once again paired up, and this time for the Big Screen. She played the role of Jillian Linden in their first movie "A Moment In Time" which was Star Cinema's Movie Valentine Offering. It was partly shot in different countries in Europe. Its first showing day was last February 13, 2013

    In March 2013, Julia Montes made her comeback in ABS-CBN's Drama Anthology, Maalaala Mo Kaya and charmed the whole nation where she played as a 15-year-old prostitute, clinched the no.1 spot in the list of overall (Saturday and Sunday) top weekend TV programs.

    On the same month, Julia Montes finally turned 18. Her debut party was the much talked birthday celebration of this year (2013). It was sponsored by the people who loves her including her home network, ABS-CBN.
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    Coco Martin is one of the celebrities in the Philippines that earned his break through the indie scene. Coco or born as Rodel Nacianceno was dubbed as “The Prince of Philippine Independent Films.” Coco was born 1981 in Novaliches, Quezon City. He is currently living with his 70 year-old grandmother whom he considers as his second mother. He has five siblings in total both from his biological parents. Who would’ve known that Mr. Leading Man was once an OFW based in Alberta, Canada. He worked as a janitor for housekeeping. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree on HRM in National College of Business and Arts.

    He started his Indie Film journey lead starring in “Masahista”. The same film earned him the Young Critics Circle Best Actor Award in 2006. On the same year, he starred in another indie film titled “Kaleldo”. “Daybreak” and “Jay” earned him his first Gawad Urian for Best Supporting Actor. Coco created another masterpiece this time with international award winning director, Brillante Mendoza. The film was entitled “Kinatay” and it was applauded by international audiences.

    His mainstream career started in ABS-CBN’s talent agency, Star Magic. In 2001 he made his first cameo appearance in the film titled “Luv Text”. He ventured in other networks in 2007 but after a year he came back home to his Kapamilyas. Star Cinema just released his first mainstream movie “Born to Love You” last May 2012, together with Angeline Quinto.

    Tayong Dalawa in 2009 made his career unprecedented. His character Ramon won him the 2009 Best Drama Actor in the Star Awards for Television. After this, the rest was history. In 2010, he took the role of twins Alexander and Javier Del Tierro in “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin”. This granted him well deserved nominations from a lot of award giving bodies such as KBP Golden Dove Awards and Star Awards for TV to name some.

    He was also the most loved character in, ABS-CBN’s top rated primetime drama show “Walang Hanggan" as Daniel Guidotti opposite to Julia Montes who portrayed the role of Katerina Alcantara-Guidotti.

    Coco Martin was once again paired up with Julia Montes for Star Cinema's Movie Valentine Offering "A Moment In Time".He portrayed the role of Patrick Javier who fell in love with Montes' character, Jillian Linden. The film was Coco Martin and Julia Montes first movie together after their fit TV series Walang Hanggan

    Now, he's currently doing "Juan Dela Cruz" in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida.
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    Coco and Julia Personal twitter accounts:

    Click the images then tada!!

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    Facebook Fanpages and Twitter Fanpages:

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    Greetings/Messages to Fans

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    Baby let me be your last, your last first kiss

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    A Moment In Time Kisses

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    Julia's Fairytale Debut

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    Birthday Messages from Coco to Julia

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    Real Life "Walang Hanggan"(Bukayo Version)

    Si Coco

    Part I

    Part II

    Part III

    Part IV

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    Bukayo MVs I

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    Bukayo MVs II

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    Future Bukayo Babies

    Future Children of Coco and Julia. Hahahaha

    First Bukayo PExers Project

    These gifts were given to Coco and Julia "via" Lola Flory

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