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    Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program (4Ps)


    - baka may kilala kayong mga mahihirap nating kababayan na ilang beses nang nag-apply para "Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps)" ng DSWD pero hindi pa rin napipili maging beneficiaries ng programa,

    -kaya naman ay natanggal sila sa listahan dahil hindi sila nakasusunod sa mga kondisyon ng programa

    - or mga beneficiaries na nakatatanggap ng pagbabanta galing sa mga politiko na tatanggalin sa listahan pag hindi sila sinuportahan.

    - mga beneficiaries na natanggal dahil hindi makasunod sa kondisyon ng programa (85% attendance ng mga anak, regular check up, etc)

    Please message me po. Salamat po!

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    1. There is a number one requirement that you need to fulfill before being granted a 4p id = kamaganak mo o kilala mo ang mga officials like mayors, barangay captains, councilman, DSWD officers etc

    2. dahil USELESS naman talaga ang 4ps. Requirement dapat may attendance ang bata 100% sa school. The allowance is 500 per child. Pero dahil sa corruption at magic, nagiging 300 per child. Do tell kung paano yang 300 pesos per child would lend to a 85% attendance sa school?

    3. Go back to number 1

    4. Go back to number 2

    5. May fixers and lending companies din na taking advantage sa program. Gagawin ng middlemen, may contact sila sa DSWD. Pag papayag ang family, ang ATM na lalagyan ng pera eh mapupunta sa lending company. Tapos kahit walang requirements o conditions (85% attendance sa school, monthly checkup etc) ma rerelease pa rin ang pera kaya lang may kaltas na as much as 300 to 500 pesos kada family.

    Dahil ito sa weak recording system ng DSWD. They don't record the attendance, titingnan lang ang record from the teacher and then sign.

    Some families are also not getting the full amount promised by Dinky Soliman. It's supposed to be 500 per child up to 3 children so 1,500 plus 500 per parents ata up to 2,500 per family

    eto ang article

    CCT alyas Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program anomalies are bared by the Center for Women’s Resources (CWR), an NGO.

    The CWR conducted a study from April 1 to July 2011 of 100 CCT recipients from 18 barangays in Metro Manila, Sorsogon, Camarines Norte, Nueva Viscera, Negros and Mindoro. They unearthed the following anomalies:

    1. Erratic release of funds, some quarterly, some two months and some six months to one year in advance;

    2. The erratic release resulted in different amounts being paid like P2,200 for two months instead of P2,400 and from P6,000 for six months and P15,000 for one year;

    3. In many cases, the quarterly payments came only after five months;

    4. Complaints that after receiving two months or one quarter payments, they did not receive any succeeding installments;

    Opinion ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1
    5. When asked questions, DSWD personnel usually reprimanded the poor recipients;

    6. Travel expense of P80 or more in going to the nearest Landbank ATM and sometimes they have to come back because the ATM has no money or is offline;

    7. In Metro Manila, holduppers snatch their money outside the Landbank branch.

    The respondents said they preferred jobs, not dole outs.

    Previously, complaints have been received of unqualified beneficiaries being enrolled in the DSWD Masterlist with employees and relatives of municipal government included in the list. The CCT program should be reviewed.

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    WB: CCT has no significant impact on poor Filipinos

    Lack of Support Social Facilities Cited

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    Why not food stamps? DSWD expects the poorest to buy new clothes while they can receive free clothes donations -- PH is our best milking pot but the population like polution grows faster than our planes so 15% will always go back to them while education, media, hate culture remains retarded expect DSWD to ISAF to be retarded also. Baka mas matalino pa dentist niyo!

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    Sa tingin ko maganda nga kung food stamp na lang kasi kung pera iyong ibang magulang pinangsusugal lang like bingo etc. tapos kapag pindutan (withdraw) na sa ATM may gana pang mag-away away sa kapwa 4ps kasi iyon lang ang na-withdraw nila.

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    Ang food stamp ay itataya rin sa sugal

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