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    SPEAK YOUR MIND: The reputation of the PHL Senate is tarnished to what extent?

    A few hours ago, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile vacated his position but the remaining senators voted that he cannot do so. Quoting Senator Pimentel in an interview he said "[The cash gift issue] has had an impact on Senate as an institution. The reputation of Senate as an institution has been tarnished or damaged but to what extent, I can't say." With that being said, we ask you....

    For you, to what extent was it tarnished? Does Enrile's sudden intention to vacate the position as a Senate President add to the tarnished reputation of the Senate ?

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    The Senate has ALWAYS been trying to present itself as an important institution of the Government. Sadly, it is only succeeding in showing the oh-so-very gullible public how completely irrelevant they are. What a waste of taxpayer money. It should be completely abolished.

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    The way it looks, there is no one in politics, much less in Congress, that have any redeeming qualities. They are all tarnished and tainted by greed and corruption, at such extent that a reform, like term limits should be considered seriously. Maybe an independent ethics committee have to oversee behavior and demeanor of elected politicians and such committee should have the power to impose punishments.

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    Sadly, the idiot masa will still vote the reelectionist and/or their relatives. Im very sure of that.

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    sa akin na nag-oobserve lang sa mga senador, nagsimula ako mawalan ng gana simula nung impeachment ni corona..

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    The Senate's tarnished by around 85-90%, with a few sane men remaining.

    Renato Corona has the last laugh.

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    tarnished? mga balat buwaya na halos ang Philippine senate eh.

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    they are doing it long time ago.....its taxpayers money....and they don't even care...dapat may masample dyan diba mga kapexers

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    There is nothing left of them to be tarnished. To my mind the senate is not really that independent. When most of them voted for the conviction of CJ Corono in the impeachment case, i question their logic. An incorrect SALN, for not reporting the dollar account was the reason for his conviction when the law or regulation requires that it can be corrected. For all we know, all of them can be guilty of the same, why isolate him? And we do not forget the manner in which the case was filed all pointed to one person as the brain. Am pissed that they are more guilty than that man they accused of..

    Then came the Sottocopier,,,errr no need to elaborate, we know what happened, but wondering now who or where is/was the complainant these days.

    The fugitive Lacson was resurrected...

    The unelected Migz Zubiri was able to sit as senator, but how and why, what have they done with an unacceptable situation. they just allowed it to go just as.....

    The C5 at taga issues against Villar.....

    And you mean the Senate still has a reputation that can be tarnished????

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    It is tarnished to the extent that it is no longer an honorable aspiration to want to be a Philippine Senator. Most self-respecting Filipinos with intact integrity would not want to be associated with the Senate. This, coupled with the prohibitively high nationwide campaign costs, leaves us with a pool of candidates whose motives are suspect, and/or whose legislative capabilities are inadequate.

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    Now they are planning to get a private auditing firm..and one Senator by the name of Panfilo Lacson..said magastos yun sa COA nalang daw...hehehhe..this to prove na they can splurge to millions of pamasko then may gastos daw sa auditing firm...anu ba yan....

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    It became so tarnished that even the strongest industrial grade polisher can't restore its luster. Same with the House on Batasan Hills and the Palace by the River. And it all started when 'we' put nincompoops and 'crocodiles' instead of great intellectuals and patriots like those who walked through these formerly august halls of governance during the Third Republic.

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    For this Speak Your Mind topic, curiouser thinks that it might not be honorable to aspire as a senator due to what happened with Enrile.

    Thank you for participating

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