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    Sakit na pang-pinoy?

    Alam nyo ba na may mga sakit na ang dinadapuan lang ay mga Puti, mga Negr0, o Asian?
    Ano ba ang mga para sa Pinoy

    Halimbawa sa mga Caucasians may tinatawag na cystic fibrosis. Tipong magkakaroon ng lung infection ang baby at mahihirapang huminga. Hernia hahaha mas pwede sa whites..

    Alam nyo ba na may mas mataas na 60% magkaroon ng Diabetes ang mga BLACK PEOPLE kaysa white? 6.5 times silang mas pwedeng magkasakit sa bato gawa nito more than other races... parang RACIST ano haha Pero totoo po ito.

    So ASSIGNMENT nyo sa akin. Ano ang pang-Pinoy?
    Totoo bang ang bangungot, gigising ka sa langit ka na haha sa mga ASIANS lang?

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    Yes diseases are often racist. Because racial background usually come from genes. Unless you are Jesus. Aside from that are there cultural habits (which usually are attached to racial background) that contribute to it (eg masochism and going to the doctor, inability to take diseases/medications seriously, diet and eating habits). And lastly like culture which aren't automatic but still relevant, racial background in most cases socioeconomic background/history. Eg 70% of Filipino Americans are immigrants/foreign born, and that tells you although once again not necessarily that their medical background consist of medical screening and standard of a less than developed medical system.

    In Hawai'i for example, most cases pinoys are almost always second on top of the list (only seconded by the poorest disparaged group, NHawaiians) when it comes to disease mortality. With the exception of cardiovascular: they take the gold.

    Coronary/cardiovascular is also one of the highest killer of Pinoys in the PI. 1/3 of deaths in Philippines is cardiovascular in nature. It's the leading cause of deaths in Pinoy Americans.

    Followed by cancer.

    Hinay hinay ho sa San Mig at Sisig,

    Dadagaan ang Pagbabasketball

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    for unprotected sex, meet the rhea twins - their names are gono and dia.

    for those who loves salty food a bit too much - hypertension or high blood pressure. RDA of sodium is 2000mg. 10 pieces of chicken mcnuggets is already 1000mg. a packet of knorr instant sinigang mix is already 1000mg. hypertension is not limited to adults. hypertension also causes aneurysm. last thing u need is a blood vessel exploding in the brain.

    asians are basically lactose intolerant as they age. switch to soy milk.

    bananas are plentiful in pinas. it contains only 1mg of salt and the rest is mostly potassium - great for the preggies. it also helps fight cancer. the more brown spots on the skin, the better.

    most common sickness in pinas: hunger.

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    In a small country like the Philippines, with a population of about 98 million, “one out of five adults (20 percent) are diabetic,” according to the 2007 Philippine Cardiovascular Outcome Study on Diabetes,

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    5th post. Sino sa ating lima ang may diabetes?


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    almost every Filipino who migrated to other countries (e.g. US), tested positive for TB skin test.

    ako diabetic.

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    Carriers daw almost lahat ng pinoy ang TB


    although di naman ako nagpositive sa PPD test.

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    Leading causes of Morbidity:

    1. Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infection and Pneumonia**
    2. Bronchitis/Bronchiolitis
    3. Acute watery diarrhea
    4. Influenza
    5. Hypertension
    6. TB Respiratory
    7. Diseases of the Heart
    8. Malaria
    9. Chicken Pox
    10. Dengue fever

    Leading causes of Mortality:

    1. Diseases of the Heart
    2. Diseases of the Vascular System
    3. Malignant Neoplasms
    4. Accidents**
    5. Pneumonia
    6. Tuberculosis, all forms
    7. Chronic lower respiratory diseases
    8. Diabetes Mellitus
    9.Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period
    10. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome
    and nephrosis

    Hanggang ngayon, malaking problema pa din sa Pilipinas ang sakit na TB, na preventable naman, I don't have the statistics, but TB is a disease na halos wala na sa mayayaman na bansa.

    Look at the Chicken Pox as part of the morbidity of Filipinos.Hello? May bakuna laban sa chicken pox, until now problema pa din.

    The other statistics, sinasalamin niya ang lifestyle at kultura ng Pinoy, and health beliefs and practices na din.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dylandarkk View Post
    Carriers daw almost lahat ng pinoy ang TB


    although di naman ako nagpositive sa PPD test.
    Interesting fact!

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    Sakit ng pinoy ay PERA...ang sakit sakit sa Bulsa pag me babayaran kang mga mamahalin...pero back to topic
    ewan ko bakit ang karamihan sa pinoy at tinutubuan ng Pigsa?..samantalang bihira itong mapagusapan ng mga kano at iba pang maga taga ibang pinoy kapag may pigsa usapang usapan na at bote daw ang pang alis..ano kaya dahilan?

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    By the way, mild hypertensive ako at 24. Nakakainit kasi talaga ng dugo yung roommate kong klepto noon.

    Di pa ako masigasig sa maintenance meds but usually naman when I visit the clinic to have my blood pressure checked each week, normal naman siya or nasa boundary 130/90.

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    ^ pag ganyan naman talaga, wala pang meds talaga dapat yan, more on lifestyle change lang ang hatol diyan, may lifestyle change ka na ba?

    Pag nagpunta ka ng stage 2 HPN, saka ka bibigyan ng meds for maintenance.

    HPN is a silent killer, sinisira nito pa unti unti ang organs mo kapag hindi ka nag comply sa treatment.

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    1. cardiovascular disease

    2. Hepatitis B

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    Dito sa lugar ko lang nalaman na kapag ang bata ay minumuta,dapat na huwag hawakan o lapitan dahil ito ay sintomas ng sakit na nakakahawa.Kaya kapag may muta lalo na sobrang dilaw at nagdidikitan ng mga mata,ipagamot agad.

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    Cardiovascular Disease

    Lung Cancer


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