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    First Look Gabriela Silang Movie

    Armed with a bolo knife, Gabriela Silang is going to the big screen to lead a revolt against Spaniards. Here’s the first official look of Gabriela Silang portrayed by Tin Patrimonio which only means on thing – this indie film, Gabriela, has kicked off its production.

    Anyway, here’s an interesting scoop we’ve got from almost a year ago, actress Jennylyn Mercado was reportedly going to give life to the role of Gabriela Silang for an indie film. She even attended horseback riding lessons because it was reported that Gabriela will be seen most of the time on a horse. But if the filmmakers behind this new Gabriela Silang indie film and the one who initially tapped Jennylyn Mercado is the same, where’s the horse in this teaser poster? lol.

    I guess that pretty much explains that this is either a test-look, a teaser poster and of course, an indie film! No horse, no budget. While we are quite bouncy about this film did you know that this isn’t the first Gabriela Silang movie?
    In the year 1971, director Jun Aristorenas ( Matalino man ang matsing naiisahan din!) and his writers Ding M. De Jesus and Greg Macabenta adapted Gabriela Silang’s story into the big screen. The classic Gabriela film stars Carlos Padilla Jr., Eddie Garcia, Johnny Monteiro,Fred Galang and Virginia Aristorenas as Gabriela Silang.

    Fast forward to present and we have Carlo Aquino, Ricky Davao, Jeffrey Santos, Mara lopez, Jim paredes, Arthur Solinap and Christine Patrimonio.

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    Eto pa isang article about Tin as Gabriela Silang

    Gabriela Silang Movie in the works, Tin Patrimonio takes the role
    Pinoy Big Brother ex-housemate Tin Patrimonio is going to be launched in a film as one of the first Filipino woman to lead a revolt against Spanish colonizers, Maria Josefa Gabriela Silang or simply called ‘Gabriela Silang‘. The biopic of Philippines’ figure of woman empowerment as evident in the name of the leftist party Gabriela is written by Frank Rivera (Jose Rizal: iba’t ibang Pananaw, 2005) and will be directed by Carlo Norman Maceda.
    The most recent historical drama are Mark Meily’s El Presidente and Richard Somes’ Supremo. And with a Gabriela Silang movie in the works I wonder if we’ll see more from this genre in local theaters soon!
    You know what’s interesting about Filipino historical drama films? Well, they’re the most expensive if not the hardest to make. Everything has to be practical and apt to the time period the story is set. So almost everything has to be tailor-made! Did you know that El Presidente reportedly costs around P150-million? It can be that expensive!
    Interestingly, did you also know that Richard Somes’ Supremo had little to no budget that it took years in production? And yet they were able to pull off a good Filipino historical drama film. But why is that?
    While the production a movie solely depends on the budget. If there’s is time, determination and great minds behind a project anything is possible! I wonder how much would it cost to adapt Gabriela Silang’s story into the big screen.

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    good afternoon!

    Tin Patrimonio™ @acpatrimonio
    Being nice to someone you don't like is not being fake or plastic.It is called RESPECT because you had your self EDUCATED.have a nice day!


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    may RT pala siya nito......

    Notebook of Love @Notebook
    #TheWorstFeeling is being lied to by someone you thought would never hurt you.
    Retweeted by Tin Patrimonio™

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    Good Afternoon! benenes!

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    Slater Young ‏@thatguySLATER
    Always keep a little prayer in your pocket.

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    natawa naman ako sa tweet ni slater na to nung isang araw wala lang...

    Slater Young ‏@thatguySLATER
    May matweet lang..

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    Tin Patrimonio™ ‏@acpatrimonio
    True ❤

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    ang cute lang ng tweet na to ni Slater.

    Slater Young ‏@thatguySLATER
    Pssst... Crush!

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    Slater Young ‏@thatguySLATER
    It's weird how dreaming about someone can make us feel differently about them..

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    Congrats kay tin at cwa. Olivarez cup Ladies Doubles champion


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    Good Afternoon!

    May nakita akong another article ni Tin for Gabriela sa FB

    cto mell t. navarro (fb)


    "GABRIELA", a new full length film on the life story of Filipino hero GABRIELA SILANG, from a script by the award-winning FRANK RIVERA (script won a place in the 1998 centennial scriptwriting contest), directed by Carlo Norman Maceda. Being launched into full stardom via this movie is CHRISTINE PATRIMONIO as Gabriela Silang, whose life was so colorful, especially for the Ilocanos...Christine is the daughter of ALVIN PATRIMONIO, a tennis champion, and Top 5 in "PINOY BIG BROTHER" (2012) of abs-cbn... Also in the cast are: RICKY DAVAO, CARLO AQUINO, BJ "TOLITS" FORBES, JEFFREY SANTOS, MARA LOPEZ, ROB SY, JIM PAREDES, CHRIS MICHELENA, ARTHUR SOLINAP, IRIS LAPID, JUSTIN PIÑON, and JOHNRON TAÑADA... shootiing currently going on... COMING SOON!

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    Congrats kina TIn at Cwa runner-up sila sa Cainta open. ladies doubles last week!

    cto cainta open fb

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    credits to cainta open fb

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    credits to cainta open fb

    Tin in action Cainta open

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    CindyConwiPatrimonio @cindypatrimonio
    @racketiners #caintaopen

    Tin in action Cainta Open

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    credits to nel rudas fb

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    Mark M. @imlazyyy 1h
    Patrimonio sisters in action! #CaintaOpen

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    Tin and Cwa Olivarez cup ladies doubles champion (mar. 2013)

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    RackeTINers @RackeTINers
    Congrats again Patrimonio Sisters!! Doubles Champions!! @acpatrimonio clarice25xx


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