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    For affordable rates and quality service you can visit our portfolio
    http://seesharpproduction.wordpress.com/. PM me for inquiries. Thanks.

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    hello guys! I recommend Obscura X for a very affordable but quality Photo and Video..you may contact them 0922-3015607

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    I would just like to add our photo services to the listing. We're a young team of freelance photographers and designers based in Quezon City, we are mostly into beauty shots and portraits but we'd like to break into the wedding industry as well so we have very affordable rates at this moment. Check out our facebook site:


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    I think the photos are great in their own way, they've got personality and are consistent with the post-processing. It's works like these that make one stand out from the rest.

    The only negative comment I can give is probably the website and interface. Too flashy and slow that it's hard to appreciate the good photos for what they are. And music for a site? Also not a good idea.

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    just wandering.. MaJoRLy_SPOiled's Avatar
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    where i wanna be
    hi, if you're looking for a photographer, please check Shutter Count.



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    just wandering.. MaJoRLy_SPOiled's Avatar
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    where i wanna be
    hi, if you're looking for a photo/video, please check Shutter Count.



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    am a newbie here and would like to share my photographer, JR Salonga... He's so friendly and his rates are competitive and affordable... you can check his website www.jrsalonga.com... am so impress with his works and if you will see our prenup on the website who would have thought na ginawa yun sa hinulugang taktak parang out of town

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    Hi everyone, newbie here as well, share ko lang din p/v namen, based on his previous clients magaling and astig din mga shots nya.. and very budget friendly.. he can work within your budget..

    You might want to check this out or search Wilfredo Bart sa FB



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    zoombox wedding videos

    may nakakuha na ba sa inyo services ng ZOOMBOX Productions for wedding videos? anong feedback ninyo?
    gusto kasi namin silang kunin for our wedding videography.

    Thank you.

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    Thumbs up Obscura X [photo + video]

    Hi all, we're from OBSCURA X [PHOTO + VIDEO]

    we cover all types of events like weddings, debut, birthdays, christening, etc.

    our package starts for as low as 2,500.

    email us:

    [email protected]

    text or call us:


    visit our FB page for more samples:


    follow this link for full detail of our rates and packages:

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    B.A. Studios

    tanong ko lang po sa inyo ang Pros and Cons sa B.A. Studio...Maraming salamat po God bless sa inyong lahat

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    Any feedback on Kenneth Uy? Parang hindi ko na naririnig pangalan nya dito a.. Hmm.

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    Sharing one..

    Santiago Alfonso Fotografia..

    Photo and Video Coverage Package starts at P15,000..

    Quality that would fit your budget..

    Here's their website..


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    Kindly check angleperspectiveshots photography. Here's their website www.angleperspectiveshots.weebly.com

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    guys you can try angleperspectiveshots photography if talagang tight budget kayo pero at the same time creative shots pa din hanap niyo. here's their website www.angleperspectiveshots.weebly.com

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    Disposable Cameras per table at the wedding reception :)

    I'm planning to put one disposable camera (old-school film cameras) per table at my reception. I thought it might be a fun way to capture the happenings per table, as my professional photographers can only be in a few places at a time and can only capture so much. I think it's going to be a nice way to get the natural, crazy, unselfconscious pictures of our guests since they will be taking pictures of each other instead of posing for photographers.

    Have any of you done this/are any of you planning to do this in your wedding reception? Any thoughts? And do any of you know of a local or online supplier where I can get these disposable cameras? Thanks!

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    Mayad, RockPaperScissors, and Homemade Prenup Videos

    Hi, I'd just like to share our experience with video and photography for our
    wedding, which took place on May 14, 2012 in Cebu at the Shangri-La's Mactan
    Resort and Spa. We were definitely on a budget but we wanted to splurge on the
    videographers and photographers since we realized that when everything was said
    and done, the video and the pictures would be the main things that people would
    remember years from now. We hope our videos and our experiences can help you pick
    the right videographer/photographer combination for your wedding to suit your own
    personal style, budget, and preference as well as give you some ideas for your own
    shoots. After all was said and done we paid about 600k pesos in all for everything,
    which is less than what we would have paid for a similar wedding here in Singapore,
    and it definitely wouldn't have been nearly as fun or as beautiful as what we got in

    To save on wedding costs, though, we decided to make our own
    prenup video in Singapore and asked one of our friends to do our prenup photoshoot.
    It saved us a lot of money and we were very happy with the results. Because we were
    in charge of our own prenup shoots, we were able to experiment and try something
    different, because my wife had some really cool, creative ideas for our prenups.

    Our prenup/save-the-date was a music video parody of Jon Bon Jovi's "It's My Life."
    and we pushed the boundaries of what we could get away with in Singapore.

    Prenup Video 1 - "It's My Life" Music Video Parody

    The photoshoot was a zombie-themed shoot inspired by "The Walking Dead" and a zombie
    prenup shoot that was done by a Korean couple in the US. We decided to take it one
    step further and turn it into the second part of our prenup video, utilizing my
    coworkers from Lucasfilm Singapore to help me put together a zombie flick complete
    with gore and special effects in only one day of shooting and a week of

    Prenup Photoshoot - Zombie Shoot

    Prenup Video 2 - The Zombie Apocalypse

    For the wedding day, we decided to go with the professionals. We picked Mayad
    Studios because they have consistently shown that they can capture the fun and
    excitement of the wedding day and preserve it in film like few videographers can.
    They were definitely expensive but I hope you'll agree from the same-day-edit video
    that they were completely worth every penny. They knew exactly what to shoot and
    where to be in order to catch every special moment of our wedding.

    Mayad Studios - All You Need is Love:

    We also really liked the style of RockPaperScissors and knew from their portfolio
    that they would be the perfect fit for our theme and style of our wedding. We were
    extremely pleased with their work and felt immediately comfortable leaving our
    wedding day photography in their experienced hands.

    RockPaperScissors - Restless:

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    Here's a list of professional photographers and videographers.

    You can also browse the site for some wedding resources, wedding venues, caterers, coordinator/planner, bridal cars and many more. It is a online wedding store.

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