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    Cool Asia fanmeeting tour 2012

    SINGAPORE FANMEET - 2012.05.04

    Video Credit: [email protected]

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong melts 3,000 hearts at fan meet
    source: http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com

    3,000 fans streamed in armed with posters and lightsticks for the fan meet (Photo courtesy of Running Into The …

    Hallyu wave idol Kim Hyun Joong redefined the meeting of fan-meetings at the Indoor Stadium on Friday night.

    Call it gimmicky or impractical, but the Boys Over Flower star made the dreams of 3,000 fans come true that night when he high-fived and shook hands with all of them.

    To his fans, some of who waited in line until midnight to go palm-to-palm with him, that was just the icing on the cake after a night of songs and games designed to melt the hearts of the hardest cynic in the audience.

    Top 10 highlights of Kim Hyun Joong’s Singapore Fan Meeting 2012

    The Korean heartthrob performed a string of old and new songs from his solo debut and boyband days

    Text: Joanna Goh
    Photos Credit as Tagged

    It felt more like a mini-concert with value-added fan interaction, going by the amount of songs Kim Hyun Joong performed for fans last night at the first stop for his Asia tour of Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012 in Singapore.

    Flanked by a total of 10 dancers, Hyun Joong opened the two-hour long show with fast-paced tracks such as ‘Let Me Go’, ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Please’, and upped the ante of the show when he flaunted his man abs at the end of his third song.

    Singing and dancing non-stop to a total of nine songs from his boyband days, drama shows, and two mini-albums, Breakdown and Lucky Guy, he got his fans to participate in a sing-along for ‘Happiness’, with specially rewrote lyrics in English that went: Happiness without you, I cannot imagine it.

    He got fans cooing when he added in Korean, “I feel that this song truly expresses my feeling to all of you guys. I’ll put in my whole heart, and I really love this line so I’ve prepared it in English so that we can sing it together.”

    We revisit the top 10 highlights of Kim Hyun Joong’s Singapore Fan Meeting 2012 below.Read on and relive the best moments now!

    xinmsn is proud to be the official online media for Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 Singapore. Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 Singapore is organised by Running Into The Sun and AMC Group Singapore.

    #1 Hyun Joong’s man abs
    Having evolved from pretty boy next door in Boys Over Flowers to masculine hunk with an enviable bod in his first solo mini-album, Break Down, he teased fans when he unbuttoned his blazer at the end of his third song, ‘Please’, to showcase his ample chest. This definitely explains for his deep-v tops and sexy blazer-sans-the-shirt getup during the event.

    #2 Hyun Joong’s ageyo
    He’s straightforward and a little offbeat, together with his newly-crafted manly image these are some of the many reasons why it’s a rarity to see him do any ‘ageyo’ (cutesy actions) before a crowd. Last night, during the stage activities with five fans, Hyun Joong showed off his cute antics when he reenacted three iconic blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe’s signature moves. That’s priceless.

    #3 First performance of ‘I am Your Man’ on stage
    In the words of Hyun Joong “You guys are so lucky to be here at the stadium with me tonight. Are you curious why? It’s because, this song (‘I am Your Man’) is sang officially on stage for the first time.”

    #4 Live rendition of ‘Because I’m Stupid’
    Before it was recorded as an acoustic soundtrack for Hyun Joong debut acting series, Boys Over Flowers, this song – ‘Because I’m Stupid’ was originally performed by Korean boyband SS501, which leader Kim hails from. Seeing how members of SS501 are concentrating on their solo careers right now, we’re sure fans seated amongst the audience, who are fans of both Hyun Joong and the group, were secretly pleased and delighted when he gave a throwback to his boyband days with this song

    #5 Serenade a fan
    On top of his songs and dance, what’s a fan meet without the usual games and solo serenades? After the game segment with five selected fans who each got to bring home a mini present and truckloads of memories from their moment spent on stage with the Korean hottie, Hyun Joong surprised everyone when he later popped back up on stage, with one of the fans, and serenaded her with the love ballad ‘Marry You’, topping it off with a bouquet of red roses, and a mini cuddle on the bench. And we heard the fan girls breathe a collective sigh of envy when he took that lucky fan by her hand…

    #6 Hyun Joong’s brand of humour
    Yes, the proceedings of the fan meeting was designed and planned by the Korean heartthrob himself. Fans were given a hearty dose of his offbeat humour during his solo serenade when said fan was wheeled out on a hospital bed. The atmosphere was heightened when “he” supposedly leaned in for a kiss with the girl — behind a ‘smoke screen’ — and gasps of shock was heard throughout the crowd. Imagine everyone’s relief when the screen was wheeled away to reveal his dancers behind the ‘kiss

    #7 Mini-concert with lots of singing
    Hyun Joong fives fans more bang for the buck. We counted, the 25-year-old performed to a total of 15 songs last night – an amount that exceeded our initial expectations for a fan meeting.

    #8 Upclose interaction
    He made sure everyone sitting far away were given an opportunity to see him upclose. He reappeared at the back of the hall and slowly made his way to the front of the stage while shaking the hands of fans and dazzling them with his bright smile during a love ballad performance.

    #9 Hyun Joong gets fun with water
    Yes, he took a mouthful of water from a mineral bottle and proceeded to flick the rest of its contents towards the screaming crowd, whom appeared to be more than happy to bask in what we like to call – Hyun Joong’s showers of blessings.

    #10 The high-five session
    Definitely the highlight and record-breaking moment of the night, the 1hr16mins long session saw fans queue up in orderly fashion as everyone took turns to make their way up the stage to ‘collect’ their high-five or handshake with Hyun Joong. For someone who enjoys massive appeal amongst the young and old, we sighted a young toddler, and two elderly 72-year-old Filipino grandmothers, who were on wheelchairs, going for a handshake with him. And yes, he high-fived/handshaked

    Video Credits: [email protected]

    HONGKONG FANMEET - 2012.05.12

    Videos Credit: [email protected]

    TAIWAN FANMEET - 2012.05.18-19]

    Video Credit: [email protected]

    [News] Kim HyunJoong – Taiwan Fan Meeting Tour

    Source: http://news.cts.com.tw/nownews/enter...191005941.html
    English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
    Please repost with full credit

    Korea popular male star Kim HyunJoong held his fan meeting on 18th. Once started he ‘broke egg’ to make his appearance, performing singing and dancing, revealing his abs, other than singing 15 songs passionately. He even had some interactions on stage with fans, filming ‘bed show’.
    ‘U:zoosin’ Kim HyunJoong on 18th & 19th, for 2 nights hold his fan meeting at NTU Sports Center, but the stage effect was totally concert grade. Making his appearance at the start from a planet ‘breaking an egg to come out’, causing fans to scream. He who opened the show with hit song, wearing black jacket, with nothing inside, revealing his ‘dots’ from time to time (Mini UFO: erm… u know what ‘dot’ I m referring to right? kekeke). After the hit dance was ended, the entire line of buttons were unbutton, revealing his abs, causing his lady fans at venue to feel high!
    Other than hit dance and songs, Kim HyunJoong also sang ballad passionately, even invited lucky fans on stage, giving a gigantic teddy bear as present; during mid of the show, he even drew lots to select fans to play game with him, allowing 5 lucky fans to go on stage to pose according to movie poster, among them were ‘looking affectionately at each other’ pose from ‘Water for Elephants’; ‘Standing back to back’ pose from ‘Pretty Woman’; ‘circling waist from back flying high’ pose from ‘Titanic’; but there was a fan who was unlucky and selected the solo photo ‘Amélie’, luckily she still have Kim HyunJoong to help her took a photograph.
    As for the fan who had selected the ‘Joker card’, originally thought that she would not have a chance for close contact, unexpectedly after being sent to back stage, staff ‘placed her on bed’ and pushed her out, causing the envy of all fans! Kim HyunJoong other than singing passionately to her, even made use of shadow to fake kiss her hand. However when the screen was exposed, it had been switched to 2 staff, he and his fans magically raised up gradually on stage, making lots of fans to ‘feel relief’ that both of them didn’t ‘real kiss’.
    This fan meeting cost was over NT3.5million (approx USD117K), Kim HyunJoong had changed 4 sets of costume, basically it was modeled after a concert concept, singing and interactions continued until around 21:40, following by that was the High touch’ moment which fans had long awaited, it was said that Kim HyunJoong had personally made the request for this activity, allowing fans who didn’t have a chance to interact with him to also able to meet their idol in close contact.

    Photos credit as TaGGED
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    Asia fanmeeting tour 2012

    Video Chengdu PressCON

    Videos Credit as Tagged

    CHENGDU FANMEET - 2012.06.91-01]

    Video Credits: [email protected]

    Kim Hyun Joong – Full report from Press conference in Chengdu


    eng trans : www.babyvfan.wordpress.com

    Kim Hyun Joong greeted everyone in chinese ‘hi everyone, i’m kim hyun joong’.

    Medias at the scene asked hyun joong to speak more sentences in chinese, kim hyun joong said ‘long time no see’ and shyly said ‘i love you’.

    When asked about his impression on Chengdu fans, Kim hyun joong expresses that he is very touched. Yesterday he saw many fans waiting at the airport for him at midnight, his plane was delayed, but yet so many fans were waiting. He felt thankful for the supports from the fans.

    When talked about impressions on Chengdu, Kim Hyun Joong honestly said, as he touched down very late at night, and first schedule today is to come for the press conference, he did not get any chance to admire the beautiful city view. He plans to go on sightseeing after the event ends.

    A reporter asked Kim Hyun Joong which chinese movie he likes the most, kim hyun joong said that he watched TangWei’s Lust Caution recently, and was shocked.

    Followed by another reporter, asking if Kim Hyun Joong is able to accept the big scale performance in Lust Caution, kim hyun joong says that he would feel shy if he was young, filming those kind of drama will feel embarrassed. But as he is older now, he realises that the plot is more important, actors should concentrate more on the character building of the role acted.

    Kim Hyun Joong also revealed that he will be performing 15 songs tomorrow, with great stage effects, so will not bore anyone.

    Kim Hyun Joong says he likes Chengdu a lot, he knows there are pretty girls, panda, steamboat, and ‘shu’ embroidery. Originally he was scheduled to visit panda reserve, but sadly it was cancelled. Kim Hyun Joong said he knows about chengdu has pretty ladies and shu embroidery, so he wishes to see the look of pretty lady sewing.

    Someone asked why Kim Hyun Joong did not open a weibo, Kim Hyun Joong expressed that he is not good with the internet, but he will be giving fans a big surprise next week.

    [Fan Account] A Fan’s Touching Encounter With Hyun Joong


    A truly touching fan encounter occurred during this flight.

    A friend of mine who has been to all his FM stops had a whole series of misfortunes occur during the stop in Chengdu. Amidst all the issues she already had, she also bought some autographed photos that were said to be official and sold as such in Chengdu though other friends subsequently raised doubts about the authenticity of these. She had thought at the time that perhaps he had signed them in a hurry therefore they didn’t quite look as they normally did

    Anyway, she got into the plane, and found that her seat was in front of HJ’s by some rows. Seeing an empty seat next to a fan that was better placed, she asked politely if she would mind her sitting there. And was refused. At that point, her original seat had been taken by another passenger so she was forced to sit a row ahead of HJ, though not directly in front. She said she felt so awkward and embarrassed by this stage (HJ having witnessed the exchange) that she didn’t know what to do, and what was worse, she was sat in a position where HJ could see her! To cover her embarrassment she took out her autographed photos and asked the manager if these were truly autographed by HJ. After some discussion among themselves, she was asked where she had got them as they had certainly not been autographed by HJ. She told them they had been sold as official autographs at Chengdu. She then felt even more foolish for having fallen for this scam, i suspect she just wanted the earth to swallow her up then! I guess HJ must have felt really sorry for her after everything, so the manager came back and asked if she had anything she wanted him to sign. Having carried her limited editions across several continents for him to sign, this was the one time when unfortunately she didn’t have them with her. I should explain that she has seen him more than 100 times, but is not the kind of fan who would go up to him to ask for an autograph. She’s just happy being there where he is, without intruding into his space. Anyway, after some searching she came up with her Uzoosin iphone case. Unfortunately she didnt have a pen on her. And nobody around seemed to have one. At this point, she fell into despair again and just gave up. So near and yet so far! She noted at one point that HJ had got up presumably to go to the loo, although he took a long time, and so she just decided to go to sleep. I guess the days of sleepless nights just caught up with her at this point. (she has been a great source of help to many fans in getting tickets etc but really this involved so much work, together with several issues that had arisen, that she had barely had any sleep). And she woke up to find that her phone which she had left at the side and been autographed! Wasn’t that sweet! He probably went off in search of a pen (maybe from Mr Jeong?), got hold of her phone, signed it and replaced it. When she turned to mouth a “kamsahamnida” to him he couldn’t meet her eyes and looked away embarrassed

    At times like these am reminded of why so many of us really like HJ… He has such a warm heart! I’m sure he saw her, forlorn and sad, and just decided to make her happy

    Generally his manager tends to refuse autographs on the plane, from what I’ve heard, and in this case she didn’t even ask him for it!

    Just wanted to put this down on her behalf as I don’t know she would ever write an account and it was too touching not to be shared ! (she agreed to me writing tho!)
    And happy to have a nice ending to such an upsetting period

    GUANGZHOU FANMEET - 2012.06.02

    Videos Credit: [email protected]

    Video Credit: [email protected]

    Full Video Credit: [email protected]
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    Cool Asia fanmeeting tour 2012

    SHANGHAI FANMEET - 2012.06.09

    Photos Credit: HYUNJOONGCHINA Tao tao

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong reveals his muscular build during Shanghai concert


    Chinese fans experienced mental collapse after singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong revealed his chiseled body.

    Kim Hyun Joong is currently in the middle of his 4-city concert tour, and recently wrapped up a show in Shanghai, China on June 9th.

    China Photo Press who reported the story along with photos from the scene wrote, “Kim Hyun Joong revealing [his muscles] was the highlight of the performance. The fans’ cheers would not cease, and they were close to fainting.”

    It was easy to tell how exciting the actual performance was, just by taking a few glances at the photos. Kim Hyun Joong displayed both his masculine and adorable charms, while also putting on a sexy couple dance.

    The singer who stepped on stage in a black button up top boldly opened up his shirt to reveal his fit physique. Upon setting eyes on his muscular body, the wild cheers of the fans in the audience did not die down easily.

    Though he looked a bit awkward during his ‘sexy dance performance’ with a fellow female dancer, the singer gave the performance his all.

    In related news, Kim Hyun Joong also broke a new record recently by receiving the most Weibo followers on the first day of opening an account.


    Source: Dispatch via Nate

    BEIJING FANMEET - 2012.06.10

    Credit: [email protected]

    Credit: [email protected]

    Credit: [email protected]
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    Kim hyunjoong weibo account

    Kim Hyun Joong breaks first day record for most Weibo followers

    by kdramacrazy - Jun 7, 2012 at 10:55 am

    To help communicate more with his international fans, Kim Hyun Joong recently opened a Weibo account, (Chinese Twitter). After Kim Hyun Joong opened his account on June 6th, his Weibo account experienced a surge of followers.

    Kim Hyun Joong has been gathering a large fan base in China after his dramas, ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ and ‘Playful Kiss‘, in addition to his album activities and fanmeetings. His popularity was only emphasized with his Weibo followers, which reached over 230,000 in just one day.

    Up until now, Japanese AV star Aoi Sola had the record for most Weibo followers on the first day of opening an account, with 220,000. National star Jang Geun Suk almost broke that record as he had 210,000 followers on the first day. Now, Kim Hyun Joong holds the record, showing off his explosive popularity.

    For his Chinese followers, Kim Hyun Joong posted a never before seen photo and an autograph, in addition to a behind-the-scenes making video,

    In related news, Kim Hyun Joong will be meeting his international fans through his 2012 fanmeeting tours. He will hold a fanmeeting in Shanghai, China on June 9th.

    Source: Newsen via Nate

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong, “People thinks I’m playing when I don’t have activities in Korea… I’ve been working throughout the year”
    Source: Sports Korea
    Translator: wonderrrgirl
    Re-posted from: http://wonderrrland.wordpress.com/20...hout-the-year/

    Actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong shows his readiness for his upcoming new work.

    Kim Hyun Joong attended the event held by casual clothing brand Hangten Korea on the 13 of June in a cafe at Guanghwamun, entitled ‘SAVE THE EARTH’.

    On this day, Kim Hyun Joong disclosed information regarding his upcoming new drama ‘City Conquest, “On July 4, I will start my new Japanese album promotiona activities, and in the middle of July, I will begin filming in Japan as well” as well as “The first scene is going to be filmed near the sea, I think. Until then, the sea must clear up, and I’ll be able to show everyone a trouble-free clean complexion”, said Kim Hyun Joong with a smile.

    His present activities and condition was also mentioned. Kim Hyun Joong, who recently finished his china fanmeetings said, “It seems like everyone thinks I’ll be playing if I don’t have any activities in Korea. Even my housekeeper ahjumoni (ahjumma) asked me if I’m working or not. To be honest, I’ve been working throughout the year.”

    “I’ve been receiving acting lessons during my spare time, and I’ll be attending action schools soon. I’ll be showing a brand new side of myself through ‘City Conquest’.

    On this day as well, pictures of more than 100 fans turning up at the event in order to see Kim Hyun Joong were also taken.

    Photos Credit as Tagged
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    [2012.05.02][Trans] Kim HyunJoong Starring In Drama ‘Conquest of the City
    Source: Nate
    English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ www.i-kpoplovers.blogspot.com)
    Please leave the credits remain intact when repost. TQ!

    Talented singer-actor Kim HyunJoong will be making his drama comeback soon since MBC TV ‘Playful Kiss’ 2 years ago.

    Kim HyunJoong will be starring in the drama ‘Conquest of the City’ which is adapted from the bestseller comic written by Shin Hyungbin. Starting from year 1996, 6 series of total of 270 issues have been sold 10 million copies and it’s one of the most popular comic series until now, garnering a lot of expectation for the drama.

    Additionally, Conquest of the City will be consisting of humanism and action scenes, depicting a story about the son’s resentment towards the parents who left him when he was young and the grown-up lead character, Baek Mireu, who ruined his own family and enters the black society for his revenge.

    In ‘Conquest of the City’, Kim HyunJoong will portray the character Baek Mireu who was living in the wild without parents going through all the hardships, however, when it comes to love, he is a soft-hearted man. Previously, Kim HyunJoong have shown his soft and perfect character in drama, this time, he will be changing 180 degrees into a manly rough character capturing more attention.

    According to the representative of Key East, ‘Many local and overseas fans are anticipating for Kim HyunJoong’s drama comeback, Kim HyunJoong is constantly preparing to show a more developed side of him to everyone. As he will be coming back with a new side of him, please do anticipate for it.’

    On the other hand, Kim HyunJoong will be kicking off his ‘Kim HyunJoong’s Fanmeeting Tour 2012′ starting this May in Singapore , Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and others consecutively to meet his fans around Asia

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong Effect, “Conquest of the City” Hits Overseas Presale Record of $10 Million

    Source: http://m.media.daum.net/media/entert...20604104119512

    Translation : MiniUFO ‏@PlanetHyun

    [Trans] Kim HyunJoong Management company Keyeast revealed that ‘City Conquest’ before broadcast already signed 1o million USD copyright contract. Previously Kim HyunJoong’s ‘Mischievous Kiss’ had already hit the record of Korean Drama sales to 11 countries. ‘City Conquest’ production representative revealed that currently have already sign USD 10 million contract with Japan, China, Hong Kong & Taiwan, showing Kim HyunJoong’s effect. After ‘City Conquest’ complete its talent selection, it is estimated to start filming in Japan starting from beginning of July.

    Here is the original article, I will update once full translation is out. This is very good news.
    ‘도시정벌’, 해외선판매로 벌써 118억 벌었다 ‘김현중 효과’
    조이뉴스24 | 입력 12.06.04 10:41


    < 조이뉴스24 >

    [이미영기자] 김현중이 출연을 확정지은 드라마 ‘도시정벌’에 대한 해외의 관심이 뜨겁다.

    김현중의 소속사 키이스트는 4일 “드라마 ‘도시정벌’이 김현중의 캐스팅으로 해외 바이어들의 집중적인 관심을 받아왔다. 이같은 관심이 사전 판권계약으로 이어지면서 현재까지 약 1,000만 불(한화 118억 원)에 가까운 액수로 선판매 기록을 세웠다”고 밝혔다.

    이같은 판매 기록은 아직 본격적인 촬영에 들어가지 않은 상황에서 김현중의 캐스팅 소식 하나만으로 이루어낸 성과다. 김현중이 국내는 물론 해외에서도 뜨거운 인기를 얻고 있는 한류스타라는 것을 방증한 것.

    실제로 2010년 김현중이 주연한 MBC드라마 ‘장난스런 키스’는 당시 아시아 11개국 판매,태국, 필리핀을 비롯한 일부 국가에서 한국 드라마 사상 최고가 판매 등의 이례적인 기록을 세운 바 있다.

    ‘도시정벌’의 제작사 백진동 대표는 “현재까지 일본, 중국, 홍콩,대만 등 아시아 4개국에서만 1,000만 불에 육박하는 파격적인 조건으로 계약을 완료하며 김현중 효과를 톡톡히 봤다”고 전했다.

    ‘ 도시정벌’은 어린 시절 자신과 어머니를 버린 아버지를 원망하며 성장한 주인공 백미르가 자신의 가족을 파멸로 몰아넣은 사회의 절대악에 대한 복수를 그린 내용이다. 김현중은 이번 작품을 통해 산전수전 다 겪으며 거칠게 살아온 야생마이지만, 사랑 앞에서는 한없이 약한 백미르로 분해 전작과는 180도 다른 모습을 선보일 것으로 예상돼 기대를 모은다.

    김현중의 소속사 키이스트 신제광 본부장은 “김현중이 팬미팅 투어 중임에도 불구하고 국내외의 뜨거운 관심에 부응하기 위해 연기 트레이닝을 소홀히 하지 않고 있다”며 “더욱 발전한 모습으로 인사드릴 테니 많은 기대와 응원 부탁 드린다”고 전했다.

    드라마 ‘도시정벌’은 조만간 주요 배역 캐스팅을 완료한 후 7월초 일본 로케이션을 시작으로 본격적인 촬영에 돌입할 예정이다.

    /이미영기자 [email protected]

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong’s New Drama Earns $10 Million USD Before First Shooting!

    Even before its first episode has begun shooting, Kim Hyun Joong’s upcoming drama, “City Conquest,” has already earned a whopping $10 million USD.

    According to Kim Hyun Joong’s agency, Keyeast Entertainment, “City Conquest” has already sold rights to air in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China for a total of 10 million US dollars. Kim Hyun Joong’s casting as the lead character, Baek Mir, has caught the attention of television networks abroad.

    Kim Hyun Joong’s last drama, “Playful Kiss,” sold its broadcast rights to eleven countries in Asia with Thailand and the Philippines buying it for steep prices.

    “City Conquest” is based on the comic book series of the same title that made its debut in 1996. Shooting is set to begin in Japan in July once casting is completed. This drama will mark Kim Hyun Joong’s return to the small screen since his last drama, “Playful Kiss,” in 2010.

    Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is on tour around Asia for his series of fanmeets titled “Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting Tour 2012.”
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    "HEAT" - KIM HYUN JOONG's 2nd Japanese Album

    Photos Credit as Tagged


    Kim Hyun-joong sets new record as a foreign artist in Japan

    Hallyu singer Kim Hyun-joong has not only topped the Oricon daily chart with his new EP “Heat,” but he also managed to set a new record for the most albums sold on the first day of release by a foreign artist in Japan.

    As well as dominating the Oricon singles chart on July 4, the EP was No. 1 on various other Japanese charts as well.

    Kim’s second Japanese EP sold more than 138,000 copies in just 24 hours, beating the record set by TVXQ last year with “Why,” which sold 133,000 copies on its first day.

    Ahead of the album release, “Heat” garnered much attention as Japanese musician B’z took part in the writing process.

    The title track also managed to take first place on the mobile phone ringtone chart tabulated by Recochoku.com.

    “Kim’s popularity is just insurmountable in Japan at the moment. His collaboration with B’z has resulted in the production of a top-notch album,” Kim’s agency said.

    By Carla Sunwoo [[email protected]]

    CopyrightsⓒKorea JoongAng Daily, All rights reserved.

    Kim Hyun Joong Heat Ranked No. 1 in Weekly Oricon Chart

    Hyun Joong is the fifth foreign artist to achieved this feat, here is the tweet from:
    MiuMiu ‏@MiuMiu1120

    International Solo Male Artists who made No 1 in Oricon History 1970- Jerry Wallace 1976- Michael Boone 1997- Elton John 2011- JGS 2012- KHJ.

    His album heat sold more than 183,000 copies in its first week of release,

    Published on Jul 9, 2012 by ikkochan1
    Translation by LAFONE:
    Asked in a interview, HJ said ” I would like to express my appreciation to the fans, B’z and Steven (Lee) for haveing offered wonderful songs. I would like to see you all with much improvement again.
    To the fans: Inspite of the hot weather, many fans came to handshake events as well as guerrilla concerts. I really appreiciate it. I will do my best to become much better singer and actor. Let’s heat up this summer with ” Heat “.
    source: http://zasshi.news.yahoo.co.jp/artic...347-orista-ent


    Kim Hyun Joong Tops Oricon’s Weekly Chart with ‘Heat’
    2012-07-10 14:38 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Kim, JiYeon
    Translation Credit : Erika Kim

    Kim Hyun Joong took over Japan Oricon’s Daily Chart and Weekly Chart.

    The singer rose to the top of the Oricon Daily Charton July 4 with his second single album Heat, which sold 140,000 copies on its first day. The album then sold a total of 183,000 copies for its first week, easily topping the Oricon Weekly Chart.

    The record breaks through the singer’s personal record previously set by Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy, which sold 122,000 copies and landed in second place on the Oricon charts. Local officials said in surprise, “He and his music have grown so much in just a few months.”

    Kim Hyun Joong’s Heat is the fifth album to top the Oricon Chart in its first week with the third most number of sales.

    The singer left for Japan on July 2 to start promoting Heat, and continued to carry out TV appearances, interviews and handshake events.

    Following his handshake event in Odaiba with 5,000 fans on July, Kim Hyun Joong held another handshake event in Osaka with another 5,000 on July 7. On July 4 and 8, he also appeared in Odaiba and Nagoya for a guerilla performance of Let’s Party.

    From July 14-15, Kim Hyun Joong plans to perform in front of a 60,000 audience at the Saitama Super Arena in collaboration with Japanese musician Naoto Inti Raymi.


    Kim Hyun Joong's New Single Tops Japan Music Charts

    Kim Hyun Joong (left) and his Japanese fans at the handshaking event last July 3 (Photos courtesy of KeyEast Entertainment)
    MANILA, Philippines - Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong's second Japanese single "HEAT" immediately debuted at the top of music charts on July 4.

    Upon its release, the single sold a whopping 137,774 copies to top the Oricon daily singles chart, a record for a solo foreign artist.

    "HEAT," which was composed by Japanese rock duo B'z, also topped the Tower Records Japan chart.

    With at least 100,000 copies of his new single sold, Kim Hyun Joong is assured of getting a gold status certification from the Recording Industry of Japan (RIAJ).

    Last July 3, Kim Hyun Joong held a hand-shaking event to mark the release of his new single in Japan. About 5,000 fans braved the rain and lined up to enter the Venus Fort shopping mall in Tokyo.

    The singer and actor initially planned to shake hands with selected fans but decided to shake hands with all those who came to the event. Some of the fans spent the night outside the venue just to meet the Korean star. Another handshaking event will be held in Osaka on July 7.

    In addition, Kim Hyun Joong held a guerilla performance at the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza in Odaiba, Tokyo on July 4. Despite the searing heat, the star performed "Let's Party" for about 1,000 fans who came.

    Also last night, he was a guest on Fuji TV's "Non Stop" entertainment program. He will be a guest on Nippon Television Network's "Happy Music" on July 6.

    On July 14, he and Japanese musician Naoto Inti Raymi will hold the "Double Fantasista: The Greatest Assist."

    He is also set to hold the "Kim Hyun Joong 'Heat' 2012 in Japan" event on July 15 at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The event is exclusive for buyers of his new single.

    Kim Hyun Joong is also set to star in another Korean drama. It was announced earlier that he will star in the drama "City Conquest," which will be released this year.

    He will start shooting in Japan, the first location of the drama, on July 10. The filming will be held in the capital city of Utsunomiya in Tochigi Prefecture.

    Credit: sandabee
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    Credit: [email protected]

    KHJ - HEAT Album Handshake Event @ Palette Town Odaiba Jpn - 2012.07.03

    (Translation) [News] Kim HyunJoong Handshake FanMeeting [출처] [News] Kim HyunJoong Handshake FanMeeting

    Source: k-plaza.com
    Chinese Translation: [email protected]金贤重中文网
    English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
    Please repost with the above full credit, do not edit contents

    3 Jul 2012 (Wednesday) at Tokyo Odaiba Palette Town, to commemorate the release of his 2nd Single ‘HEAT’ on the next day, held handshake fanmeeting with fans.

    Single ‘Heat’ is composed by both members of B’z and become a hot topic. Kim HyunJoong who came to Japan for his new song promotion, held a handshake fanmeeting for all of his fans who purchase his album on 4th. Since his solo debut, this is the first time Kim HyunJoong stand face to face infront of his fans, holding a large-scale handshake fanmeeting activity. Although the activity was planned and held impromptu, but one night before there were already around 200 over fans queuing overnight, on this day he had attracted around 5000 over fans gathering at the venue, his CD day sales exceeded 15,000 pieces.

    Kim HyunJoong: I have seen the queuing scene from the hotel, as usual it also rained today. Is it because of my album is going to be released tomorrow so it is raining today? There was an earthquake this morning, was worried of everyone’s safety. Although it rained, but it has brought away the heatiness and brought some coolness, seemed like it is not bad. Hope today’s activity will be successfully carried out, everybody please be more accommodating. Let us share a happy handshake moment.

    MC: Today is the first time you held such a large scale handshake fanmeeting since your solo debut, how do you feel?

    Kim HyunJoong: Originally I thought it could just be a 100 over people small scale fanhandshake meeting. All the while I am very touched by everybody’s love and support towards me, therefore in order to express my heartfelt thankfulness, I have decided to shake hand with every fans who come to the venue. However, I had absolutely not thought that so many people would have come over today. Seems like the handshake meeting today is going to be a long and trivial task. I will tried to use a cheerful attitude, diligently shake hand with each fans sincerely, and persist to the end.

    MC: Both members of B’z whom you have admired since long time ago composed song and lyrics for you together, how is it like during the song recording?

    Kim HyunJoong: Both members of B’z had came during the song recording, rather than giving me their opinions and suggestions, they trusted me very much and encouraged me to have an hand on it. It was because of their trust and encouragement, the effect of this new song is very great. Also, was very honored that during recording, Inaba-san even record the consonance part for me impromptu. Just like the meaning of the song title, this album will definitely started off a heat wave.

    MC: What type of song is ‘Let’s Party’ in the CD?

    Kim HyunJoong: ’Let’s Party’ has the meaning of ‘After partying tonight, we would not go apart anymore!’. You would be able to feel it after watching it personally. This song’s production is full of cute atmosphere. The choreography in the middle is very easy to learn for everybody, please definitely must anticipate for it. As for the live performance of ‘Let’s Party’, it is planned to have a guerrilla concert tomorrow, by then everybody will be able to see it personally. (Upon hearing the surprise that HyunJoong had revealed, screams was heard at the venue) Everybody was shocked! I had already revealed this to everybody first, there should be an official announcement to be released this evening. Hope that on tomorrow, everybody will also give me the same great support like today. (Once again screams from everybody) During that time, everybody will be able to see the cute and warm look which I have mentioned, if you want to see it personally, please definitely must go to the live venue!

    MC: What do you want to say to your Japan fans.

    Kim HyunJoong: Seems like the rain might grow heavier, everybody please take care of your own safety to make the handshake event flow smoothly. Fans who bring umbrella, please help shelter fans who do not bring umbrella.

    After completed the photo taking with news media, the handshake meeting officially started, it has gradually started to rain, definitely don’t fail his ‘Rain Man’ nickname. Upon Kim HyunJoong personal request, the barrier infront of him was removed, in order to let his fans to have closer and clearer contact with him, his care and concern could be seen from his face, and he shook hand with each of his fan with a cheerful smile.

    In line with the promotion of his new song, day before yesterday, truck printed with his CD cover photo was seen touring around Tokyo city. Triangle Promotion board was fixed at Shinjuku Laforet cross junction. Promotional banners was hung up in Tokyo Metro line for 2 days.

    I]Credit: masa masa/[email protected][/I]

    Kim Hyun Joong holds a handshake event with 5,000 fans in Japan

    by choiwj - Jul 4, 2012 at 1:30 pm 15741

    Before releasing his 2nd Japanese single ‘HEAT‘, Kim Hyun Joong met with roughly 5,000 fans for a handshake event to commemorate his new album release at the Tokyo Venus Port Outdoor Square on July 3rd.

    The premium event was specially held for those who bought his new single album. Hundreds of fans were seen staying up and waiting in a long line a day before the event was held.

    The singer was initially planning on selecting only a number of the album buyers to shake hands with, however, Kim Hyun Joong touched fans by shaking hands with all attendees. Despite the wet weather, the singer stood on stage and expressed his gratitude to the 5,000 fans as well as preparing them with cold drinks.

    Meanwhile, a total of five versions of the album, including the regular and limited edition, has taken the top 5 spots on Tower Records‘ daily rankings.

    Source: TV Report via Nate

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong - Paralyzes Odaiba with a guerilla concert
    credits: allkpop.com

    Credit: [email protected]

    Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong has paralyzed the streets of Odaiba with his guerrilla concert!

    On July 4th, Kim Hyun Joong set out to the streets to surprise his fans and thank them for the outstanding support they’ve been showing his second Japanese single, ‘HEAT‘, which ranked first in sales online and offline. Fans were ecstatic as they spotted him setting up a surprise guerrilla concert at the Shiokaze Park in Odaiba.

    Despite not having alerted fans of the time and location ahead of time, fans and passerby alike swarmed the area immediately, paralyzing the park with his popularity.

    Kim Hyun Joong performed “Let’s Party” for the first time amidst the cheers of fans chanting “Kim Hyun Joong”. About 1,000 people were estimated to have gathered at the area.

    A representative commented, “It was an afternoon on a weekday so it was surprising to see him gather so many people in such a short amount of time. It was an opportunity for us to see his true popularity demonstrated.”
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    Cool Nagoya guerilla live - 2012.07.08

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong Gathers Crowds for Guerilla Concert in Japan
    05 Jul 2012, 10:07

    Kim Hyun Joong stopped Odaiba, Japan in its tracks with a surprise concert.

    The singer released his second single album Heat on July 4 and the album became the best-seller in many online and offline album shops.

    Kim Hyun Joong thus put together a guerilla concert to surprise his fans on July 4 at Odaiba’s Shiokaze Park.

    Although the time and place hadn’t been announced beforehand, passersby and fans stopped in their tracks and gathered in a big crowd to see the star, even blocking up parts of Shiokaze Park.

    Kim Hyun Joong sang a track from his second single album, Let’s Party, for the first time ever.

    Let’s Party was also playing in the background when the singer first arrived, making the fans start screaming out in delight. They chanted out his name and looked on with eager eyes as he put on his hot performance. Local promoters estimated the number of people gathered at the event to be about 1,000.

    One official said, “It’s rare for such a crowd to gather in such a short time on a weekday afternoon. We could see how popular Kim Hyun Joong, who wrapped up his Japan tour last year and debuted successfully in the country in January, really was again.”
    This wasn’t the first time Kim Hyun Joong appeared in front of his fans.

    His handshake event held on July 3 also managed to gather approximately 5,000 fans, helping him launch his new promotions on the right foot. He plans to stay in the country for the time being to appear on televised broadcasts and talk in media interviews.

    Photo credit: Key East
    Reporter : Jeon Su Mi ([email protected])
    [Copyright CJ E&M Entertainment Portal enewsWorld, All Rights Reserved]
    re-posted from: http://global.mnet.com/news/newsdeta...9135&nowPage=1

    Credit: SACKY0220

    Credit: [email protected]

    [Brought from] "The Behind-the-scenes Story of Kim Hyun Joong (김현중)'s Osaka Handshake Event & Nagoya Guerrilla Lives" http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/ritsuko05801/13229311.html

    Credit: Ahlia

    [Translation] The behind-the scenes story of the Osaka handshake event on 7/7 & the Nagoya guerrilla lives on 7/8. How far Kim Hyun Joong's effort would [email protected]@@ an official mobile staff member's blog■The inside story of the Osaka handshake event ~ the Nagoya guerrilla lives.

    07/10/2012 A DA employee T: How are you? I'm an employee of Digital Adventure, T! Introducing a secret report of an employee on site, Hyun Joong, upon receiving. ^^ On the 4th day of his stay, he had magazine interview(s), visits to record stores in Shibuya & Ginja. The next day, which was his 5th day, he started training from morning at the gym and went to the studio with the dancers, rehearsing attentively for a long period of time. He had a busy schedule of promotions in Japan & doing the drama while preparing the performances scheduled on the 14th & the 15th in Saitama Arena. There weren't many breaks most of the time, rehearsing fiercely at the studio, and in the middle of it, Hyun Joong asked for advice out of nowhere saying, "I've received such an enthusiastic response beyond my imagination from Japan. Isn't there anything I can do for the fans from this moment on?" His next day schedule was that he had to go to Osaka early in the morning to do the handshake event and he planned go back to Tokyo the following day to prepare for the shooting of the drama. He had a fervent wish to adjust his schedule somehow & do something even if it was for a short time.

    He was busy promoting & on a strict weight loss diet for the drama, not to mention training hard. Everyday, he rehearsed at the studio & practiced acting until dawn afterwards. Because I knew this, I asked "Would you be okay having more on top of all this?" He answered, "To tell you the truth, it would be a lie if I said it was, but it's okay. I want to do it."
    And this was how the Nagoya guerrilla lives came about. Even after the decision, there was some kind of miracle 2 nights before the event. The dancers came from Tokyo & Seoul in a hurry & all the Korean and Japanese staff ran around busily. After finishing the Osaka handshake event successfully, the schedule was being modified desperately on the way to Nagoya & even after arriving there. As Hyun Joong said worriedly, "Please eat properly & don't mind me. I'm okay," he went to the gym & sweated right after arriving in Nagoya.

    He had been concerned about the fans waiting in such hot weather for the handshake event in Osaka. All the schedule had been completed without rest because he hadn't wanted the fans to wait in the hot weather. Because the employees were constantly impressed seeing Hyun Joong in this way, they united as one to make the Nagoya guerrilla lives successful, pulling all-nighters. We received generous help from everyone for this, including locals. We were able to have 3 guerrilla lives in Nagoya because everyone's hearts came as one & I suspect that was why many of you were able to enjoy them as well.

    Hyun Joong is also very happy with this miracle. Further, I believe that Hyun Joong's constant hard work and effort & your enthusiastic support for him were the reasons behind this good result of No. 1 at the Oricon Weekly Chart. Kim Hyun Joong will continue his stay in Japan & he is putting his all into his next drama "Taking Over the City," which begins shooting today
    Also, he says that he wants to present the best shows to you at Saitama Arena next week. Guys, we will see you at Saitama Arena! Please give your fervent support to Kim Hyun Joong! Leader, if anything, pls take care of yourself.

    FYI: I believe the above was translated from Japanese to Korean first, so the meanings weren't very clear at times. I did what I could. Anyways, I'm so moved after reading this. I've always known what kind person Kim Hyun Joong is, but to hear from a staff member (who's not a fan) makes this behind-the-scenes story all the sweeter somehow. Don't you just love him? I know he will always come out a winner no matter what b/c he can always say he did his best without regrets.

    RT: @jamkkuleogihj [펌] 김현중 7/7 오사카 악수회 7/8 나고야 게릴라 라이브의 비화http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/ritsuko05801/13229311.html [번역] 7/7 오사카 악수회 7/8 나고야 게릴라 라이브의 비화 김현중은 도대체 어디까지 노력의[email protected]@@ 모바일 공식 스탭 블로그보다 ■ 오사카 악수회 ~ 나고야 게릴라 라이브 후문. 2012/07/10 DA 직원 T 안녕하세요~ 디지털 어드벤처 직원 T입니다! 오늘도 현장 직원 현중씨의 비밀 보고서가 닿았으므로 소개합니다^^ 체류 4일째는 잡지의 취재 인터뷰, 시부야나 긴자의 레코드 숍 방문 등을 마치고 다음 5일째 물론 아침부터 체육관에서 훈련. 그 다음은 댄서들과 함께 스튜디오에 가서 장시간에 걸쳐 정성스럽게 리허설이 진행되었습니다. 일본에서 바쁜 프로모션, 그리고 드라마 촬영 도중이면서 14일 15일 예정하고 있는 사이타마 아레나 공연 준비에 여념이 없습니다. 스튜디오는 대부분 휴식도 없이 치열한 리허설이 계속되는 가운데, 문득, 김현중씨가 "이번 일본의 여러분의 상상 이상의 뜨거운 반응을 얻을 수 있기 때문에 지금부터 더 팬들 위해 할 수 있는 것이 없을까요?"라는 상담을 했습니다. 다음날은 아침 일찍 오사카에 가서 악수회를 도쿄로 돌아가 다음날 드라마 촬영 준비를 할 예정이었습니다만, 그 일정을 어떻게든 조정하고 짧은 시간이라도 할 수 있으면 하고 싶다는 현중씨의 강한 희망이었습니다. 프로모션 활동 사이에도 드라마의 역활 때문에 가혹한 식사 제한과 체중 감소를, 아침 저녁 힘든 훈련을 소화 매일 스튜디오에서 리허설을 한 후 새벽까지 연기 연습을 하고 있는 김현중씨 이므로, "이 이상해도 컨디션은 괜찮은거야?"고 묻자 "솔직히 힘들지 않다고 하면 거짓말이 되지만, 괜찮습니다. 하고 싶습니다"라고 대답을 했습니다.그래서 급히 정해진 것이 나고야에서 게릴라 퍼포먼스였습니다. 그렇다고는해도, 전전 일 밤. 여기에서 마치 기적 같은 사건이었습니다. 급히 도쿄와 서울에서 댄서가 달려와 현중씨와 관계된 한일의 모든 직원이 분주하게 뛰어다녔습니다. 오사카에서 악수회를 무사히 성공적으로 마친 후 나고야로 이동하는 동안, 또 나고야에 도착하고 나서도, 필사적으로 조정이 계속되고 있었습니다. "나는 괜찮으니까, 스탭 여러분은 제대로 식사를 해주세요"라고 걱정하며 현중씨는, 나고야에 도착하자마자 바로 체육관에 가서 땀을 흘리고 있었습니다. 무더위 속에서 진행된 오사카 악수회에서도 내내 팬들의 컨디션을 걱정하고 있던 김현중씨.더운 가운데, 팬들을 기다리게 하고 싶지 않다며 거의 휴식 없이 진행되었습니다. 그런 현중씨의 한결같은 모습에 어떻게든 나고야에서 게릴라 퍼포먼스도 무사히 성공시키고 싶은 직원들은 하나가 되어 철야로 조정했고,현지 분들을 포함하여 이 때문에 정말 많은 분들이 아낌없는 협력을 해 주셨습니다. 그런 마음이 하나가되어, 나고야에서는 3개소에서 게릴라 퍼포먼스를 할 수 있으며, 많은 여러분이 함께 즐길 수 있었던 것이 아닐까 생각합니다. 이 기적에 현중씨도 매우 기뻐하고 있었습니다. 그리고, 그런 현중씨의 한결같은 노력과 그것을 지지하는 여러분의 뜨거운 응원이 이번에 오리콘 위클리 1위라는 좋은 결과를 이끌어내는 준 것이라고 생각합니다. 김현중씨는 계속해서 일본에 체류하고, 오늘부터 드라마 차기작 '도시정벌'의 촬영에 전력으로 도전하고 있습니다.그리고 다음 주말 사이타마 슈퍼 아레나에서 여러분에게 최고의 무대를 보여 드리고 싶다고 말하고 있었습니다. 여러분, 사이타마 슈퍼 아레나에서 만나요! 이어 김현중씨에게 뜨거운 응원을 부탁드립니다! 리다~ 제발 몸만 조심해 주세요.

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    [2012.07.18][News] Kim Hyun-joong’s 2-for-1 special

    Photos by Ahila

    source: http://www.hancinema.net/

    To celebrate the launch of his second Japanese single “Heat”, Kim Hyun-joong held not one, but two showcases on Sunday at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo.

    More than 30,000 fans flocked to the event, which was delayed an hour due to Kim having to visit a local hospital; the Hallyu sensation felt pain in his throat during an earlier rehearsal but continued on with the day’s festivities.

    With a sore throat unable to keep him down, Kim took to the stage to sing a total of 15 songs per show, including the hit song “Heat”.

    He also showed a poetic side to his persona by using the example of stairs as an analogy to fame: “As a person climbs the stairs of life, they must be prepared at all times to come back down. However, I’m still young, so I’ll climb some 20 times more the distance I’ve come”, said Kim.

    In the coming month, Kim will divide up his time between filming commitments and live performances.
    As well as filming the drama “City Conquest“, Kim will also perform at the Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival in Tokyo on Aug. 10.

    By Carla Sunwoo
    Source : koreajoongangdaily.jo… ( English Korean )
    Read more at http://www.hancinema.net/kim-hyun-jo...278LmrEx6XA.99

    Double Fantasista Concert 2012

    Credit: nomad0606

    Photo by Ahlia

    Double Fantasista -means twice the effort made by attackers/strikers in soccer. In a concert it means the musical show had been likened to a soccer performance. Two stars, two aficionados of soccer combine their forces singing in their all out heartfelt styles, how can they not emerge winners?

    Perhaps once in a bluemoon in a summer day although the sun still lording it over Saitama do you find soccer friends delighting their audience, kicking the ball while singing.If the stage is a soccerfield they already scored points as soon as they stepped on it.

    Double Fantasista Concert 2012 is Kim Hyun Joong's way in thanking the Japanese fans in making him number one in the Oricon chart. Oricon is Japan's prestigious music chart that showed a musical talent's power through sales of albums and singles. It is the yardstick of public recognition, more so of a foreign artist making good in Japan's music scene.

    Kim Hyun Joong's collaborative stance in music production first with the famed B'z for the Heat single resulted in generating its own heatwave. Now with Naoto Inti Raymi a renowned singer, song writer in his own rights a concert with a huge number of audience was hatched and born. Like minded people making music together whose skills and talents are outstanding produce dazzling results.

    After all music, by its very nature a creative process, speaking its own language is a great unifier

    Credit: [email protected]!yt

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    KIM HYUN JOONG "HEAT" 2012 in JAPAN (@Saitama Super Arena) - 2012.07.15

    Kim Hyun Joong Drives 30,000 Fans Wild at Saitama Super Arena
    Credit: http://www.kpopstarz.com

    World star Kim Hyun Joong held a free live performance "Kim Hyun Joong 'Heat' 2012 in Japan" at the Saitama Super Arena for two days to celebrate the release of his second Japanese single "HEAT."

    World star Kim Hyun Joong held a free live performance "Kim Hyun Joong 'Heat' 2012 in Japan" at the Saitama Super Arena for two days to celebrate the release of his second Japanese single "HEAT."

    For two days the event drew a total of 30,000 fans however the exclusive event was limited for album buyers.

    Kim Hyun Joong who has shooting for the drama "City Conquest" in Nikko, Tochigi as well as holding fan events and guerrilla live concerts in various parts of Japan had a sore throat during rehearsal and went for quick checkup which led to a delay for 1 hour for the first show.

    Nevertheless the singer appeared on stage and performed a total of 15 songs including his Japan debut song "Kiss Kiss," new song "HEAT" that tops Oricon's singles chart and "Lucky Guy."

    The single upon its release sold a whopping 137,774 copies topping the Oricon daily singles chart, a record for a solo foreign artist.

    Kim Hyun Joong shared, "I have not specifically discussed about future plans. I wish to make a studio album also would like to hold a world tour. I would like to have concerts at a smaller venue rather than big stage," hinting a possible Japan tour next year.

    Photo Credit: Universal Music Japan

    from : babyvfan.wordpress.com
    Kim Hyun Joong sang 13 songs dispite having a sore throat

    Source : http://news24.jp/entertainment/news/1623694.html
    Eng trans : www.babyvfan.wordpress.com

    On 15th, South Korean singer Kim Hyun Joong(26) held premium concert at Saitama Super Arena for those that purchased second single ‘Heat’.

    Currently, he has been shooting for Korean Drama in Nikko, Tochigi and having fan events and guerrilla live concerts in various parts of Japan. With such a busy schedule, on 14th at the same venue, he had a joint concert with Japanese singer Naoto Inti Raimi (32).

    Today, in the morning, during the rehearsal, was not feeling well in the throat and went to the hospital for a quick medical check-up. Therefore the first show was delayed for 1 hour 13 mins.

    Nevertheless, he appeared on stage although he was not well, sang 13 songs including ‘Kiss Kiss’ and ‘Heat’. “Despite it started one hour later, thank you for waiting. I’m really thankful and sorry as i’m not in a good condition and sorry for not managing physical condition profesionally.’ Hyun Joong apologised many times during the talk.

    Traveling back and forth between Japan and South Korea, working as a singer cum actor, regarding future plans, “regading future plans, i have not discussed with my company. I want to make an album, I’d like to do world tour” he expressed, “I think next year, i would have concert at a smaller venue rather than the big stage.” hinting a possible japan tour next year.

    Around 15000 fans attended the event for both day and night. At the end of the performance, he performed ‘If you are like me’, “I want to sing this a cappella as it expresses my feelings”. As he was having a sore throat, the audience jumped cheered on. He was touched and wiped his face with a towel.


     現在、栃木・日光に滞在して韓国ドラマの撮影を行う一方で、日本各地でゲリラライブやファンイベントを敢行。多忙なスケジュールをこなしている。14日も同所で、日本の歌手、ナオト・インティライミ (32)とジ ョイントコンサートを行った。


     それでもステージに登場するや、本人は不調を感じさせない様子で、「HEAT」や「KISS KISS」など13曲を熱唱。「1時間遅くなってしまったにもかかわらず、待っていてくださってありがと うございます 。感謝の気持ちと申し訳ない気持ちです。正直いうとあまりよくないコンディションでしたが、プロらしく体調管理をしたいと思う」と神妙に語り、トークで何度も謝罪した。

     日韓を行き来し、歌手業や俳優業に取り組んでいるが、今後の活動に関しても「事務所との話がまとまっていませんが、アルバムを作りたいし、ワールドツアーもやりたいし、ずっと忙しくしたいと思います 」と意欲を表 明。「来年は大きなステージではなく小さなステージで、おひとりおひとりにご恩を返していきたいと思います」と日本でのクラブサーキットツアー開催をほのめかした。

     イベントには昼夜各1万5000人のファンが来場。昼公演の最後には「バンドを用意しているんですが、どうしても気持ちを伝えたいのでアカペラで歌いたい」と断って、楽曲「君も僕と同じならば」を熱 唱。喉の不安 を押してのパフォーマンスに、客席から大声援が飛び、本人も感激のあまりタオルで顔を覆う場面もあった。

    Credit: [email protected]

    Credit: [email protected]

    Credit: [email protected]
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    Kim hyun joong plays soccer

    [2012.06.27] Kim Hyun Joong for FC Men match vs FTFA

    Video Credit: [email protected]

    [2012.07.01] KHJ @ Championship's League

    Video Credit: [email protected]

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    TV Kim Hyun Joong Kicks Off Filming for ‘City Conquest’ in Japan
    2012-07-16 10:01 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

    Filming has kicked off for Kim Hyun Joong’s upcoming new television drama.

    On July 10, filming for the upcoming City Conquestkicked off in Japan’s Nikko Edomura theme park with Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yu Mi, Nam Gung Min and Park Hyo Joon.

    A source on-hand on the day of filming said, “The weather in Nikko was temperamental with rain, and we could have had to delayed the shoot; however, as soon as filming began, the clouds suddenly parted to reveal sunny weather as though the sky itself was cheering on the production of City Conquest. The actors and stars are all passionately shooting in a positive environment.”

    City Conquest is a drama based on the manga of the same title by cartoonist Shin Hyung Bin.

    The drama cast Kim Hyun Joong as the main character, Mir.

    For his first action drama, Kim Hyun Joong exercising regularly to bulk up and bring down his body fat to 7 percent.

    The drama will be directed by Yang Yoon Ho who previously directed dramas such as Iris and movies such as Fighter in the Wind.

    The drama’s air date and broadcast home has not yet been settled.

    Photo credit: Nega Networks
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    Cool Oldies - can love be refilled

    Credit: ftlhoii @yt

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    Cool Oldies - can love be refilled/golden fishery 2006

    Credit: [email protected]

    Golden Fishery, Kim Hyun-joong - 2006.12.06

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    Cool Non-stop 5

    Credit: MBC [email protected]

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